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Need help. I cant seem to find a good release point. I have always extended my arm to the target and then flicked the disc.

All of my drives do one of two things

If i throw an anhyzer, it just holds its angle forever and goes about 300 ft to the left side of the field. My Hyzer hold there angle and do the opposite.

If I want to hit a fairway I have to either throw an anhyzer really high to give it room to flex, or I have to aim 30 yards to the left or right and work it back towards the fairway.
All I want to do is throw a relatively strait shot that falls a lil bit to the right. If i release the disc somewhat flat it quickly turns over and either dives into the ground or I have the anhyzer problem.

Why can we all just throw like Mark Ellis?.... sigh

I think its a path/release point issue, can anyone shed some light and there opinions. I have only found two types of instruction that i deem credible, mark ellis' video and Dave Dunipace's driving chart. Dave says that the arm, body, and hand come to an abrubt stop, while mark has a long follow through across his body.

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They were accurate, but took some wide curving lines. I have always tried to throw one shot. I wonder if I am robbing myself of distance.
heres somthing to try to get some super distance
i learned this from a guy last winter at my first tourney
get somthing pretty overstable like a wraith destroyer or xcaliber
somthing that will come back if you try to throw an anhyzer with it
throw the widest biggest anhyzer that you can and if you have the right disc it will come back and turn into a massive S curve

also what discs do you throw on your drives?
Leave your disks at home and go to a nice calm body of water and start skipping rocks. I once had a job by the water. Over the years I worked the job I bet I spent thousands of hours skiping rock. When I picked up discgolf, I discoverd I had a wicked side arm. I just throw like I'm skipping stones on the water only I throw at water that is 3-4 feet off the dirt.

When my son was tryng to learn to throw sidearm the first thing I did was teach him to skip rocks. The next time we played golf his sidearm came easy and looked natural.

Your form is not horrible. Although the video is short, if what you were trying to do in that shot was to throw a short (200 feet or so) shot that started out straight then hyzered at the end, you did well.

If that shot was your best effort to throw with power and distance then you need to continue to throw flat and straight but put more full body effort into it. You cannot expect to just snap your wrist and have it go far. There is a Discraft video on Youtube that shows forehand driving styles. Watch what those guys are doing and compare it to your form. Good luck.
1. Started out straight - check
2. Hyzered big at the end - check
3. 200-ish feet - check

I had to stop playing for a long time. I jacked up my back throwing backhand. I went all sidearm 2 years ago. 250ft is a crush for me. I have tried what i have seen on the video but if I try to use more of my body or arm it flies into outer space. I guess at 47 I'll just stick to what I got (at least my good upshots give me a close putt). I also have small hands (which MEANS NOTHING!) and it is hard for me to find a good forehand disc. What would you recommend from Discraft? I don't throw those alot because only the champion or elite z plastic works for me. My farthest and most accurate disc is my Destroyer, followed by my Avenger (I know...WAY too overstable but I can make it sing!

Thanks "Carnac"

47 years old is way too young to give up hope on improvement. So is 67.

The nature of improvement is that it is not a straight line advancement. You typically will get worse before you get better when you try to improve your form. And you will have to fight through plateaus to continue making forward steps.

Throwing farther is more about throwing with good form than it is about throwing harder. So work on using your whole body on the shot. Use a bigger wind up and follow through. Stay balanced and smooth. It doesn't matter if you start out with the accuracy of a scud missile. Keep at it and both power and control will come your way.
Donnie Reece,
The best shot to learn is low, flat and straight. The best way to learn the other shots is to master low, flat and straight and adjust from there.

On days when the big power pros are on their game they are amazing to watch. They throw crazy routes over trees and punch tiny holes we can't even see. But that doesn't mean that is the best way for the rest of us to play. Just because Barry Bonds may swing a big, heavy bat doesn't mean that is the bat for everyone. BTW, most big power pros have off days where those crazy routes look foolish. The best pros are not the ones with the biggest arms, they are the ones with the best control.

So learn to play your own game. Don't be afraid to try anything but understand your own strengths and weaknesses.
Thanks Mark,

My form closely resembles Mdubs. I keep my elbow into my side and take a small run up. Im about 300 ft with a good anhyzer crush. When i try to emulate you (mark), or critter bill, or anyone with a big backswing (geoff bennett), my shots go nuts.

Anhyzers turn into rollers, hyzers into go WAY right, and i cant seem to find a good release point.
Thanks for the advice.

My brother used to accurately crush his sidearms and tomahawks with his old champ edition valkarie (hell, even those rollers went FAR). But after about six years of kicking my ass, he lost his bread and butter disc. Either he somehow lost his form, or he has not found a disc that was quite like that early run CE. It has forced him to get better in the other throwing techniques of the game. A solid overall game is what we need anyways, right?

Keep practicing and you'll find your zone!

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