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#6 If you have the option go with the hyzer before the anhyzer …
#5 Disc golf is a game of risk and reward, star par usually does not WIN…
#4 On your up shot if your not ten feet past the basket, it never had a chance.
I’d rather putt coming back to the basket then a spot short of the basket…
#3 There all round. Don’t stair into the bag too long, You should know your
discs better then that. We all have that go to disc, use it…
#2 That one sec. before you release your putt if your not 100% positive that
you have got it, take a step back and rethink it. The only thing that should
be in your head is I GOT THIS,
#1 The three M’s Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics. I try to work on
this In the field in back of my house. I work on it till my back and legs hurt, and
I still don’t have it right...
#1* This is a bonus. Why is disc golf more fun when you are playing for a
monetary value, Even if only a Single dollar, maybe it’s the bragging
rights ???

What's your top six ? or what do you thing of mine?

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#6 have fun
#5 have fun
#4 have fun
#3 have more fun
#2 have even more fun
And most of all
#1 have fun
your # 5 , very, very true nice one...
your # 6 hummmmm
if i played that well, meybe i get that upset after a bad shot, but i like to think that
i would NOT ...

Cash rules...
#6 - #1 - This game is over 90% mental. Attitude determines almost everything. I can turbo 80 footers slamming into the chains or miss 10 footers without even hitting basket. The difference isn't my physical ability, but my mental attitude. Learn from your mistakes and shake off the negative thoughts, teach yourself you can win, and play against the course and yourself.
#1...Never hope or will for opponents to miss...celebrate their good shots more than my own
#2...Don't play rounds alone, go to the practice field instead
#3...Never play fearfully (ie...play to execute your shot, don't play to not screw up)
#4...No low/short putts
#5...Hyzers, just think about finishing high (don't flatten your swing at the end)
#6...Accelerate through the rip...start slower, controlled x-step vs fast run up
I believe I’m guilty of your number 1 , I have put the ‘ voodoo ‘ one people once or twice….
Sorry about that …
as have i
#6 play within you abilities,if you can't throw the 500' bomb don't try to.
#5 respect: respect the course,respect your opponents
#4 shake it off, trees happen,grip lock happens,huge wind gusts happen
#3 ask questions when you see someone do a shot you'd like to learn
#2 give a kid an old disc or two
#1 have as much fun as you possibly can, that's why we play this @%&**!! game!
Here are my 6

6. Practice off the course It is easier to learn new shots and perfect your weak shots on the practice field. If you only practice during rounds on the course, you pretty much only get to throw about 18 drives and up shots in two hours. You can throw hundreds of drives AND approaches in far less time on the practice field.
5. Play your own game! Throw the shot and disc that you know works best for you. Don't worry what the other guy is throwing.
4. Placement, placement, placement. Sometimes it is not how far you can throw, but how accurately you can throw. Also called "Course Management".
3. Don't bring trouble into play. If there is little to be gained by taking a risk - take the safe shot. You probably won't get the birdie, but avoiding a bogey is a smart play.
2. Practice your weak shots and learn a variety of shots. It is great to know you can throw the roller if needed or make that overhead shot to get out of trouble. See 6 above.
1. Be a good sport. You know what this means. Play by the rules. Wish the best for your opponents and congratulate them for good play. Be a gracious loser and an even more gracious winner.
Hey so have I every so often, but I always know that I've lost a good perspective and enjoyment of my round when I do.

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