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Need help. I cant seem to find a good release point. I have always extended my arm to the target and then flicked the disc.

All of my drives do one of two things

If i throw an anhyzer, it just holds its angle forever and goes about 300 ft to the left side of the field. My Hyzer hold there angle and do the opposite.

If I want to hit a fairway I have to either throw an anhyzer really high to give it room to flex, or I have to aim 30 yards to the left or right and work it back towards the fairway.
All I want to do is throw a relatively strait shot that falls a lil bit to the right. If i release the disc somewhat flat it quickly turns over and either dives into the ground or I have the anhyzer problem.

Why can we all just throw like Mark Ellis?.... sigh

I think its a path/release point issue, can anyone shed some light and there opinions. I have only found two types of instruction that i deem credible, mark ellis' video and Dave Dunipace's driving chart. Dave says that the arm, body, and hand come to an abrubt stop, while mark has a long follow through across his body.

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I also worry that i might be trying to throw too low? I need some technical advice, so please chime in and help a fellow disc golfer in need
who is Dave Dunipace by the way?
donnie, heres something you might want to try for a sidearm fairway shot, in reading your post i get the impression your not new to the game and have basic sidearm throwing techniche, so heres a few tips for a sidearm fairway shot that if you have experience you might understand and will hopefully make sense to you, what i do for a sidearm fairway shot is use a understable disc like a vaulkery, beast or even a sidewinder, yeh i know what your thinking a sidewinder !! if you throw understable discs like vaulks and beasts completely flat or even angle the edge or nose down slightly it will go pretty strait when flicked properly, on a calm day i will throw a champion 175 gram sidewinder and tilt the edge down like i would be throwing a heiser shot and being understable when that thing rips out of my fingers it does a awesome fairly tight but loooooong s turn flight which is hard to get with a sidearm throw, now that being said i will be the first to admitt the consistancy of this shot is mixed some days i can crush it aprx. 400 feet this way, but some days it just turns left on me, but when its right man it puts some D on it !! but the best overall disc to throw straight sidearm with consistancy in my opinion is the beast, try a mid 160 to 169 gram beast and throw it real flat or level and keep it low or even with the ground and they will go dead nuts strait for you, keep in mind using lighter weight discs though in any model disc will tend to fly straighter than a heavier version, and one other tip that you might already know is to keep your elbow in close to your side and when you are doing your runnup or walkup as you bring your arm back and wind up to throw, angle the back of the disc up slightly as you start your pull threw then as your pulling threw snap it down level and and finish pulling threw level, that little tail lift at the beginning of your pullthrew verses just holding the disc flat on the pullthrew will give you considerable extra added snap and distance to your throw, since i added the tail lift to my sidearm throw ive added probably close to a 100 feet to my throw, and agreed mark ellis is my sidarm hero as well. hope this helps - dc - ( discfunctional chris )
That is a good post thanks.

I have done that before (hyzer flip) and I know about the on and off days... haha. I will keep working on it I guess. When I started the disc would come out level float then fall to the right. I have been playing about a year so now I notice a big difference. I wonder if its just me getting better and not adjusting to putting more snap on the disc?

All of my plastic is in the 170 range... maybe i need to regress a bit.

Anyone out there who thinks you can throw to hard?
thought this topic would get more attention.
Thanks DC I think its going to help my game alot.
wow, so no sidearm chit chat.

Guess we will have to wait for Mark to get online.
Donnie, the key to thowing side arms is getting spin (snap) on the disc; ie, use less of an arm motion. If you have a problem with your disc turning over, throw some thing more stable. When I was having a hard time with my disc skipping, I started to throw Valkries. I would just let go with a little hyzer and try to spin the disc to where it stands up flat and it just goes str8. I noticed that there are a lot of side armers and everyone throws differently, from having elbows in to having their arms str8 like a sling. My advice is just go out to a field and try different disc and releasing them at different angles. What are you throwing right now?
Release point? On a sidearm you are facing the basket so it should be easy to throw down the center of a tunnel. The release point is just like throwing a baseball sidearm. Now finishing the shot is typically the tricky part. Finishing only requires a few thousand hours of practice... or skill. I chose practice since I have no skill.

But evidently you are shanking way left or right. (BTW if you can shank 300 feet left of the fairway you have some serious power). If I could see what you are doing we could probably fix easily. It is a tough diagnosis over the internet. But start by trying to throw flat and straight with a medium stable driver. At first all you want to do is have your disc go down the center of the fairway-don't worry about the finish. If you can't go down the center then adjust until you can. If adjustments aren't working then you need to have someone watch what you are doing suggest changes. Or video yourself and post it here. You can get lots of folks to confirm that you suck and maybe some good suggestions.

Really the key to developing shots is learning how to throw your various discs flat and straight. From there make minor adjustments until the disc does what you want.

There is no single way to throw a shot correctly. So try the Dunipace method. If that doesn't work invent your own.
I have one question.

How high do you throw it?

I just played with a man and his wife (both pros, man said he just went to the japan open, wife won the worlds) and i got dominated. Now they are pros and have been playing for a long time, so i understand to compare the two is ridiculous, but i got demolished. But i noticed something...

They threw very high, Very HIGH. I have always tried to throw at head level. Like Marks shots on his video, am i wrong in this? And neither threw very strait, they threw some big hyzers, i wonder if I have the wrong idea on how to play?
People who throw super far and super accurate change how high and what shots they make depending on the circumstance. If they threw really high I am willing to bet they found some great hyzer bomb that fit their abilities and needs to get to the basket. I am keeping it simple like you. Short, straight and (hopefully) down the middle. Flat and straight. Flat and straight. Flat and straight... the words of a wise one POUNDING through my head as if they NAILED it into it.
:) Happy Discing.
I threw it short a straight and it was obvious if i ever want to get better i have to explore other options.

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