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This is going to be for those sometimes unbelievable Disc Golf stories that you folks have. Ill Start it off with an Ace story. My buddy Kyle and I were playing the course at enterprise park in redding. Had a good game going i was 3 under after hole 8 and there was this shot i had been working on for hole 9. it was a sidearm roller to hit the pole well i threw my Roc and it landed a few feet back stood up hit the root of the tree right in front of the basket hopped up. i couldn't see it but all i heard is chains. I immediately looked at my buddy Kyle and his exact words were "If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it." So thats my unbelievable story how about some of yours?

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A do-or-die ace story: Big Jerm Koling is playing match play in the CDGC club championships 2 weeks ago. He is 2 strokes down with 2 holes to play.....against Stan McDaniel. Stan parks his drive on #11 at Kilborne - an easy turnover putter shot about 240' slightly down hill. Jerm is forced to ace to live to see another day. He forehands his Peptobismol Star Roc and slams chains dead center about 6" above the basket! I have never heard of an ace being hit on demand before - wow! In dramatic fashion, the disc rebounds back, spins on a nub on of rim of the basket.....and falls out. That sucks for Jerm.....but from a spectator's point of view you could not have had a more dramatic ending to the round.
Here is the only Ace on demand I have ever heard?......

We freqently play a blind draw doubles night golf round following our one day series event in Redding CA at Enterprise Park, we call it the "Chico Challenge", because my friend Dale and I are from Chico and we challenged the Redding boys to night golf a few years back and it has become quite the tradition. So every now and then after the awards someone will start calling out "Chico Challenge" and it is game-on for $5 a head....

When we play night golf at Enterprise we play the short tees and the scores are so low we keep them by how many pars you have, 3 pars would equal 15 down by the end, as bogies are almost unheard of. I think the doubles night golf record is 19 under with an ace and all birdies! The typical winning score is 16 to 18 under.

Well JD and his partner are trying to keep up with me and Dale and one other group, and it is coming down to last few holes and JD says something like this to his partner "we need an ace on the next hole or we are out of this, and I'm going to hit it".

We usually have a glow stick on our discs, but JD is holding a white ROC with nothing on it. We can't see the basket because it is in the shadows and it is dark of course. He steps onto the tee, calls the ace he is about to make once more, aims at the black area 200' ahead of him where we all know the basket is, and after a bit of careful aiming, he lets it go. We couln't see it, but we heard it! It was in and they were still alive. Les had already had a ace on hole 5 that night earlier in the round..... Love that course at night!
I thought this one was pretty sweet. hole 16 at seargent means in olympia fields,IL Its a straight 280ft with a 25ft fairway all the way down. the teepad is always slippery. I get up like normal and throw. I slipped fell on my arse. I get up dust my self off and right as I look towards the basket my disc hits the chains perfectly.
good story here... i was playing a round at my home course va barrie... i came up to hole 15 it is around 290ft i throw a esp surge and bam ace.... i went up took the disc out of the basket... step up on hole 16 it is around 270ft with the same surge in hand smash aced hole 16 aswell......thats one of my best golf stories
I have hit chains twice with rollers, once on hole #4?? at Hobson Grove in Bowling Green, KY. It's downhill with glacial rocks all over, and it rolled right off a rock, slammed the chains, but then kept rolling right out the back and OB. Also, hole #11 Hudson Mills Monster Course, hit the roots of a tree 40ft back and went up into the chains but also didn't stick..
why are you throwing a roller on hole 4 at hobson?
That is the one from the parking lot down with the road behind it right? It was in 1999, I had been playing for less than a year, and was 14 and could barely throw the length of the hole but had a mean roller, that's why.
I was playing a casual round at Timmons Park in Greenville, SC. The first hole is about 220 feet at an angle up a hill. I threw a thumber that hit right under the basket and stood up. It walked around the basket for a couple of seconds, then ran down the hill toward a creek at the base of the hill. It got to the bottom and ran out a sewer pipe that crosses the creek and laid down on a concrete support for the pipe.
Well this is disc golf related..
once while at home i rolled a disc along the edge of a barn, and a raccoon came out of a hole in the wall and grabbed the disc and took it inside, never to be seen again.
Imagine a hole about 225-250, uphill a little, say rise of 15'-20'. Lots of trees in front of the tee to allow for narrow routes to the left, right or center. The basket is dead center in front of you at the top of the hill. I say to myself, "self, I've played this hole a lot of times and I'm bored of the 'up-the-middle' AND I am working out the kinks in my forehand shots." So I decide to throw a forehand through the left gap to swing left to right at the basket. Bordering the fairway on the left is a chain link fence of the 4' variety. On this fence, about 175' away was this plump little robin. Needless to say I threw one of the ugliest forearm shots of my life. My shot went too far to the left and not nearly as high as intended. My flop of a giant forearm hyser turned into a line-drive bullet that was just high enough to clear the top bar of the fence and yup, you guessed it, that plump little robin did not jump fast enough to dodge the 65+ mph bevel edged piece of plastic. The feathers flew and I prayed that it was a grackle or cowbird or some other unwanted nuisance. I was disappointed to find one plump little robin lying dead on the ground. :(
My friend and I were playing Ript Revenge, and it was coming down to the wire. there were 5 holes left and we were tied. We usually play real close so the only way to score is to make the other person mess up. My friend drives first and parks it for an easy deuce. He then pulls out a card to make me throw with my off hand, which I shank. I landed up on top of a hill to the right, about 250' out from the pin. I knew he would be getting a point on this basket unless I made it so I went for it with a jump put. It felt like in was in the air forever, and then finally crashed into the chains and stuck!! It was one of the coolest shots I can remember ever having.
mine is my buddy dans deuce on hole 14 at lincoln park in massillon ohio anyone who has played this course should appreciate this, hole 14 is a par five, wish i could remember exactly the length but it is around 500 feet, its a uphill shot with a gully about halfway and a butload of trees pretty much starting 100 feet out from the teepad and continuing all the way up the hill and surrounding the basket, dan side-armed a monstrous drive that made it thru all the trees and to the other side of the gully and putted in a 200 foot shot for the duece, if i was not there to witness it i would have not believed it, would love to hear if anyone else has deuced this hole or knows someone who did ?


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