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#6 If you have the option go with the hyzer before the anhyzer …
#5 Disc golf is a game of risk and reward, star par usually does not WIN…
#4 On your up shot if your not ten feet past the basket, it never had a chance.
I’d rather putt coming back to the basket then a spot short of the basket…
#3 There all round. Don’t stair into the bag too long, You should know your
discs better then that. We all have that go to disc, use it…
#2 That one sec. before you release your putt if your not 100% positive that
you have got it, take a step back and rethink it. The only thing that should
be in your head is I GOT THIS,
#1 The three M’s Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics. I try to work on
this In the field in back of my house. I work on it till my back and legs hurt, and
I still don’t have it right...
#1* This is a bonus. Why is disc golf more fun when you are playing for a
monetary value, Even if only a Single dollar, maybe it’s the bragging
rights ???

What's your top six ? or what do you thing of mine?

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Your #3 is good but I think your #2 is better Play against the course . I set a point or a number I want to be at after the 18th. What ever it takes to get that number, safe when I need to aggressive when I need to. Now I’m not a top pro player and when I set that number it’s higher then my golf skills normally allow. When I know can’t do something on the course I won’t, but if I thing I may be able to do something to gain a stroke I will play the risk and reward. Ever time… And if it fails it duos not mean strokes are lost, it means your next shot, putt, up shoot, fair way drive or trouble out shoot need to be on target to safe the all mighty par .
I do play a lot courses hear in fl. Tournaments when I can, a lot of monthlies, travel to other course around the state often, so I do get around. Fl. Is full with a large number of top pros. What I found to be true is even having a player rating that is so-so I don’t have enough arm to win or really compete with the big boys. But if I play the course right, manage the risk and reward and be aggressive and if my putter is being kind to me that day I may be able to give then a run for the money …

I would like to thank you for your reply on this Discussion page it is one of most insightful on this discussion board …
Your friend John M. “moncropolis” has also replied to this board again, I don’t think I will respond to him this time. He was quick to trash my opinions on my post, I don’t understand what his deal is, maybe he does not know this is my opinion and welcome to comment but trashing my thought on play - just not cool …

Thanks again for your input on this topic…
I would find it interesting to discuss the thought behind a round of disc golf, feel free to contact me at my page “My Bag”
Have fun and play hard…
OK, lets make it the SONIC CHALLENGE. One Sonic, One Round, Chris WINS!! $5 front, $5 back, $10 overall.
Did the cheese fall off your cracker?...you mean you will bag the wizard and pick up a sonic...no way!
I could borrow one for a round.
#6 dont leave trash on the course god damnit i tired of seeing people sitting 10 ft from a trash can eat a bag of chips and try to throw it in the can miss and walk away remember the course isint just yours keep it clesn god damnit

#5 give advise to newbies maybe if all they have is some driver that they found give them one of your old mids you never use

#4 get out of your own head never think a long drive,approach,putt is to much for you just keep in your hear "i can do this" thats the best advise i ever got on putting

#3 agreed on the food/drinks take too much if your gunna buy a small 99c bag of chips for you then buy a $1.99 one for everyone dont but one pop/beer buy a six pack ect

#2 play with the shy new kids who dont know what the hell there doing give them pointers tell them nuce shot/putt ect

#1 have fun relax dont try to hard you will always screw up!

#0 someone fuckin buy me lunch lol
#6. take the time to walk out a course that is new to you BEFORE your first throw...
#5. disc golf is won or lost in a six inch space, the six inches between my ears....
#4. take at least one day a month to start playing 20 minutes before sunrise and watch/listen to the park come to life...
#3. give compliments to fellow player, and be humble/polite when given a compliment
#2. just... be good
#1. always .... have fun
your # 5 , very, very true nice one...
I like #2. It's good advice.
#1 dont let your bad temper ruin everyones round of golf
#2 dont think your better than you really are
#3 dont throw full speed frustration shots into the group your playing with
#4 do remember this game is fun
#5 do remember your tantrums tend to effect everyone around you
#6 do remember if you become known for being a bad sport ,its hard to find people to play with
Hope you're taking your advice, I've seen and heard about you losing it.

What do you mean by #3? The group that you're playing with or a group in front of you in the next hole?
#6 - Throwing forearm is easier than turning one over.
#5 - use a chalk bag for better grip
#4 - avoid the pot hole at the front of the pad, throw from behind it
#3 - get loose, break a sweat when you are warming up for a tourney. I like to be a little out of breath at the first tee.
#2 - practice the turbo, forehand, straddle and all the other putting styles.
#1 - Visualize success.
6. when you throw a bad shot, don't throw a "nikko" and kick your bag around. Pick up your bag and laugh. Your opponents won't know what to think.

5. Don't talk when other people are throwing. This really pisses me off.

4. When playing a sanctioned event, leave your brews and buds in the car. It's a tournament for Pete's sake.

3. Clean-up after yourself out on the course, your momma doesn't work there.

2. Thank the volunteers, these people prtobably wanted to play, but they sucked it up and helped out so YOU could have a good time.

1. PLAY BY THE RULES. Nothing more annoying than a falling putt from 10 feet. Are you serious. My other favorite is when putting there driver is rocking up and down with their motion. FOOT FAULT!


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