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Just to have fun to here if any of the older molds are still flying anymore..here's a start for every one..any Scorpion's or Cyclone 2's or Vipers in bags any more...

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i have n oid viper n whippet
also have old gazelles. i do not like the new plastics.
i also have about 4 sharks that i have had when i started playing in the 80's
I got beat in a 36-hole match play by my buddy last weekend when tied on the last tee he pulled out a Viper that I had given him years ago and he parked it.
I still throw a sky streak.
I have a SkyStreak (circa 1984) that is in and out of my bag on a regular basis. If Mike doesn't post a pic soon I will. The SkyStreak was a larger-diameter disc, one of the first golf discs produced by Discraft. It has a profile similar to an ultimate disc, but smaller. Although it was initially released as a driver, it was most popular as a putt/approach disc. The first run of the SkyStreak was made with a near-indestructible plastic - similar to today's Z or Champion Plastic - but it came out in 1983. I also carry an '83 WDGC Shuttle Puppy when the temp is above 65 degrees.
Funny you should ask this...a Mold refers to the mold number that was on the old Wham-o Frisbees..Such as the one I play with. it called a 71C* (71 mold See Star) A few players still use the 40 molds etc...but to say a Viper or others are 'molds' is not really accurate...yes they are old discs..and old school..and the terminolgy transferred over but to ask an old schooler what mold is that they would look around the rim of Hedrick and see what mold it was...or under the disc such as the fastbacks like a FB3 etc...I also still putt with a Thunderbolt from the early 80s..

come on .. it is very accurate look at all the post... there is always someone that has to be anal on every forum go somewhere else ....nothing better to do....than rag on someone post......clown
Calling Names? Why? Does this make you feel better?? I was mearly pointing out what the Mold refers to in historical context...and to call me a clown for pointing that shows that you must be the all knowing presence that I must bow to before I post?? Thank you for makig this a pleasent place to be!!
I think BIG TER's use of the term "mold" is probably a reflection of the fact that he played back in the day of Wham-O numbered mold discs - newer players just don't use that terminology. However, I think the term "mold" is still accurate for referring to newer golf discs - they are injection molded, aren't they?
I would think so...and great points (but it still does not make it right to call names) they are molded...but you don't throw the 'mold' do you? You throw the Disc (Viper) that was put in the mold..and the Disc is named Viper or XXX and not for the actual mold number right (which was the original purpose of the mold numbers back then)?

I realize it's pure sematics about this..but Molds to me and most of old school Wham-O players know the term of mold as part of the disc that was numbered and you could tell a 71C* from a 71C etc and that was the Name of the actual disc...the only way that I know of to tell the beveled edged discs apart is if they are patent pending or have a made in San Mariono, first run etc...Again my post was not a attack on the post..I liked the post..I was mearly pointing out what the term actually means to some of us old players...
Good points. As an old Wham-O player I know exactly what you mean. 40-molds were relatively stable, straight flyers, 41's were under-stable and 42's were over-stable, etc. I think one thing that makes the mold number obsolete for newer discs is that the tops and bottoms of molds get inter-changed in order to come up with slight modifications of discs (actually, this is just a hypothesis...).
not a hypothesis bro "SL "TL" these are hybrid discs "SL"=Starfire x Leopard and the same with "TL" i cant remember if its teebird or tee rex but they are crossed with the leopard to make it a slightly different disc
i still throw a viper,keep it in my bag,great spike hyzer
do you know anybody that has scorpion's disc that i can buy


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