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Good news all!! WillamaLane has given us a green light to continue our process. So all of you that have said " How can I help" heres your chance!!!

So theres lots of separate tasks that need to be nailed. I could list it all here in this discussion and create a chaotic headache for myself and others. So lets use this Discussion as a Call to arms. Maybe we can try to have a Club Meeting where we can establish how to utilize everyones uniqueness? So lets figure out a Time, Place, and a list of who's who!!! So reply or contact me to get on the list.

Jonny Roc

Attached is a Map of ClearWater. 85 Acres of Goodness!!!!!!

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I don't have a ton of time but I'm willing to help out where I can. Just let me know when and where.
Hey Jon, I am in for Clearwater Park. You pick an evening for a meeting and I will be there if I can...
Let us know when we are needed and we will be there. Thanks Johnny rock
Let us know when you'd like to work on it, preferrably with some advance notice and I'll plug it into my calendar. Thanks Jon for getting this going, I look forward to working with you as it's nice to see someone that wants to get something accomplished for our area.

This Thread will Continue to be relaviant. We need to begin a Proposal Process with the Help of the Community. We recieved lots of ideas and commitments from allot of you, and now we need to weave all of our individual talents. Here in the next Week the committee will design an outline of what we discussed at the meeting, and problem solve a solution with the current variables with WillamaLane. So in other words we will begin to create the Mechanisms of how we will function as a Group to tackle several agendas at the same time. I liked Dave F. Idea of collecting commitment hours from community members to show willamalane our commitment to our community.

Somethings that we already know we need to gain acceptance with Willamalane and Clearwater is a focus on Youth..The words I heard was that the image they have in there heads needs to include or revolve around Kids...so we need to focus energy building relationships with....

1. A relationship with Rand at Willamalane. He is the equivelent to Dave B. in Eugene. He has already given me a 100% commitment to run DG Activities. We need to come up with a curriculum, and Activities for Youth. Also a relationship with the Athletic Directors for Thurston High, and Springfield High.

2. A Field Study so we know what kind of Plants we are dealing with. I am sure there has been many studies on it and the info is somewhere...we need that info so we understand our ecology and build trust from the Planners and such. Raises our awareness in there world and lowers are risk too.

3. An organized Army of dedicated Vollunteers. A crew of 100+ if we need. So that we can make neccasary improvements while the Park is closed for construction on Mill Race. "Thats starting Right now, and last until April 09" which is around the corner.

This Thread will grow. Please feel free to engage it. Lets try to keep it on Track.

Jonny Roc

I will commit man hours to do any grunt work that might need to be done.
i also want to say that we should really hold each other accountable and keep our current parks in good condition, ie, trash etc. we have done a good job at westy picking up garbage and stuff like that and hopefully when other people see that they will pick up on some of our good habits and help keep our local courses a clean and friendly place to play.
I was actually surprised with all the ideas that came out at the meeting. It was a rather loud venue but we had our conscious moments.

I am going to start the process of gathering sponsors for local events. i.e. Ice Bowl, Monthly events, and ultimately a Frisbee Festival that focuses on family introductions. I'm going to have a draft of a sponsorship letter drawn up at the next meeting. I would appreciate anyones help in hitting the streets and finding business sponsors. Please contact me directly if you have anymore questions or want to help. Thanks.
I'm going to hold my tongue for the most part except for two things.

1. WillamaLane already has the impact studies, they have to have done them for the new millrace... Are they now asking That we do them?

2. Your saying that we want the project DONE April '09 (I'm guessing if we do we can leverage the equipement they will have. Out there to help with some of the clearing and such)?
just found out about this, sounds great! What are the plans for course design?
What is the best way to stay up to date on developments, workparties etc...
Thanks for getting this started, looks like we could have one heck of a disc golf course there!!
I would say to keep an eye on this thread and come to the meetings when we have them. That is the best way to stay up to date. That and shoot Mr. Stone (aka Mr. Rock) and email and let him know what you can offer and when you would be available.

D.aM.agE. said:
just found out about this, sounds great! What are the plans for course design?
What is the best way to stay up to date on developments, workparties etc...
Thanks for getting this started, looks like we could have one heck of a disc golf course there!!
i think we all really need to give jon big props for getting this ball rolling and sticking to it. I've got your back in any way i can help brother!
I am working in Portland Sunday night through Friday Morning until the first of the year, then it is full time in eugene.
If the meetings happen on the weekend I'll be there,if not email and this post will have to do...................


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