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#6 If you have the option go with the hyzer before the anhyzer …
#5 Disc golf is a game of risk and reward, star par usually does not WIN…
#4 On your up shot if your not ten feet past the basket, it never had a chance.
I’d rather putt coming back to the basket then a spot short of the basket…
#3 There all round. Don’t stair into the bag too long, You should know your
discs better then that. We all have that go to disc, use it…
#2 That one sec. before you release your putt if your not 100% positive that
you have got it, take a step back and rethink it. The only thing that should
be in your head is I GOT THIS,
#1 The three M’s Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics. I try to work on
this In the field in back of my house. I work on it till my back and legs hurt, and
I still don’t have it right...
#1* This is a bonus. Why is disc golf more fun when you are playing for a
monetary value, Even if only a Single dollar, maybe it’s the bragging
rights ???

What's your top six ? or what do you thing of mine?

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#6 Find The Right Disc.cant stress it enough.
#5 TOWEL you never know when youll need a towel whether it be to clean off your disc or clean the beer you spilled out of your bag always bring a towel.
#4 Eat Something i have seen so many people come to the disc golf course without eating play a round and look like zombies. its not hard to grab some ramen or a sandwich just do it youll feel better and you wont be as tired after each round
#3 Stretch & Warmup. Not just a few putts i mean WARMUP. do a lap around the course stretch your arms legs back hips shoulders. putting should be the last thing you do. and should only be about 15 to 20 minutes
#2 Play with people you dont know. not only is it a way to meet new people but its also a way to improve your game they might be able to teach you something too.
#1 Lastly and MOST IMPORTANT Have Fun. you generally shoot anywhere from 54 to 70 shots on any given course depending on par there are just too many shots to stress out over one.relax correct your mistake and move FORWARD.

Have fun guys i love this sport and know all of you do too. lets have some fun.

Happy Disc'n
The Starhucker
Wow, you got it on the nose. Your # 3. I have come off the course looking like a zombie from the lack of food, I know it put 2-3 strokes on my card. And it’s so easy to do. And eating is so much fun, how do we forget? Looking forward to the game so much I guess?
#6 Practice
#5 Play with those better than you.
#4 Watch what they throw and how they throw.
#3 If you can have fun then darn it look good doing it.
#2 Have fun
#1 Get your mind right...
If you don't play aggressive, someone else will.
Don’t lose by a stroke or two because you wanted to play it safe...
1. Have fun!!!
2. Play hard
3. Play to win
4. Jingle loose change in pocket when Terry's putting....just kidding...snort!
5. SONIC....for u Chris, Bahahahaha
#2 Should be...before, during & after.
Amen! I think carrying enough food/water is often overlooked by [am] players. Here's what I do when I play tournaments ... I will often take a little more water then I need, a couple extra energy bars or snacks that I can offer other players in my group if for some reason they crash.

I would rather help another player get out of that "zombie" condition and help his game, than to play with someone who is dehydrated or grouchy because they didn't eat/drink enough ... I won't allow another player in my group to distract me with whining or grouchyness just because they forgot something!
I spent last season playing am2 and am3 in local and sanctioned tourneys. So this Top Six is for those on the bottom side of the tournament.

#6. Throw what you know. If you don't practice it, don't throw it in a tournament. This goes for shot type and disc selection.

#5. Sometimes, your first round will be a mix. You might be the bottom of a card that includes Open or Masters. Be as polite and efficient as possible. If they (the pros) talk much and observe little, then listen little. If the talk little and observe much then LISTEN MUCH. Follow #6 regardless. You can work out their advice later.

#4. Water and food are a must. Of all the people out here, you and others in your group are most likely to be affected by TIME and HEAT. Understand this and be over-prepared. It might save you some strokes.

#3. Mistakes happen at this level. Big ones. As much fun as it is to kick yourself....STOP. You need the next shot to work. This will only happen if your foot isn't stuck in.....an unpleasant place. Clear everything out of your mind and work on that next shot.

#2. Most putting mistakes at this level (from my observations) are from being short. You must get the disc to the basket. You can learn the difference between being short and being 30' long with practice.

#1. Eliminate dumb luck. Dumb luck is the shot that is easily identified and impossible to throw. Others may execute this shot routinely, but you lack the skills, practice, disc, or patience. Some may call this being conservative. Is it conservative or smart to avoid shots that will bring you trouble 8 times out of 10?

You are not the one out there playing for the big money, so you should be out there for the big fun. These six ideas should help.
Great advice! Thanks.
I thing your TOP SIX is very good, thanks for your input.
Your number one is very good. It’s a must . Thanks …
Wear comfortable clothing especially shoes.

Dont try and play better than your last round of Disc Golf even if it was a good round.
Just try and get back to your roots in the sport. Its only been 1.5 yrs for me, but It helps to pretend im back playing with the single X-OUT innova disc I did not even know what it was.

Like the movie Happy Gilmore says..."Find a happy place" . What ever sets your mind at ease, go there. It can be a different place from time to time also.

If you have the slightest notion of wind affecting your disc flight.....it will. Go with your stable discs and make them work. You will probably outdrive your group.

Take it easy. Take it easy. Take it easy. A wise man once told me not to try and send it into orbit. Just it easy.

"CLICHE ALERT" !!!!!!!!!!!

just have fun. If your round starts off bad or your round goes sour, at least just strive for that one drive of your 18 holes that just sails like a dream. Then you can go home happy about something.
To Mark Stephens:
I don't know you or the course you speak of, but maybe you could point out the course that a local church in my area has. I think if it is good enough for a church, who can throw stones?

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