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This is going to be for those sometimes unbelievable Disc Golf stories that you folks have. Ill Start it off with an Ace story. My buddy Kyle and I were playing the course at enterprise park in redding. Had a good game going i was 3 under after hole 8 and there was this shot i had been working on for hole 9. it was a sidearm roller to hit the pole well i threw my Roc and it landed a few feet back stood up hit the root of the tree right in front of the basket hopped up. i couldn't see it but all i heard is chains. I immediately looked at my buddy Kyle and his exact words were "If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it." So thats my unbelievable story how about some of yours?

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The craziest disc golf story I have ever heard is the infamous "duck ace".

Timmy Gill was playing a round at Lone Lake park in Minnetonka, MN. He steps up to hole 8 and notices there are a lot of old time MFA guys taking a break. He proceeds to throw a high forehand that is way off line and headed into some thick shule. Out of nowhere, a group of ducks take off from a nearby pond. Timmy's forehand continues on its unintended flight path, redirects off of a duck, and hits dead center for an ace. I guess the duck got stunned for a second and began to fall but quickly snapped out of it and continued on with the others.

This story is about my last round and the 4 adrenaline fed holes that included an ace at Am Worlds in Flagstaff AZ, 2005. It was my first time playing 7 rounds in one week and I was always on the last card or the second to last card all week following a 2nd round +10 at Thorpe.... Which is at 7000 feet elevation and set in thick pine trees.

Well my last round happened to be at Thorpe again and I wanted to make it my best round as it was my last chance to maybe break one 900+ rated round before it was over. We had to start on hole 17 which was a very tough uphill drive and we all got a bogie which was kind of expected.
After that I really played well and made pars on holes 18 thru 5.

Just when I was beginning to believe I was going to have the great round I was striving for I somehow turned the easy hole #6 into a double bogie (nervous putts), then the next a bogie, and then the next drive on #8 through the thick fairway hit a tree clipped sharp right and landed at least 120 feet short of the pin and all I had was one very tight tree lined alley. I ripped it and canned a birdie on #8 with my aviar, which got me pumped up and thinking I could still come back.

On #9 (everyone said nine was the hardest hole on the course), I got my best drive of tournament, and I barely missed a 40' birdy as my disc flipped out the back for a drop-in par.

I was still pumped on adrenaline, and holding the tee and we had a little walk to hole #10 and I got there before everyone else. Alan comes up and says " you look ready, go ahead" So I rip it with my buzz, Alan calls the Ace, it barley misses a tree and slams into the middle and ends up on edge facing us leaning against the inside of the basket. We all celebrate, etc. and then on hole #11, I am so jacked-up after the Ace I totally shank my drive and hit the first tree on the left, 40 feet away. Then my second shot hit a tree on the right and leaves me with another 120 foot shot, this time for par. I have to anhyzer, and choose my aviar again. It floats out right, turns, floats back left, and falls gently into the basket for a huge par save! On the way to finishing, I had a couple birdie op's, but just ended up with pars and finished +1 with a 926 rated 55. It wasn't the hot round, but for me it was, and still is the most unbelievable 4 holes and disc golf experience I have ever had........
Thorpe is one of my home courses so I can really picture all of the exact shots you had. Incredible stretch of four holes.
Thanks.... I really envy you getting to live in that area. We had the best time/vacation in Flagstaff..... My wife and I still talk about moving there for retirement........ Hard to beat that duck Ace! can you belive that, a birdie and an Ace on the same shot literally.....
I actually had 3 aces in ten minutes...Check this out.
3/24/04 I was warming up for league, threw a 300' skipshot up by the meeting area --Goes in the basket.
Terry O. pulls disc out of basket, throws same disc back to me after screaming ( "why didn't you yell fore?)
I pick it up and throw again, a little high this time- approx.20ft above.Terry throws his putter up in the air, deflects my disc in....League starts... on the 1st hole ---------Same disc , skip ace .........This one pays $200
Not the greatest story in the world but I'll add it for fun. Me and my buddy (Foz) are warming up to play in mystic mills(A3 glow disc tourney). In the parking lot I hand him the Dx Leopard I found for him online. #2 at the Monster he steps up first throw ever for the disc flicks on a local inside route, barely misses a tree and fades perfectly into the basket. Anyone ever ace a hole with a disc on its first throw???
That would be called an "Oscar Ace" from sesame street. LOL
I was playing Victor Ashe park with a friend of mine. Hole Thirteen he launched his disc in the woods. OF course it was green and we spent about half an hour looking for it. In the process he picked up a pair of almost new Arnette Sunglasses. Came back the next week Same hole walking through the same spot (he always throws it in the woods on that hole) and there is his disc that he lost leaning up perfectly against a tree in plain sight.
I was at Macgregor Park in Houston TX. The year 2001. This course is in the bad part of Houston and there are many unsavory characters sitting at the various picnic tables. My brother and his friend are with me and they are visiting from TN. There are 5 Latino young men hid behind a pine tree on the 13th hole. After my drive lands one runs out and grabs my disc. He tries to throw it back to me but it goes over a huge fence and rolls down this hill. I meet him at the fence and ask he to retrieve it. He is cool but one of his hair net wearing friends is cursing me,"Chalee, don't get his stinking disc holmes." He retrieves the disc and I return to the pad to redrive. There is about a 2 1/2 foot gap from the ground to where the Limbs of the pine tree start that these kids are standing behind. Well what do you know. I throw a Pro Line Beast as hard as I can. I nail the trash talker right in the bend of the knee. When I went to get my disc it had beer poured on it and trash piled on it. That's my story!
A do-or-die ace story: Big Jerm Koling is playing match play in the CDGC club championships 2 weeks ago. He is 2 strokes down with 2 holes to play.....against Stan McDaniel. Stan parks his drive on #11 at Kilborne - an easy turnover putter shot about 240' slightly down hill. Jerm is forced to ace to live to see another day. He forehands his Peptobismol Star Roc and slams chains dead center about 6" above the basket! I have never heard of an ace being hit on demand before - wow! In dramatic fashion, the disc rebounds back, spins on a nub on of rim of the basket.....and falls out. That sucks for Jerm.....but from a spectator's point of view you could not have had a more dramatic ending to the round.
Had a garbage can Ace on hole #9 at Grand Woods, Lansing, MI
Here is the only Ace on demand I have ever heard?......

We freqently play a blind draw doubles night golf round following our one day series event in Redding CA at Enterprise Park, we call it the "Chico Challenge", because my friend Dale and I are from Chico and we challenged the Redding boys to night golf a few years back and it has become quite the tradition. So every now and then after the awards someone will start calling out "Chico Challenge" and it is game-on for $5 a head....

When we play night golf at Enterprise we play the short tees and the scores are so low we keep them by how many pars you have, 3 pars would equal 15 down by the end, as bogies are almost unheard of. I think the doubles night golf record is 19 under with an ace and all birdies! The typical winning score is 16 to 18 under.

Well JD and his partner are trying to keep up with me and Dale and one other group, and it is coming down to last few holes and JD says something like this to his partner "we need an ace on the next hole or we are out of this, and I'm going to hit it".

We usually have a glow stick on our discs, but JD is holding a white ROC with nothing on it. We can't see the basket because it is in the shadows and it is dark of course. He steps onto the tee, calls the ace he is about to make once more, aims at the black area 200' ahead of him where we all know the basket is, and after a bit of careful aiming, he lets it go. We couln't see it, but we heard it! It was in and they were still alive. Les had already had a ace on hole 5 that night earlier in the round..... Love that course at night!

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