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The guide said there's a river OB along the front 9, I just played it and not only was there no river, there's no way there could have ever been a river there, it's just a grassy field and soccer. Anyone know why it says that? Should I change it or does it just rain a LOT there usually..It was confusing

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Hey Ben, wish I had an answer for you on that one.
How'd you like the "Tiki" course at the Grange?
That was my 700th and it was 22 degrees. I played it 3 times that night.
it was killer..one of my favs because its so unique and good for upshot practice
played it twice in well over 4 times higher temp
I have played the course two times. Both were Ice Bowls. I remember a small creek (no river) to the far left as you are driving in. I believe you have to cross a small bridge to tee off for hole 6 or 7 ( I may be wrong on the hole #) There are a few holes where it may come into play.
I played 18 holes never saw water or anywhere it could be except maybe during a sbowmelt ..maybe there's an alt. tee on that one hole, or the water has since been diverted because that low lying area is grassy and has an extra hole now
I played 18 holes never saw water or anywhere it could be except maybe during a sbowmelt ..maybe there's an alt. tee on that one hole, or the water has since been diverted because that low lying area is grassy and has an extra hole now..either way ill take 'river' out of pdga description for accuracy I was actually hoping for one
......Take me...to the river!........Drop me...in the water!....sry, must have been type singing.

Anyways, and this nothing about you Ben, how can someone edit information on the PDGA site, without being "offcially" attached to...said course info? ...not saying that you shouldn't change the info about the (missing?) river... but doesn't that mean anybody could change "any" information about "any" course at "any time....that doesn't seem right to me. Now, unless you are acting in behalf of the PDGA in some effort to update non-updated info. ...that ....would obviously be different.

Again being able to update other's course info sounds kind of fishy to me...You would think the PDGA would send an email to the email address registered on the course page....and if they got no response....say in 10 days, allow the updates submitted by the 'visitor'. Maybe they already do that......river!....drop me in the water!....
Anyone can change info. on pdga.com, they look at who you are and will e-mail you if anything sounds said fishy, before the change gets posted/printed. I have updated as much as I can so far to help others in the future such as alan upshot and other travelers.
maybe someone added in the river as a joke! for real though..there's no river, unless it was like 1' wide and hidden behind that fence and was silent
Yeah, I'm sure they do some editing....Maybe "The River" ....was a state of mind.
last reply from Andrew RIVERS? That can't be a coincidence!!
Something fishy going on here!
Mr. Rivers,
(Not to be confused with Rivers "haha (Sherrod) you are")
Perhaps you should trickle down to South Carolina and mingle with Jonathan Poole, if that sort of thing floats your boat.
(And be happy I didn't dive into the "gene pool" references) ;-0
could be i missed a hole..but then thatd mean the hole right in front of 6's basket is not 7, and that 7 is hidden from view completely isolated from the rest of the course and hard to find, therefore bad design they should put up a sign there, i guess i walked straight to 8's tee which was right by 6's basket..so..weird..
I think the other guys are right, I live about 1/2 a mile from the course and I play there almost everyday, you might have missed the hole for 6. The tee is right along the path and you have to throw over the fenced-in field to the dogleg right hole, then cross the bridge to the tee for 7 and throw back over to the hole for that which is along the treeline. You're welcome :)

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