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Well if you are like me, you thought to yourself (when faced with the choice to renew PDGA membership) I'm opting in......

Well now that I did, and I have got two issues of flying disc magazine, I'm not all that impressed with the outcome.

Many members that I am aware of have the following problems:

- Magazine was badly damaged when delivered
- Magazine was a month late
- Magazine was two months late
- Magazine never arrived
- Certain content of magazine is offensive to the sport and to the players of disc golf
- FDM does not reply to emails
- PDGA members don't feel totally comfortable with leaving the magazine at Park Depatments, Schools etc... to introduce the sport...

There are more than likely other issues as well.... So lets here what you have to say about the new face of the PDGA FDM......

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Yes I have heard of someone getting stoned and killing someone on the way home. That said, that shouldn't be our measure of success. What possible value does that discussion bring to our sport? Other than the a high schooler going "is this sport cool or what, they write about toking out in airplanes" I don't see any. Did it improve my game? Did it tell me what is going on at tournaments? Did it tell me who is up and coming? Did it show me some great shots of excellent drives or putts? None of the above. Yes, as Senior pointed out there is some inherent entertainment value. I can go to high times and get the same thing and in much more detail. I can watch any one of a dozen comics and get funnier commentary on drug use. Heck, Up In Smoke is one of the best B movies ever made. Even a frank discussion of the issue, how it impacts our sport, whether we should accept the culture, and whether it could be turned to our best benefit would be better than what was presented.

Most importantly, we've worked hard over the bast 10 years to separate ourselves from this image. We have rules in place to specifically address this issue, why would we want to reverse that effort and embrace an image which can do nothing but turn parents off and legitimate players away from competitive play? Is there anyone out there that believes the top players got there by getting high or drunk for that matter?
Quite frankly, I was a bit surprised that the well known people who were quoted in the flying high over America article agreed to be part of it. Albeit the Storks comments were a bit benign. Sort of the I didn't inhale Clinton-eske excuse. Still it makes me wonder what these people are ultimately reaching for. Kind of "what were you thinking?" Or did you think at all?
I may be wrong on all or some of this but...
FDM is not in business for the sole purpose of selling magazines to PDGA members, they are a magazine that is about all disc sports, hence the "flying disc" name and not "disc golf" something or other. The PDGA is paying them that money in order to get a reduced rate per magazine to use as a member benefit and perhaps get some marketing and promotion along the way, they also get the last 10-20 pages for strictly pdga related information, this is partly due to federal rules regarding non-profits type companies to not only be overseen by a Board of Directors, but to also publish communications to their members in a semi-regular fashion. So, FDM keeps all advertising revenue and has a guranteed subscription base as they also try to get their publication onto newstands and more out into the general public's eye. That is I assume how some of the questionable content comes into play, as they try to appeal to a mass audience, they aren't a business or trade journal they are trying to be a hip informative magazine that all disc sports players and others would pick up and read. Compare them to Maxim, FHM, Cosmo, Us Weekly, the nightly local news, Rolling Stone, etc. and you'll likelly find they aren't as bad as you are trying to make them sound. I've enjoyed perousing the issues so far, and have given them the same attention I do to all magazines; I read them once then either throw away or put into a storage bin.
If you realize what FDM is and isn't, then I believe you'd find your opinions to become favorable.

In the meantime, you can stay informed WEEKLY of most Disc Golf related news and results with PDGA RADIO at www.PDGARADIO.com it's available for instant listening, or save it for later, also available as a podcast on I-Tunes and most other podcasting sites.
they dont tell you that its bi-monthly, so you only get 6 issues how deceiving also I did not get the first issue. I states a yearly subscription not 6 months.
In response to anyone saying it is okay for FDM to say and do whatever necessary to get readership is the wrong approach.
Disc Golf & Disc sports in general are not all about a "Gentlemen's Club Atmosphere."
If that were the case:
Do "Poker Players Disc Golf Tour"
"How To Roll One (burn one)"
"Disc Golf Girls Gone Wild"
"What do you do with your used beer cans?"
"How many beers and smoke can you do in 18 holes?"
"In Honor of George Carlin, how many dirty words can you say in front of children."
"How many fights have you started on the course during a round?"

The magazine should not be a shock jock, Jerry Springer, type trash novel.
Don't make it boring and gentle, there are different ways to make it exciting...
High end photography of "killer holes."
Sure there are plenty to choose from.
What would be your "dream course."
Use creativity. Offensive does not sell.
I enjoyed FDM so far. I keep in mind this is a new venture with only 2 issues to date and as such the tone of this discussion should be directed in a more constructive area eg: how can this magazine improve for all of it's readers. I have to believe starting a magazine can consume people.....give them a little credit.
As an avid reader I rarely agree with everything I read be it a newspaper, mag or book....especially suspect are internet discussions as anybody can say anything with few repercussions for invalid comments.....did I just invalidate myself?

I do miss Hosfeld's articles but he is pretty accessable and a 1/2 hour phone call usually fills me in on what is going on in that active brain.

I am a father and I spend a lot of time with one or more of my kids on various disc golf courses. We enjoy tournaments more than casual local play partially because of the good rules that keep behavior consistent at tournaments. When the 'old image' of disc golf occasionally rears it's head at local venues I try to turn it into a learning experience as all kids will be exposed to that part of life without an adult around sooner or later. ....it is what it is....

I enjoyed PDGA Radio Steve K's comments below....anybody else want to jump in on the positive side???

I beleive most of my previous comments have done what you are asking for. I have not failed to point out that this publication has much potential and that I enjoy reading it. For the most part FDM is trying to produce a quality product. The instructional info is awesome!

I am also a father and have been taking my son with me to the course and on tour since he was 8 years old. He is 17 now. I have always felt that you can't hide your children from the world and they ultimately have to make their own descisions about right vs. wrong. I have never kept him from participating even though I knew for sure he would be exposed to many forms of behavior.

I as well have taken the opportunities to teach when the situations arise, and in my opinion, my son has become a very honorable, trustworthy, and level headed young man because of this and some other very important reasons like home and family life.

Disc golf has become a part of his life by his own choice and he has learned the game, and the role of TD from his peers. I hope he continues to excell and become a positive influence for disc golf as he transition into adulthood.

But regardless of all that, I believe we as a collective membership need to stand up for what is good for the continued growth of our sport. I'll grant that FDM is in it's infancy, and that DGW also had similar problems as Terry pointed out. No one is perfect. But if don't voice our opinions early on, things will continue down a road that I myself hope we don't go down. I want to feel comfortable about how the public will associate the PDGA with the magazine.

If FDM wants to be a teen style, trashy expose type puplication, I think they should not be our official magazine. If FDM is going to benefit from our subscriptions, they should have to be more professional, not use boderline launguage and weird inuendos, not reference the use of illegal substances by our professionals, etc... No matter how slight or fun it is done.. I just think it is a definate Don't!

I kind of feel like we have been set up, and that the PDGA/RFP process and info posted at the PDGA site, led me to believe we could expect a timely delivery, and very professional publication. In my opinion, this expectation has not been met.

Here is the announcement made by the PDGA: take a look for yourself....

I enjoy the magazine a lot. It's definitely worth the couple extra bucks it costs on a membership.
I recommend direct contact with the magazine. Voice your input privately as well as publicly...
Crazy stuff ...

Nice post Steve K!
Lyle, you asked "What possible value does that discussion bring to our sport?" It does not bring any value to the sport. However you are missing the point, along with the half who believes what you do. This is exactly what a journalist wants from you, a negative reaction. This is the reason why we have 24 hour a day news. It's all about getting under peoples skin these days. No amount of whining will ever change this. This is the United States of America and we DO have the right of free speech and freedom of press and religion. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if everyone were tolerant of others decisions? I would bet that everyone would get along just fine. So getting mad about something that a journalist puts in a magazine is not going to ever make it stop or go away. You can't just hide the fact that it exist and is everywhere. Someone sooner or later will admit to doing it. It might be someone famous or it might just be that guy at the local course. Point is it will come up in conversation one way or another. So the more you sit on here and throw a fit the more the guy at FDM wants to print an article specifically calling us all out as drug users. Now, one sentence in an article is not reason to start an entire discussion. However that is what has happened all because you couldn't just leave it be. This is what journalists want!!!!!!!!! They love it when one sentence leads to weeks of discussion. Just leave it be and teach your kids that "DRUGS ARE BAD" "UMMMMKAY" Although remember that not telling your kids about this stuff will most likely lead to them trying stuff. Don't ever hide anything from your children they will resent you for it.
As far as the PDGA being looked at as an affiliate, I'm pretty sure that any right minded person who reads that will know that they are not. Especially when they see the HOT chick in the bikini. We all know that the PDGA could not and would not be that stupid. That would flat out ruin there relationship with the womens side of the sport. So just use some comman sense and realize that this magazine is just that a magazine!!!!!!! Not the backbone of the PDGA!!!!!!!!!
Nice post Russell,

The notion that FDM is trying to promote itself by getting a rise or writing in such a way as to get a rise is amusing. Rather, I'm guessing they are going for a younger demographic, one who thinks hot chick pictures and articles about smoking are the height of cool. Having been a high schooler and having appreciated hot chick pictures and discussions on toking, I think I can say that you will attract that crowd with those types of discussions and articles. Is that the future of our sport? If you will take a look at our age demographic as it stands, we are dominated by middle aged men with a large group of younger men. Well, they are hitting a part of our demographic for sure.

The purpose of the magazine isn't to attract a younger demographic, I'd guess we're already doing that based on our current demographic. It is supported by the PDGA in part to promote the sport. While their approach might entertain that younger demographic and even a few older players, I have to wonder what the over all affect will be? Are they really promoting the sport? Not by the PDGA's standard which holds partaking at events as a banning activity. Now, if they want to go it on their own, great! I support that, but as long as they are getting remuneration from the PDGA, they should consider playing by the PDGA's rules.

An ability to get shocking imagery and discussions on any topic I might be interested in is only a click away. As you pointed out, our culture is saturated with news and other equally uninformative trash. I don't read a magazine about disc golf to get information on who partakes, I can go down to the local course to see that, I read it to get information about the sport. That information should be well presented and written in an entertaining fashion, but if the only we we can make it interesting is to place it in the context of hot chicks and smoking, I'm guessing their writers need to brush up their skills some.

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