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If you were in a position to get sponsorship for this great sport of disc golf,
How would you do it?

Do you believe that there is major potential to achieve the money needed to elevate the game to that 'next level.'

Bearing in mind that said sponsors should get something in return for their investments.
This not being a "freebies grab bag attitude."
But a real business proposition between all parties involved.

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"Business proposition" makes me think "contract". Expectations and returns should be stated and it is a binding document. Maybe a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) would work also between all entities.

Good Luck!
What type sponsorship are you talking about. Is this for a single tournament or a long term sponsor for your local DG community, the overall sport of disc golf, or something else?
There has been said 'talk' before about big sponsors.
These sponsors would no doubt get something in return.
By return sales. A 'DISC GOLF SHOE.'
If Nike (just using them as a reference) wanted to do a "Nike Tour," like that in the 'other' golf, would it happen?
How do you propose to get it.
It will definitely take effort. Should the person getting it, receive an incentive(s)?
The PDGA gave a % to it's marketing guy before.

Mom & Pop's are always looking for ways to advertise. Would never leave them out of the picture.

I believe the sport has to become 'cool' with high school kids, then the sponsors will follow. Parents spend the money on the kids.
Mark your point is well taken,
But with my experience, how many disc golfers run to the store after an event? Few have enough gas money to get home.
150 people is not a lot to a big corporation.
They really would like large numbers.
How do you get the numbers? USDGC?

Mark Stephens said:
What are they going to get in return???? Exposure to the whole 150 people that are at a PDGA Major event?
First, I'm new to the PDGA. I migrated to DG from the Ultimate community. I've played a couple of local DG tournaments, but never been to a PDGA major or National tournament, so forgive me if I indicate something that is already being done.
National level advertising might be tough at this point. With less than 40K PDGA members the audience is just not there yet. A few things to possibly open adoor (for 5-10 years down the road) are:
1) The PDGA (e.g. the members across the USA) need to make a STRONG effort to get more people playing the game and then joining the PDGA (advertisers will be more interested in a group that has a 60K-80-100K membership). There are MANY current DG players who have not joined the PDGA simply because they don't play tournaments (or only played 1-2 per year...I was one until this past year). They will not pay $45-50 just to say they are a PDGA member. Has the PDGA ever considered a non-tournament membership. Price it at $10-15/yr, it gets the user their PDGA numbered mini and a copy of the magazine for a year. That gets their foot in the PDGA door. They may never play in a tournament, but then again, you might just find the next Ken Climo out there. Whose attention do we have the best chance of capturing. In my mind, that is the high school community. Canvass all the local and area high schools in the months leading up to a major tournament. Hold clinics (at the schools if possible) introducing them to the sport. Set up a day at a local course to have a tournament strictly for them. Have local DG'ers there to give them tips and encourage them. The idea is for them to have a great time and want to play again. I want to emphasize that we need to make a conscious effort to get more women involved. This is an awesome sport and there is no reason they cannot enjoy it every bit as much as guys.
2) Invite some potential advertisers (e.g. Nike, UnderArmour, Sports drink distributors, etc) to set up booths at some of the major tournaments. Disc Player Sports mentioned a disc golf shoe. Howabout sports clothing (wick shirts, light-weight shorts, etc.) I have 1 pair of DG shoes, but I have 6-7 shirts, 2-3 pair of shorts. This of course means that the disc golf players and spectators will need to purchase items from these vendors (basically convince the vendors there is a market in the disc golf accessory business).
3) Players and the DG community need to remember we are courting potential advertisers at these major events. Players must act and dress professionally. THe DG community that shows up as spectators must also put there best foot forward. Having a couple of beers while watching is fine, but the event can not be displayed as a big party, with some amazing golf also happening to be played.
4) Finally, you have to have some spectators show up at the A-tier and National Championship tournaments, and also purchasing some of the vendors wares. We need to be more proactive getting out and letting our communities know when and where these events are happening. Canvas the recruiting grounds we've established to let people know. Don't just rely on the internet-assuming people will naturally just go to our web-site. If we've done a good job with item 1, we should see more spectators show up to watch the big dogs in action. Do things to help entice new golfers to show up. Such as give away some players packs that include something like 3 discs and a mini (financed by the DG communinty).
Well, I'm just going on & on now...but there's some thoughts.
As far as shoes, no one tops Merrell.

My business started out as apparel, ask any DG business. It is a slow sale.

Purchases of discs, hats, minis & stickers, bags, are what sell, (right now).

Promotion is the key to this sport.
My son is in high school and the kids are coming to the course slowly.

As far as the PDGA is concerned, we are all playing for our 'buddies' money right now.
The past few years the 'worlds' have had less payout than USDGC, Marshall Street, Players Cup.
What does this tell you?
Established well run tournaments are the answer. Repeat sponsorship...
I like the idea of a separate PDGA membership fee. Touring vs. Non-Touring.

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