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This is going to be for those sometimes unbelievable Disc Golf stories that you folks have. Ill Start it off with an Ace story. My buddy Kyle and I were playing the course at enterprise park in redding. Had a good game going i was 3 under after hole 8 and there was this shot i had been working on for hole 9. it was a sidearm roller to hit the pole well i threw my Roc and it landed a few feet back stood up hit the root of the tree right in front of the basket hopped up. i couldn't see it but all i heard is chains. I immediately looked at my buddy Kyle and his exact words were "If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it." So thats my unbelievable story how about some of yours?

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I was playing disc golf in Moab, Utah at what used to be the Camelot Adventure Lodge. It has new ownership now, I think that it is called Base Camp. An amazing course that takes you through classic southern Utah desert terrain, with some nice elevation shots. I had played there several times before and had gotten to know the previous owner, Terry. So, he tells me that I should return the next morning that there were some "pros" coming out to play the course. Sounded pretty good to me,so I showed up the next morning to check it out. Sure enough I got myself into playing a round with some great disc golf players. One of them happened to be Juliana Korver. We are well into the round, I can't quite place which hole it was, I want to say about sixteen. It's a big blind elevation shot, the teebox is as high from the basket vertically as it is horizontally. So I sail this perfect drive off of this finger of red rock that breaks to the right and at just the right moment dives way down back to the left. I remember Juliana remarking "that was a great shot, what kind disc was that?" And for an average disc golf player such as myself, all I could do was reply honestly. "Oh, that was a JK Valkyrie!" Turns out the disc was stuck in the dirt right behind the basket, if it had been a few inches over I might have ended up with an ace.
My first tournament ace happened at the 2003 NorCal Series Motherload tourney in Penn Valley/Grass Valley, California. To setup the weekend, on Sat. arrived late, almost got bumped by a walk-in. It was pouring rain all the way there, during registration, throughout the entire 1st round, lunch and 2nd round. The rain didn't stop once, by the end of the 2nd round, the small stream on the course was becoming a raging torrent and the ponds were overflowing. My ride, bailed on the tourney, complaining of exposure issues. We were not prepared for this kind of a day, thank fully I was able to buy an umbrella to get me through the 2nd round.

It was a 2 hour ride back home and that is what we did. I, however, had a good score after the two rounds and having never dropped out of a tourney, I had to go back, so Sun. morning found myself back on the road for another 2 hour drive. It rained the entire drive and by the time I made it to Grass Valley it was snowing, about 1/2" an hour.

The round started with about an inch of snow, it was really awesome and the first time I'd ever played in snow. As the day wore on, the snow melted, we started having thunderstorms. We were under pine trees, so I guess we were ok, but the lightning seemed to crackle right above us. During the break, the sun actually made an appearence and then the ground fog appeared, fairly thick eventually.

It was in the 2nd round about 1/3 of the way through, is when it happened. We had a group of 5 players, it was hole #1 about 250' feet through pines. There was a hyzer route and an anhyzer route. The first thrower hits the ace through the hyzer route, it was his first after 15 years of playing. I was the last to throw I threw a sidearm using the anhyzer route and BANG, in it went. Two aces, same hole, same group, unbelievble!!! What are the chances of that? Would love to hear if it has happened to anyone else.
One of my favorite stories is still what happened at the '06 Snow Mountain Challenge near Winter Park, Colorado.

On the 2nd day of the tourney, I had arrived at one of the more difficult holes on the course. About 300', a long and blind dog-leg right through a narrow gap. Huge pines on both sides, dirt road roped off as OB on the far right. I was lovin the first-run skeeters for sustained turnovers at that time and let one rip. Put a bit too much anny on it and it poked through the right side guardian trees and plopped in a could of dust on the dirt road.. OB.

As we were walking up on it, this blue minivan starts down the road towards us. I started waving my arms in hopes of keeping the driver from flattening the dome on my mis-thrown yellow friend. Sure enough, he went straight over it. However, his back tire spun out on it.. spitting my disc 30' back inbounds!

Having just finished my officials exam, I now know it should've been replaced to it's previous lie under the rules regarding interference. Regardless, my group and I were laughing pretty darn hard and they let me take my shot from where it ended up with no penalty...

Then at the '07 Snow Mountain Challenge:
I was having a so-so round, one of my first few tourneys playing Advanced. I hadn't had a birdie all round and wanted to park this one in the worst way.. So I step up on hole #8, which is about 250' down a long, narrow gut with a gigantic guardian pine about 20' short and right of the basket. The basket itself was an ancient rusty thing that was barely PDGA-legal. Either way, I crank a monster hyzer with a bright red Z-Buzzz. It hangs way out to the right and disappears behind the guardian pine. I'm staring down the narrow alley at the basket when it comes flailing in from the right, bang, dead center!! As we were walkin up to the basket, one of the guys in the group turns to me and says.. "ya know, technically, you still don't have a birdie.." One of two tourney aces I had that summer!
I've aced on demand before.

Playing in a monthly I was struggling to keep up with Max Crotts who would end up setting the course record that round. However, I had a 2 shot lead on him to start the round and tied it up with 2 holes to go.

On 17, Max got what would be his 12th birdie of the round and I couldn't make my putt, so he took a one shot lead again.

On 18, Max parked the hole for what would be a record 41.

I told everyone "well I gotta ace it."

I stepped up and slammed it - the hole is about 250 straight - to tie and end up losing in a playoff :)

the most amazing disc golf story I've ever heard....this is the best I remember it and some details may be missing, but the gist of the story will be there.

A guy by the nickname of Homey died and he was a guy that everyone loved. They decided to have a tournament in his memory at Hornet's Nest Park in Charlotte, NC, his favorite course. Hole 15 is about 300 feet down hill through a small gap and then it righty hyzers blindly to the guarded pin. This was not only Homey's favorite hole on the course, but his favorite hole anywhere.

Since this was his favorite hole, someone donated a basket for a CTP on this hole to remember Homey. A group with his best friend stepped up to the tee and his best friend throws the perfect shot down the tube and the disc hyzers right around the corner out of site.

According to the people on 16's tee (very close to 15), the disc barely missed an ace and then from BEHIND the basket, bounced back (they said it almost looked like it was lifted b/c there was no roots or anything) and went in the basket for an ace.

Quite a story that is 100% true.
I have a similar story that involves my disc golf bag. Went to a Giants game in the City, left the bag in the back seat of my truck along with my backpack, it had some important paperwork and pictures. Anyway, truck got broken into and both my bag of discs and backpack were taken.

Several days later, I got a call from the owner of a sidewalk flower booth, she'd found my backpack, it was about a mile from where it was taken, but happy as I was to get that back, no disc golf bag.

Two weeks later, I get a call that a bag of "frisbees" was found in a back alley behind a paintball store, the owner had found the bag and my phone number on the discs. Guess the perpetrators weren't much into a bunch of "frisbees" and this should teach everyone to put your phone number on your discs.
I've got a pretty good one. Its not my story, but my friend isn't on the site and I'm sure he'd love for it to be shared. He was playing on Wake Forest's 9 hole campus course with some buddies, probably skipping class. Steps up to the first tee, drives, skips near the basket but ends up a few feet away. His buddies throw and they walk down to the discs. They look around but see no sign of his disc. After about 10 minutes, thouroughly confused they decide not to worry about it and move on to hole 2. As they're walking to the next tee, out of no where his disc comes crashing down out of the sky and nearly cracks him in the head. There was no one around at the time. His theory was a hawk must have picked it up and then dropped it from the sky.
Same thing happened to me years ago on MTSU campus. Playing during spring break on an abandoned campus, tossed a puppy down around the object. We had a bit of a rise between us and the target but could have easily seen any one in the area. Got to the spot where the disc should be and no disc. The area was open enough that we would have seen a roll. had to figure it was some creature but never found the disc...weird
I can't remember the guys name. But the first ace I ever witnessed was a roller ace on Hole #7 at River Parks in Tulsa Oklahoma after the 1982 Worlds.
you made a jump putt from 250 feet? wow....ha ha
My favorite story is the first time I played the course at Hot Sulpher Springs in Colorado. The course was not very well marked, and so playing by myself, I was having a hard time finding some of the holes. I managed to play 1 and 2 just fine, then found the tee for 3. I looked out and saw a basket about 550 feet away. It was open for about 250 feet, and then there was about a 60 foot gap in the trees, so I thought I would throw an anhyzer and then let it stall and come back to the left, getting a nice s out of it.

Unfortunately (or I guess fortunately), I turned it over too much and it just went to the right with no fade back. I saw it go behind this massive tree, and then heard a loud crash of some chains. I grabbed my bag and went running up, and saw that the basket that I had been looking at and aiming for was not the number 3 basket, but the basket for number 4. I had accidentally aced #3 without even knowing that the basket was there.
WOW - those are some great stories! Here is another really funny one.

We are playing our normal Sunday blind draw double at Ann Morrison (winter side) in Boise and we are about 15-16 holes through our round when one of our buddies lets his dog loose to chase the geese away. This dog is VERY laid back and very under control doing whatever his owner tells him to. So Andy gets Shady all excited to get the geese and lets his dog off the chain to chase them and all of them fly away but one that just happens to be injured!!!! Shady goes chasing after the hobbling goose while we are all dying laughing and Andy finally gets Shady to come back - luckily not injuring the goose further. Funny stuff.


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