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#6 If you have the option go with the hyzer before the anhyzer …
#5 Disc golf is a game of risk and reward, star par usually does not WIN…
#4 On your up shot if your not ten feet past the basket, it never had a chance.
I’d rather putt coming back to the basket then a spot short of the basket…
#3 There all round. Don’t stair into the bag too long, You should know your
discs better then that. We all have that go to disc, use it…
#2 That one sec. before you release your putt if your not 100% positive that
you have got it, take a step back and rethink it. The only thing that should
be in your head is I GOT THIS,
#1 The three M’s Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics. I try to work on
this In the field in back of my house. I work on it till my back and legs hurt, and
I still don’t have it right...
#1* This is a bonus. Why is disc golf more fun when you are playing for a
monetary value, Even if only a Single dollar, maybe it’s the bragging
rights ???

What's your top six ? or what do you thing of mine?

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#6 Courtesy is contagious!!
#5 Someone has a good drive, shot or putt: Tell Them!
#4 Make a mistake? Let it go, "A Lot Of Golf Left"
#3 Hide Double G's golf bag
#2 Don't forget about icing down the beer for after.
#1 Enjoy the Game, We are so lucky!
#2 Should be...before, during & after.
#6 After a bad shot or hole do your best to find something positive around you. A flower, bird, kid on the playground, a cool stamp on a disc, something to get your mind moving towards a positive state b/c you're going to need that positive state of mind when you reach the next tee or your disc.

#5 Do one thing to make the course better than when you arrived.

#4 Thank a volunteer, TD, or city/park employee at the next event you play in. Without them we couldn't enjoy doing what we love to do!

#3 If you're an AM and you have all the plastic you're going to need for awhile then the next time you win more plastic take it in the form of lightweight, beginner discs. Throw one or two in your trunk and the next time you run into a youngster in the park that asks you what you're doing you'll have something to give him/her.

#2 Do your best not to swear at the top of your lungs after a bad shot.

#1 Do your drinking from a can or plastic bottle. Leave the glass at home.
#6 Let your body, not your mind, throw the disc. It knows how to do it.
#5 Leave all emotions for after the round.
#4 You don't need every disc ever made in your bag.
#3 Your disc is made to do whatever it is designed to do. Don't force it.
#2 Play the course not the competition
#1 Practice
This conversation intrigued me Terry so, since you asked, this is what I think of yours:
#6 I'll bet 90% of DGers would agree.
#5 OK for casual single-round challenges but over a 4 round event Mr. Par may not WIN
but will often cash, deuces will come. Were you Mr. risk-taker at your 3 events this year?
#4 Once again, OK when you're playin your buddy for $5 but were you Mr. go-for-every-up-shot
at the 4 events you played from "04 to '06.
#3 No doubt, get rid of those "specialty" discs.
#2 Right on, confidence is so important.
#1 Yep, especially if you're like me with no arm speed.
#1* Sounds like you're the local hustler. Think back to when the game was new to you
and you played for the sheer fun of it. Money challenges are great but I hope it's not
the only way you can enjoy the game any more.

Don't take any of these the wrong way, You're obviously a good golfer to have a 983 rating but I challenge you Terry, to play more sanctioned events, at courses you don't play often. You'll see that rating dance around and teach you the benefits of playin it safe. If aggressive is your game then you can't change it, I guess my point is to challenge your competitive game and you'll have a more well-rounded game. I'll try to think of my 6 now.
Maybe at the amateur level par will cash. Ask any pro player, there game has to be on the aggressive side of playing just par golf. And if any player decides to go for a bride instead of a par or tries to save par after a real nasty and ugly lie or coming out of the schoul that golfer is playing risk and reward.

I believe that you have exaggerated comments on your reply. You called me a“ local hustler” I said “Why is disc golf more fun when you are playing for a monetary value, Even if only a Single dollar, maybe it’s the bragging rights ???”. You called me “Mr. risk-taker” I said “I’d rather putt coming back to the basket then a spot short of the basket…” .

I stand by what I posted in My Top Six Do’s. I feel that you tried to call me out a few times in your reply. And yes I do not have a large number of sanctioned tournaments, but the information you did not get when you looked me up on P.D.G.A. web site is the eleven different courses I played last year and the five different courses I played this year. I believe if I had the extra time and money and was able to play more sanctioned tournaments my player rating would be moving up not dance around as you called it. So please don’t try to teach me the benefits of playing it safe. I play it safe when I need to other wise I evaluate my options, and then consider the level of risk and reward and then play the appropriate shot while keeping in mind star par usually does not WIN…
If you don't play aggressive, someone else will.
Don’t lose by a stroke or two because you wanted to play it safe...
Your #3 is good but I think your #2 is better Play against the course . I set a point or a number I want to be at after the 18th. What ever it takes to get that number, safe when I need to aggressive when I need to. Now I’m not a top pro player and when I set that number it’s higher then my golf skills normally allow. When I know can’t do something on the course I won’t, but if I thing I may be able to do something to gain a stroke I will play the risk and reward. Ever time… And if it fails it duos not mean strokes are lost, it means your next shot, putt, up shoot, fair way drive or trouble out shoot need to be on target to safe the all mighty par .
I do play a lot courses hear in fl. Tournaments when I can, a lot of monthlies, travel to other course around the state often, so I do get around. Fl. Is full with a large number of top pros. What I found to be true is even having a player rating that is so-so I don’t have enough arm to win or really compete with the big boys. But if I play the course right, manage the risk and reward and be aggressive and if my putter is being kind to me that day I may be able to give then a run for the money …

I would like to thank you for your reply on this Discussion page it is one of most insightful on this discussion board …
Your friend John M. “moncropolis” has also replied to this board again, I don’t think I will respond to him this time. He was quick to trash my opinions on my post, I don’t understand what his deal is, maybe he does not know this is my opinion and welcome to comment but trashing my thought on play - just not cool …

Thanks again for your input on this topic…
I would find it interesting to discuss the thought behind a round of disc golf, feel free to contact me at my page “My Bag”
Have fun and play hard…
what eleven courses? are you counting monthlies? by my count you've played 8 events as a pro (Daytona 4 times) on a total of 8 different courses since '03. You've cashed twice and your best finish is 7th. Where are you WIN...ning? I'm not telling you to play it safe, but your style doesn't seem to be winning for you either.
Having fun is the most important thing....on that note, Moncropolis, I'm your Huckleberry!!!

Terry's one of our best. He puts forth a tremendous amout of effort into this sport, from personal financial contributions, hard work, wonderful insight and everything in between. You should consider yourself lucky to have him part of a sport...you love. I'm proud of Terry whether he finishes 7th or 37th...cause I know he gave 110%. As far as WIN...ning goes, Terry does just fine. There is more to this sport than competing in sanctioned events...remember we play for the fun too..

As far as dragging him through the mud and more importantly, going as far as to look up his 'offical' playing stats in order to do it...that my friend is pretty lame, in my humble opinion. ....Gritty isn't it!!!
The last part of his original post was an invitation to critique it......"or what do you think of mine"...he said. If he hadn't posted that I would not have said a word. Too bad he took it personally and I stand by my critique.
I don't know Terry as a person, all I have access to is this post and his 'official' stats. Pretty lame of you to imply that I was questioning his personal contributions, work, and effort into the sport. I could tell by his page that he is passionate about the sport and his club.
Two of his "top do's" and his bonus "do" were a little bold and I called him on it. I apologize for the name-calling part (childish), but it looks like that's all that most of you saw.
6. When you are off the fairway and have any doubt, play down the original fairway
5. Trust your first instinct
4. Play the hole in your mind without the basket
3. When learning a course, always look back down the fairway towards the tee from the basket
2. It only takes one good shot to make a par
1. The game is about fun. Once you stop having fun, stop. It's not about who can win the most tournaments or sell the most plastic or throw the furthest or ace the most or whatever, it's about having fun.


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