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I'm working up a disc golf drinking match for my bachelor party. So far this is what I've got: every player but the lowest two scorers on each hole has to drink a half a beer at the end of each hole. AND the closest to the pin on each hole assigns another half beer.

Anybody have any more creative ideas?

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not very creative, but anyone who says 'putt' or 'birdie' or similiar terms could have to take a drink?

you could have a ring of fire and everyone who misses has to drink.
not very creative, but anyone who says 'putt' or 'birdie' or similiar terms could have to take a drink?

you could have a ring of fire and everyone who misses has to drink.

I like both those ideas.
first bogey has carry the cooler
That is the best idea Tom has ever had. No one wants to carry the cooler. Especially if youre gonna be drinking that much beer.
"Mystery Disc" might add some fun. Get everyone to throw in one disc into a large bag and have a non-participant draw a disc at random for each player. Each player uses that disc for the entire round. Being drunk and trying to throw big distance with a Pole Cat can be fun.
Get the card game ript or ript revenge
Example: Play ript revenge and make everyone who draws a card drink for each card. The person who wins the hole gets a skin or skins, and the others get a card or as many cards as there are skins.......

Try doing Shots of Whiskey !!!!!
Drinking games? Did somebody say drinking games?
For a bachelor party it doesn't matter what the game is. The participants are likely plastered before they start and most are not disc golfers so even if sober they would be feeble. But if you really need a game for the bachelor party, you might consider bocce (pronounced bah-chee). Toss a disc out in the field, everyone throws, trying to come close to the original disc, and the farthest away and the closest chugs a beer. Continue until all competitors pass out.

I have played a couple different drinking games with experienced golfers. One is called drunken golf. Drunken golf is not about forcing players to consume alcohol, it merely starts after players have been drinking and liberally allows the continued consumption as desired by the players. Drunken golf suspends the normal rules of courtesy. So yelling, taunting, distracting and movement is allowed while players are throwing. The limitation is that no one is allowed to play defense. So you cannot touch a player or his/her disc while they are throwing. It is actually a valuable training exercise because thereafter no one can bother you during an event. If you can handle drunks screaming at you while you putt, everything else is easy. Drunken golf is only charming if played about once per year. After that it gets old quickly.

The other good drinking game is mandatory consumption rules during a tournament. One of the beauties of playing in a self-contained division (for example there are only 4 pro masters in a tournament, all playing on the same card) is that the group can just agree to their own rules. Several times, when the first round scores made the winner obvious to all involved, my card has done independent and creative things for the second round, including "mandatory beer consumption" rules. The key to the process is to find out the comfort level of all players and adjust accordingly. Oh, and never challenge Michael Frame-O to a drinking contest.

There is one tournament, the "4 Keg Challenge" (in Milford, Michigan at the White's Acres and Lacey's private courses) where mandatory beer consumption rules exist for the entire event. Last year the 4-time defending Open champion won again and the crowd (those still conscious) suspected he was not drunk enough to properly accept the trophy. Bulldookey! I was plenty drunk enough.
i like the shots of whiskey....especially when your walking through woods uphill with stumps all aver the place...lol
Thanks for all the great ideas! I took some of your ideas and blended them together. Let me know what you guys think.

Rules of Hayter Disc Golf

Hayter Disc Golf is a combination of Disc Golf and the drinking card game Asshole. It work like this: at the end of each hole, after the scores are tallied, a President, Vice President, and Asshole are elected for the next hole. The lowest score for the hole becomes the Pres, 2nd best becomes VP, and the highest score for the hole becomes Asshole. In the event of a tie at the end of a hole, a half beer chug race will decide the rankings. The offices carry the following responsibilities until the next hole is over and new officials are elected:

1. Can make any player drink at any time, and no-one may make the President
drink but himself.
2. The Pres is the first player to start each round.
3. The Pres can claim any other player’s tee shot, except for the VP’s, he wishes
to use as his own. The player who has his tee shot stolen inherits the Pres’
tee shot.
4. Chooses the minimum drive “line of fire” for drinks. Anyone not making a drive
past the assigned line will have to drink.
5. Finally, the Pres makes a rule for each hole that lasts until another Pres
cancels the rule.

Vice President:
1. Can make any player drink at any time (except Pres), only the Pres or self can
make the VP drink.
2. The VP goes second in each round and has his tee shot protected from Pres.

1. Can be told by anyone to drink.
2. Plays last.
3. Carries keg.
4. Must wear the asshole hat until his term is served.
5. Must fill the beer cups for everyone else.
6. For those of us who stink at disc golf: there is a three hole (consecutive) limit on being Asshole. If you lose the fourth consecutive hole, the second to last person becomes Asshole for the next hole. If you lose the fifth consecutive hole, you resume being Asshole for up to three more holes.
hahahaha thats a good one but dont forget to add the beer mulligans
anyone can take a second or third throw from the tee pad at any time as long as they consume one whole beer for every shot exept there first this makes things interesting and if your playing with new people it whipes them out fast
This is a STUPID idea.

Sorry, but carrying the cooler is the best idea. Forced drinking over 18-holes, especially for the poorer player puts too much alcohol in their body. Somebody need to stay sober during this, somebody big enough to say 'stop'.

Drink, fine, but drink in moderation and not as a game.

Sorry to pour water on this, just too risky and a Bachelor Party should be fun, not a bad memory.

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