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This is going to be for those sometimes unbelievable Disc Golf stories that you folks have. Ill Start it off with an Ace story. My buddy Kyle and I were playing the course at enterprise park in redding. Had a good game going i was 3 under after hole 8 and there was this shot i had been working on for hole 9. it was a sidearm roller to hit the pole well i threw my Roc and it landed a few feet back stood up hit the root of the tree right in front of the basket hopped up. i couldn't see it but all i heard is chains. I immediately looked at my buddy Kyle and his exact words were "If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it." So thats my unbelievable story how about some of yours?

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haha i threw a sidearm and hit 4 trees and aced but i was alone so still no one believes it but ohh well lol
How about hitting a tree and making it into the garbage can on the next hole :) (hole 7 tee-off to hole 8 garbage can, at Sims Park in Cleveland, OH.
How about this for freaky stuff...

I was throwing putters/putting with my 6yr old nephew about an hour from any real course and from my home, and my wife calls me to ask me if we are leaving yet. I don't get the call in time so we are about to leave. I throw my two new destroyers once more out and plan on throwing them back to the basket I have set up. After throwing them out I get to hucking them back and I throw a big hyzer with my pro D and get a good rip from around 350-360 out. It skips and hits the chains sticking for my first (NOT REALLY) ace - a field ace - but a real ace for sure (kind of). My nephew and high five and pack up and leave. My nephew has a video game ace (http://www.2dplay.com/disc-golf/disc-golf-play.htm) on number two on this game. He had to bring that up for sure. He told my wife when we got home. Pretty cool. Jordan
Not my own, but a guy I was playing with:

Hole 10 in Springfield, MN (243 feet) in December 2006. PDGA pro Dean Anderson teed off into some significant wind and had his disc pushed just enough to go out on to a frozen pond that runs the entire length of the fairway. The disc hits the ice and slides...and slides....and slides! Dean ends up around 90 feet away from the basket (maybe 70-75' out on the ice), within feet of a teenage kid that was out ice fishing that afternoon. Seeing a kid ice-fishing out there, Dean figures it must be safe to walk out on the ice, so he carefully goes out to get his disc. He then proceeds to hit the shot (in the wind) for a deuce. It was an incredible shot! However, I'll never forget that image of Dean out on the ice....next to a kid ice fishing, holing a VERY tough deuce. :-)
that's a loud one cause it's a plain metal garbage can... EUCLID:)
Me and HB went up to Toronto in '87 to play the "worlds". The warm-up tournament was held in Centennial park / Etobicoke. Solid 30+ winds movin discs in ways I had never seen them move. Discs would die right out your hand or take off in just about any direction, backwards, sideways, just nuts. Anyways, we tee on #8(?). Payola's shot goes straight up and backwards bout 150ft.other guys play it safe,low. I'm last. Popped a hammer out w/ hyzer Wham! Ace. One windy assed tournament.
posted again without permission...but Shanky Mc Shankster wouldn't mind I think....

Subject: greatest lost and found story EVER (repost from rsd)
Date: 12 Jun 1997 23:48:47 GMT
From: Mike Belchik
Organization: Yurok Tribe
Newsgroups: people.bfitler.discgolf

This reminds me of a little story...The all time bar-none best EVER
disc related lost and found story of all time.

Several years ago, my friend (King Skin) was playing catch with a 70 mold
near the mouth of the Klamath River in northern California (very large
river) while the river was high and brown. Disc went in, ocean 100 yards
away, bye bye disc.

Nine months go by...

At 6 am, his phone rings. A voice on the other end says "Are you
Gabriel?". "Yes, why?" Well, I'm a crab fisherman out of Trinidad (50
miles south of the Klamath), and your disc washed into my crab trap 3
miles offshore in 95 ft of water" "Holy shit" Gabriel said.

When he picked up the disc, it had several barnacles growing on it, and
had crab pincer marks on it. (We theorized that the crabs were putting it
at the crab basket.) It now resides on his wall in a place of honor.

This story is true.

This story reposted from r.s.d. for your enjoyment...

Mike Belchik
Par Infinity
Arcata, CA
Actually, it was a lovely blue plastic bin. But it was filled with glass bottles... The noise was interesting :)
huh. they've remodeled since i moved. nice!
thats crazy shit it was prolly my grandpa that called he crabs in nor cal like for a job so they do it out in the ocean
Crabs were playing too. I can just picture them throwing the disc in the trap.
Belchik, beats my best returned disc story, which I did not think possible. More about that later when I can do it from my laptop, not my iPhone!

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