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Hey, guys. In nearly 35 years in Michigan and 10 years of disc golf, I've never had a tick on me—that I knew about. So far this year: 3(!)—but I got all three before they dug in. And my dogs are coming in with ticks all over them. Two just tonight from Ozzie. Anyone else in SE Michigan noticing more ticks than usual this year?

It's gotta either be Republicans or global warming, maybe both? ;-)

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get that tick off my dog!
you had one from campgaw in the apt still? ruthy must be pissed
Tics have been a problem in Maryland for 2 or 3 years and this year is very bad the worst, I have had three dug in this year, itchy little bite I treat with antibac oinment but I watch for a bullseye or symptoms like a hawk. PLenty of deer on most of the courses.... The critters are so small little black dots but we learn to look for them.
Thats it ...blame the Bush for the tick :)
i thought i saw one yesterday. i had not seen them in a2 before. i've been around them in the u.p.
lots of ticks in maine also this year.
I had got swarmed with ticks in a touney at Stoney Creek this year! just a couple of months ago! I was parked at a basket, waiting my turn to putt when two other guys on my card were about 30 ft. from the basket, I had stood behind this huge tree to be out of the way of the other golfers while they were putting and standing very close to this tree. I had noticed alot of bugs swaming around me and just thought I will keep still untill I see they are done putting. while standing quite and still I thought I was being attacked by nats. after they putted out my buddy noticed I was covered from head to toe in these things, He then was like brush your self off thoses are ticks you can catch lime disease from these things. I began to freak out ripping off my clothing and my buddies that were on my card helped out with batting me down w/ there disc golf towels. It was crazy I had them all over my bag and everything. It took my mind right off the easy par I was about to take! I could not even focus on Disc Golf I was so worried about these little ticks. Anyways I do not beleive I was bitten or that they dug in or whatever not saying they did not but these guys are so super small I did not even notice. Should I be concerned? I feel fine and did not have any red marks or anything as far as crazy symptoms go. That is the first time I ever noticed a tick. Sorry about the long reply but yes the ticks are out to answer your question.
You should be OK. I believe that to get lyme they have to be dug in and also on you from 12 to 36 hours. The norm for me is I look for ticks during play and do a body check at the course when I am done, then another when I get home, my routine is I usually take a shower in the morning but actually a shower after playing is an excellent way to discover/get rid of any ticks you may have picked up. Usually you will not feel them when they are on you but when they dig in they start to itch, so more often then I would like at night or perhaps in the morning I will feel something and discover a dug in tick, just pull it off and watch the bite, typically it will stay around for a week or so but if you see a bulleseye develope around the bite go to a doctor immediately and they will put you on antibiotics for 14 or 21 or 28 days and that takes care of it, that happened to me once a few years ago. Two of my friends in the past did not catch a bullyseye rash and both developed bad symptoms starting with a fever and fatigue then aches in the joints it took them a long time to recover, months, with some possible permanent damage althouigh thankfully they seem fine now. One more thing I believe the bullyseye only developes in something like 60 or 70% of the time in lyme disease so look for any of those symptoms. One person I know took antibiotics after a dug in tick was discovered to be safe but that is overboard in my view. Good luck.
Pat Burke reported that he was covered with ticks but thought he brushed them off. Pat said, "Should I be concerned? I feel fine and did not have any red marks or anything as far as crazy symptoms go. "

Pat, not to alarm you but the lack of obvious symptoms is a classic warning sign of insidious tick infestation. Sometimes ticks crawl in your ear canal and bide their time before boring into your brain and laying their eggs. Just to make sure this didn't happen to you, stuff grape jelly into your ears then jump up and down repeatedly while vigorously shaking your head. This will usually take care of it. Good luck.
as a veterinarian I can tell you Mr. Ellis' suggestion is right on......lately I have been lacing my ear canals with jelly right before every round!!! LOL
seriously.....only need to worry when tick gets a blood meal/ burrows head under skin. The deer tick is the one that carries the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. I have attached an image for those that are interested.

for ozzie...... I would use a topical med such as advantix or revolution.....the tick collars work as well!

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