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Well if you are like me, you thought to yourself (when faced with the choice to renew PDGA membership) I'm opting in......

Well now that I did, and I have got two issues of flying disc magazine, I'm not all that impressed with the outcome.

Many members that I am aware of have the following problems:

- Magazine was badly damaged when delivered
- Magazine was a month late
- Magazine was two months late
- Magazine never arrived
- Certain content of magazine is offensive to the sport and to the players of disc golf
- FDM does not reply to emails
- PDGA members don't feel totally comfortable with leaving the magazine at Park Depatments, Schools etc... to introduce the sport...

There are more than likely other issues as well.... So lets here what you have to say about the new face of the PDGA FDM......

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I'm not happy with the process by which the magazine got re-bid. A lot of the things that a handful of people complained about, concerning the previous agreement with Disc Golf World, just weren't addressed - even though those were the reasons most cited for the change. I am very definitely not happy with the magazine's intent to cover all disc sports. But that wasn't my decision and I do not critique it based on that. It is what it is.

I'm going to give the magazine at least a year to adapt before I decide whether I like it as the "face of disc golf," though. It's a very difficult task to produce something like that, and the DGW that we all knew a year ago took a while to evolve to that point.

Please remember, also, that FDM has a presence in this network, and even though we can criticize, it should be "friendly" criticism. I have, in the past, heard stated as a complaint about DGW, every single bullet point listed above (although I often disagreed).
Any publication is difficult.
(Coming from an experienced Graphic Designer).
It is not just the look, but the content.
There are a small amount of people, trying to produce a high end glossy finished product.

I for one would rather see all that money spent on the full color printing and paper costs go to a lower budget printed outcome. Maybe on newsprint in black & white ink. Spend the PDGA's money on getting writers involved. The old saying "a book by its cover is true."

The PDGA is NOT a finished product yet, why should all the money be spent on printing?
Great photos with great articles would be more impressive.
With less money spent on printing then possibly more issues would also be available.

You can make anything look good with good design!
Just my opinion. Writers, writers, writers....
Hey, I'm a BIG fan of writers. Let's get those blog posts going!
How do we put out a bid for writers? Hosfeld? Who else? Look at the post for who does what for a living....
I write for a living, among other things, but I don't know how we can afford to pay the folks who write about disc golf what they should get paid. I wrote a weekly column for four years about IT and higher education and made enough money for each hour I spent at it to pay my PDGA dues for a year several times over. Right now, disc golf writers work for nothing. It's the bane of this sport, as well as its beauty, that there's no money in it.
Hence, "there is no money in it."
Where is the incentive? Do you know how much high gloss, full color printing is of a single issue? How many do they print? "Did graphics for years and ran a web press."
Hint: lots.

As soon as disc golf gets out of the 'charity' business, PDGA Tournaments and so
on run for free, then the money will flow.

When you spend nothing on something, what do you expect?
I havent got a issue in a couple of months other than that it isnt bad but i'm not sure if i'm going to get it next renewal
I just signed up for the PDGA and bought the magazine. After seeing this board I already feel I have made a mistake....
If FDM is a presence on this network, I wish they would step up and make some coments here. I searched this site for information on FDM and found basically zip, nada, nothing! The point of this discussion in my mind was to spur some action on all sides of the fence. The members who have reviewed the publication, and/or had issues or praises should step up and post them and make them known.

The editors of FDM could also shed some light on what is going on with customer service? Are they too busy playing disc golf to comment or answer emails? Where are they? Why are the magazine issues so late in arriving in the mail? Why did the magazine get produced contrary to what was in the proposal etc... Maybe there are very good reasons. But at this point to my knowledge no attempt to explain the situation or console the readers has been made by FDM......
Back when I was a PDGA dues payer it was the "Disc Golfer" magazine. Not much to it, black ink on white paper with some photos. I liked the tournament results in the back along with listings by regions of the points leaders. And there was the "Disc Golf World News" publication that had some glossy color photos which was cool. Then, I think it was the "Disc Golf Journal" came out and it was done in newsprint. The Journal had the area to print large photos which was cool and seemed to have more room for content. Overall, one publication could not cover all aspects of the sport and it was nice that there were some options.

Today there are even more options for a reader, this site for example (thanks Terry) but now the options are online which is where, IMO, the magazine should reside.
I agree that having some kind of current information would be helpful. But the website is very limited in content. But we need something we can promote disc golf with that does not require electricity or a computer presentation. FDM is now the "Oficial Disc Golf Magazine" and myself, and I hope others, want to have current, up to date publications that actually make a difference. We want to open the mag and read about an event that has not already been officially posted on the PDGA tour site..... The FDM site is lacking IMO. Take a look at their site:


The putting clinic is a good item, but the rest of the site is limited in the fact that their is no forum or very recent news.

I was just reading a thread on the PDGA DISCussion board and Scott Papa offered to help someone who has been trying to reach FDM with the puplication of an article! Thank you Scott!
In general I like FDM. I have not been offended by any content and have enjoyed the coverage of other disc sports I'm not familiar with.

FDM was prompt when I emailed them about not getting issue 2. They checked their records and sent me the missing issue.

I also really like the glossy finished look of the magazine. The pictures are better in full color and professional photography of top players glamourizes disc golf in the good way.

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