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Well if you are like me, you thought to yourself (when faced with the choice to renew PDGA membership) I'm opting in......

Well now that I did, and I have got two issues of flying disc magazine, I'm not all that impressed with the outcome.

Many members that I am aware of have the following problems:

- Magazine was badly damaged when delivered
- Magazine was a month late
- Magazine was two months late
- Magazine never arrived
- Certain content of magazine is offensive to the sport and to the players of disc golf
- FDM does not reply to emails
- PDGA members don't feel totally comfortable with leaving the magazine at Park Depatments, Schools etc... to introduce the sport...

There are more than likely other issues as well.... So lets here what you have to say about the new face of the PDGA FDM......

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I've worked for a magazine for 25+ years so here's what I think.

Damaged magazines are unfortunate, but you can't blame the publisher. Ask for a replacement, I'm sure they will be happy to send you one.
Late magazines might be the fault of the printer or the distributor/circulation. Not good, but it happens.
Who knows why your magazine didn't arrive ... ask nice and you shall receive.
What content is offensive? I don't know what the heck your talking about. Welcome to America!
What did you write in your email? I've known plenty of publishers/editors that would not reply to email.
A few PDGA members you know, or the whole PDGA membership? Sorry, I must have missed your poll.

Making a magazine that everyone likes, and getting it to them in one piece is challenging ... give them SOME credit.

For the cost of 2-3 gallons of gas, I'm not complaining about FDM. I find it entertaining and fun to look at and read.

BTW. I don't know who pays for printing, or where the money comes from to make FDM. It would be interesting to read more about this. Is it posted somewhere on the PDGA site? Do they post financial information about ad revenue on the PDGA site? Do advertisers pay to be in the mag? What portion does the PDGA pay for?
Making a "good" website can be expensive ... who pays for that? For $10 a year ... I don't expect that much.
John, the offensive content is basically from personal point of view and is IMO in some of the articles.
If the PDGA magazine is to be representative of the collective (active) members than it has to be family friendly.

If it is to be a "radical" expose, than maybe it should survive on its own merits, and own survival skills of the FREE Market. Selling subscriptions and ad space, surviving on its own.
Did I say "survive" too much. Maybe on purpose.

How about no magazine, by the PDGA.

When "Disc Golf World News" was around it had a "FREE" market competitor in "Disc Golf Journal" for a while. Disc Player advertised in both of them. It wasn't until "Disc Golf Journal" ceased to exist, did "DGWN" start with color. Point being would a "Disc Golf" magazine survive on its own?

When working at an advertising agency, "print" was always back up to television and radio.
Take the money and put it to small TV spots on local PBS stations...
For five thousand you can get late night spots.
The cost of television productions has come way down in the past few years.
John, Have you read all the magazines cover to cover? This may be America, but that doesn't mean that we have to settle for articles that are about disc golfers using illegal substances in the airplane lavatory. Nor should we have to read about how lame disc golfers and ultimate players are compared to disc doggers and how dumb the names of plastic are. For me, some articles just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Still, I myself for the most part found FDM entertaining, fun and informative. Even the articles I am referring to are in many ways fun. Although the editing and intent seem derogatory. Lots of potential.

As much fun as this baby is, if it comes in the mail and my wife picks it up and starts reading, then removes my son's copy from his room, or the next time I am planning a disc golf trip with my son, and she brings up some of the questionalbe stuff she read/viewed in the publication and asks me if I think should be part of an organization that supports drug use, it becomes a problem. This has already happened. So for me it is personal. The PDGA logo is on the cover and I am a member.

So, I guess it is a question of morality vs. the new anything goes, hey this is America, shut up and take it mentality. Thats a big part of whats wrong with our country. I personally want the official publication of the PDGA to be presentable to ANYONE, not just the 20 something party type, foul mouthed crowd.

So call me old-fashioned, but I believe in sticking up for what I think is right. I think this magazine needs a little cleaning up and discretion in the choice of articles. I want my family to be able to show off the official publication and not have to explain anything.

I mean what are we trying to accomplish here, de-sensitizing the general public to the idea that drugs are ok to disc golfers? What is next, an article on the periphenelia that golfers own with pics and everything?

So it may seem that I am over-reacting. But in all honesty, I am standing up for the organization I joined and the publication that to me is the face of the PDGA.
Hey everyone. Thanks for voicing your ideas, compliments, concerns and complaints. While I have not been involved with the boards I do try to read all of the traffic that I can find to see what everyone is thinking about the mag.

I can certainly understand many of your concerns. I am sorry that I may not have any answers for you as I am really only the instructional editor-type-guy. I know that on my end I am trying to bring the best instruction for all levels of golfers and still try to keep it entertaining enough to read. I would love to hear some comments or concerns about the content on that end to try and keep putting out better and better material.

As for the overall content of the mag, that is beyond me so the best I can do is to make sure that the folks at the top of the food chain are hearing all of your input, both good and bad. Just on this thread you can see how the opinions vary from person to person.

I will say that the idea was not to have just a "disc golf only" magazine but a true "disc" magazine. With that thought, sometimes writers from different backgrounds of disc may find the other discer odd and even write about it. I know from being a long time skater, I always thought street riding was silly at best and was done by people that couldn't "man-up" and ride vert. It was portrayed that way in the mags all the time and everyone treated it as natural fun. I think we need to have fun with it too!

So thanks to Senior for telling me to pop in over here and I hope that we continue to get closer and closer to making most of you disc throwing fanatics out there happy to get the mag.

Scott Papa
Team Discraft
Instructional Editor Flying Disc Magazine
Regarding the writers:
Submit your own articles!

The very first page of the magazine states "Flying Disc Magazine gladly welcomes unsolicited articles, manuscripts, photographs, illustrations, and other material..."

I'm a high school English teacher with all summer to play disc. I've already thought about writing an article about our efforts to get a course installed in the city of Davison, MI.

Everything in that magazine can be reproduced on a computer screen, and therefore also sent via email etc. You can get material from all over without leaving your desk if you did it right.

Anyway. I am a bit miffed that I don't have the 2nd edition yet (when the hell did that go out??!!)
Also, sometimes the tone of the articles is a bit contrived. As if they're trying a bit to hard to be edgy.
I have not seen the magazine and cant find any content in the FDM page online. An embedded youtube video that would take me about 6-7 hours to download on my dialup was the focal point. Since dialup represents over 10 percent of the disc golfers on my page I try to accomadate them as well as the highspeed. Not much going on there other than that. Since I am not a paying customer you dont have to care about my dial-up connection but im fairly certain Im not the only one.

Upon clicking the preview link for the magazine I stared at the loading sequence for almost ten minutes, only to find a useless preview of what kind of content will be in the mag. No actual content to look at and nothing to prove the ability to write,edit or publish an article. The web page is all I have to go by, my opinion is based upon such and doesnt reflect the actual contents of the magazine. If you want content keep surfing Terry's page because you wont find it online from FDM at this time.

Note for John McMullen: Yes the PDGA's budget is available in pdf format online at http://pdga.com/org/index.php in the financial area
Go to this pdf link:
Look under magazine, 130K estimated for 2008 budget
With 32k per fiscal quarter.
i agree i also found the disc doggier thing annoying and some other things annoying but i just ignored it
I would argue that the process was very flawed. It seems to me that unrealistic goals and expectations were set and promised without an examination of what was really possible in the environment that exists for this magazine.

Good intentions are not enough. There were a number of experienced voices that commented on the issue and the reality of the situation, that pointed out that the expectations were unrealistic. In the name of anti-good ole boyism we made a decision. Perhaps we should have thought carefully about what those good ole boys were telling us?

I'm going to make some predictions:

1) FDM will survive
2) FDM will get better
3) #2 will only happen after they scale back to a quarterly
4) #2 will only happen after they go back to their core mission (big business in a microcosm, companies diversify, realize they are trying to do to much, and then come back to their core expertise).
5) #2 will only happen after a learning curve. As Terry pointed out, it took DGWN some time to learn.
6) #2 will only happen when the cost structure of the process is similar to what that of DGWN was. Anyone who thinks Rick was getting rich or taking advantage is foolin' themselves. Rick charged what he needed to make the magazine work. For FDM to work, they will have to charge the same unless the advertising picture changes significantly (always a possibility).

I wish this magazine the best, but I am not getting it until it comes back to it's core and grows up. I'm a disc golfer, not a dog golfer. And I like my writing adult, if I want teenage boyism, I'll go down and listen to the high-schoolers at Starbucks.
Senior wrote "Have you read all the magazines cover to cover? This may be America, but that doesn't mean that we have to settle for articles that are about disc golfers using illegal substances in the airplane lavatory." I know you don't like it and I'm sure your not the only one who doesn't, but that is undoubtedly a part of this sport and culture. The problem is that everyone will sooner or later be offended by something. There is no way not to in the modern world. So rather than being offended just "chalk It up" as this is something that was and still is a part of the sport and culture. It is also a part of many other big name sports, football, baseball, golf, Extreme sports, etc. It will always be here!!! There will never be a world without it so why sweat it? Besides I would much rather see someone doing that then getting totally trashed drunk and driving home. Never heard of anyone using that stuff killing someone on there way home! I understand your view that people feel bad about giving them to parks dept. but what are you going to do. No matter how you cut it these people are journalist and they will always put the bad before the good. Or at least thats the way it usually goes.

Now about Scott Papa's response...........
Scott I love the instructional pages!!!! They are much better than DGWN. Keep pumping out the knowledge to all of us. We greatly appreciate it. On a lighter note I've always wondered about your hair...........From one skater to another, I kinda thought it had to be a skater thing! I like you even more now knowing I wasn't the only idiot playing Disc Golf who loved putting there body through hell. Tell all the rest of the instructors to keep up the good work!!!!
Russell Gore # 26401
Russell, thanks for understanding, but I still think there needs to be some better judgement put into what gets printed. Simply saying, "just chalk it up" does not help us when it comes to promoting the sport. Cerain things may be a part of our sports culture, but IMO you don't want to go around promoting the illegal parts of that culture. It is not good for business.

Would you want players openly partaking of illeagal substances, and getting drunk in front of a bunch of children at a sanctioned event, just becuase they need to " Chalk it up"

I honestly don't think so. Thats why we have rules for DQ at santioned events. This is a family sport and not some stoner sub-culture. No matter how much a publisher tries to push that image I will fight it for the betterment of the PDGA and it's movement into the main stream. I'm sure there are troubles in all pro sports but they don't go around advertising it.

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