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How do you feel about ONE-Day events?
A well run, big payout...
One day event is under consideration.
No Hotel costs, No big restaurant bills, No getting up early the next day...
One Day 2 rounds....
18 holes or more...
Want feedback.
If it is going to go smoothly, pre-registration is not only easy, but necessary.
Bring it on!

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I enjoy them a lot since the gf is not a disc fan, that way I only take one day out of the weekend to do something only I'm interested in. Plus, the cost is normally lower.
Here in SN'land one day tourny's are the norm. We rarely do pre-reg. We , instead, have registration for 2 hours before the players meeting. It organized chaos!!!!!! Me want Pre-registration please.

I love one day events-- they help me keep my busy schedule.
I hate one day events-- Can't do better tomorrow!!!!

Bring it!
Plan to pre-register, to avoid the chaos.
Had 3 hour sign ups on Saturday morning once!
With sponsors and such, it will draw the players....
I love one day events. Even if they are several hours away, one very long day is still just one day.

Tournaments tend to be efficient or not based on the tournament staff. So if the event is run by a disorganized staff then it will be disorganized even if it is multiple days. You can't hide disorganization. I haven't found pre-registation to make things especially faster or smoother (as a player or TD). Stress and chaos doesn't bother good TD's.
Learned from that mistake.
Now there are LATE FEES!
OR no day of regs.
Oh, and BTW, awards ceremonies should start no later than 20 minutes after the last card is turned in. 5 minutes is better. If awards ceremonies started promptly after the round then they would be much better attended.
No doubt.
Who wants to drive home at 3 a.m.!
Morning tee off will be early to compensate time.
Lunch provided (by a gracious sponsor).
Scores worked in the computer......
It's all about speed!
Have some sponsors interested......
Really going to "plan" this one.
As far as payout goes, can't see why it can't be top dollar either. (which will help with pre-registering and will accept credit card payments)
One day-ers are the norm up here in New England. Pre-reg is becoming the norm as well. Many many events are filling to capacity, weeks in advance even. Where we once had to be careful not to schedule two events on the same weekend even when they're 200 miles apart for fear of thinning the crowds at both, we have one event fill two weeks ahead, another nearly full with a week to go, and talk of a third just for the "leftovers" all within a 200 mile radius of one another.

It's to the point where I'm kinda glad I'm not too centrally located in the region, at least not where the biggest boom in terms of early-filled tournaments are. Because I find I can't commit far enough in advance to get into some of the events, and even if I wanted to register "just in case" I can't afford to tie up all that much money in pre-regs. Plus, not every TD has a uniform refund policy for withdrawals, even if it's a week or two in advance (no guarantee of full refund, in other words).

Fortunately in my immediate area, one-day events are filling but not yet necesitating pre-reg...provided you are there early enough which I usually am. Last week, there was a pre-reg only event that filled to 90, had an Open purse of $2500, and ran as smooth as could be. So I agree with Mark on the pre-reg thing. When I can, I do try to pre-reg, or like I said, arrive early and get things taken care of before the crowd hits. It's easier on the TD and on organization in general. My biggest pet peeve as a TD is always the guy who slides up to the registration table at 9:45 when the tournament is supposed to tee off at 10 (and posted registration time ended at 9:30). He's always the guy asking "when are we starting" two minutes later and wondering why we can't get things going exactly on time. I like to stick him with the longest walk to his starting hole and right behind the slowest playing group. 8^P Show up earlier (on time) and you get more favorable treatment.
One day-ers are all I can do these days. Hope I can make it over that way! :)
there all i ever played in i'm lucky to have one a great td in the area every event runs smooth as silk

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