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Do we have a reason to be ashamed of who we are? Should we try to present ourselves as something we are not?

These questions are central to issues like the Collared Shirt Rule for major tournaments or the way that the new disc magazine (FDM) portrays the sport. It seems to me that we cannot disguise who we are and trying to do so will not work. Beyond that, why should we try?

Go to a disc golf course and watch who shows up. Most of those you see will be young, blue collar and counter-culture (let's call that Y, BC, CC). If a park or a potential sponsor or a player cannot embrace (or at least tolerate) Y, BC,CC then they will not like the sport of disc golf. Go to a disc golf tournament and watch who shows up. Mostly the same group. Somewhat older and more dedicated but still BC and CC.

We are not like ball golfers. We are not as wealthy or as conservative as they are. Nor will we be for the foreseeable future. We would look foolish trying to pass ourselves off as something we are not. And our foolish attempt would be immediately transparent to all involved. Hippies in collared shirts are still hippies. So too are Y, BC, CC in collared shirts.

If Flying Disc Magazine were to homogenize itself to the point where it hides the true character of our sport, it does us no favors with parks or sponsors. Sorry but that scam is going nowhere.

So why should we be ashamed of what we are? Some of us find the Frisbee Family to be pretty darn charming and lovable. Since joining the Frisbee Family is purely voluntary, anyone whose ego needs a status bump will go down the road to the country club.

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I tye dyed a white dress shirt to play in a collar required round at a big tourney.
Always Smile for the Camera or Video person. Never know where or when your photo may show up .
I have seen some Pro Jerseys that are sleeveless.
I think you are trying way too hard to separate disc golfers from the rest of the world. You get people thinking about stereotypes then suddenly there's a panic and protests break out. Quit typing everything you think about.
Sure. The women's versions are made that way...
I remember seeing Tiger wearing a shirt that had one over sized sleeve designed for fluid unrestricted movement threw the swing....It was a few years back. I figured it would be a matter of time before we seen something like that over on our side. I don't think the look was a hit though....It was rather strange looking.
Ode to the "puffy" shirt...
I agree with you entirely. We are new to the sport and I like to take my 6, 7 and 13 year old sons with me to learn this new sport. I also have my 2 year old daughter with us in my modified car seat jogger. We started playing because it was a good workout with walking, teaches patience and has a very low cost of entry. I have been scuba diving since 1985, snow skiing since 1977 and really am upset at myself for not starting this sport sooner.

I am normally white collar, but with unemployment I guess I am now no collar.

We decided to try La Mirada, So Cal yesterday, July 3rd and the course was packed. However, at no time were we rushed along or made to feel anything but welcomed. The players on the course were very helpful in helping us find baskets and as I told them to go ahead of us, many asked if I was sure or said they could wait. Great group of people on the course yesterday, my kids were in awe watching some of the throws the veterans were making. I have already had my 13 year old sons driver disc returned twice as he likes to leave it on the ground when making a putt.

Don't change anything, the players I saw were mostly wearing old tshirts and shorts with big smiles and lots of laughs. It was very refreshing after watching any youth baseball or football games. I didn't see any crying by a losing team or hear any yelling from an over zealous parent that thinks their child will get an athletic scholarship.
Is the Buzz Spectra color??? ;)
in central iowa there is a classic rock radio station that runs a commercial on a regular basis that goes something like this,"it's day dreams, for the biggest selection of golf discs, rolling papers, incense and now frank zappa tee-shirts"

so i guess this image of disc golf won't be shed in my lifetime, thats okay i play for the exercise and relaxation. by the way this store is located in des moines which is a hotbed for disc golf.
You bring a good point up, Why should we try to look like a group of people that we are not. This great sport has nothing to do with the collar on your shirt. I'm the typical looking hippie (long hair peace, love the whole nine yards) even in a collared shirt i'm still going to look like a hippie, ok maybe a fancy hippie but a hippie none the less, and i'm not alone in this. If Flying Disc is the magazine for the disc golfer then maybe it should show golfers out playing, show the group of buddies out playing around with a 12 pack of bud razzing each other all the way, show more of the thing that make this sport so much fun. One of the greatest things i have noticed about Disc Golf is that it accepts everyone, no matter physical condition, athleticism, or composure, we take everyone. You golfers out there it is a pleasure to know all of you don't ever change.
Hey Mark,

Your original questions are now a year passed and still generating responses. Good questions. I would like to address both questions.

Do we have a reason to be ashamed of who we are? Maybe, maybe not.
Should we try to present ourselves as something we are not? This is easy for me. No.

Who are we? This is a good question, I think. An easier question for me would be, who were we? We originally were mostly young male, pot smoking, hippie wanna bes. A lot of tie dye,counterculture and dope. There were also a minority of others who liked disc golf for itself, outside of the counterculture thing. That was me. I played disc golf like a sport, not a fun counterculture activity. I had no problem with the majority personally, but I did have a problem with the illegality of pot. I have a problem with anything that might involve police.

We are much different now as we are a much wider selection of America. I believe we appeal to just about every socioeconomic demographic not only in our country, but pretty much over the entire planet. Disc golf is in Alaska, and the South Pole. It is only a matter of time, in my opinion, before disc golf is everywhere.

Pot is the reason for the embarrassment/shame if there is any reason. Not because I think smoking pot is evil or bad, but simply because it is illegal. Randolph Hearst et al started the prohibition around 1939 and it has yet to be repealed. Until is it repealed, (and I personally believe it should be), it is illegal and a source of potential embarrassment and possible censure for us. This censure can result in courses not going in, courses being pulled, or sponsors not willing to sponsor a "stoner" sport.

Along with littering, loud cursing, vandalism, open pot smoking (however temporal vis a vis prohibition) is inconsiderate to the particular course it is done on, if not the sport.

On the other hand, despite this reputation as a stoner sport, we are doing quite well. It is not keeping us from growing. It might be be keeping us from being considered a "real sport".

As far as the disc golf uniform goes; I am not a fan of the hippy style or the collar. I would love to see something made uniquely for disc golf. The wicking stuff is a good start. Something identifiable as a "disc golf shirt" would be cool. Maybe disc golf shorts. Maybe hats. Maybe shoes. If disc golf could start a fashion trend, that would be huge mongous. Then I won't have to wear a collared shirt.

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