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At the tournament last weekend in Lansing, Michigan we all endured the terrible trio: heat, humidity and bugs. The heat and humidity were merely bad (low to mid 80's) but the mosquitoes were very bad. While each of the trio is obnoxious by itself, the combination is brutal.

The scary thing is I know all of them can (and likely will) get worse with August rolling in. There is a long-standing tradition of heat and humidity at the World Championships, so why should 2008 be any different? So far this year the mosquito population in Michigan has been huge with all the rain. Even with lots of bug spray, I spent the last round constantly pacing (behind the person throwing) and using my towel like a horse's tail. The skeeters were thick and ravenous. If I stood still I was a buffet table.

I remember the mosquitoes at Worlds in Pleasure Island, Texas and South Bend, Indiana. This summer may challenge them.

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went out to rolling hills with my kids to play a nice fun round with Garrett and Ryan Graham.....had to DNF due to those blood thirsty skeeters. Deep Woods Off did nothing to keep those buggers off!!!! they are hellish right now.

My wife asked me this morning what all those welts were on my daughters face!!! LOL
I was at Rolling Hills yesterday afternoon as well. I put the deep woods Off on 3 times during one round. At hole 17, they were still hovering in front of my face on the tee pad. That's just after I had applied the deep woods Off for the 3rd time. UGH!!!!

I've seen that cream that's supposed to be 40% DEET. Not sure how well that would work. I think it may be time for some tiki torches.
When I played Pleasure Island, I literally ran back to my car before throwing the first shot, and slammed the door and applied bug-spray inside the car. It was the worst mosquitoes, and ants, I've ever played in. Can't imagine worse than that, I wouldn't even want to compete if it was.
In Florida we have a mosquito sprayer truck that comes by when it is really bad.
Check you local municipality to see if they ever heard or have such a service.
Down here the mosquito is like the 'state bird.'
I like to use just a little of the REI jungle juice. Just a few dabs in combo with some good bug spray keeps those little pesks out of my face long enought to throw a mediocre drive. While working on the front 9 of the Suwanee course last weekend the jungle juice did it's job leaving me with a zero for a tick count, while Denny R had at least 7 in just one evening.
I know this solution won't work for Mark but it works for my abstemious lifestyle. If you take B vitamins and don't drink alcohol, the mosquitos will bite someone else. Mosquitos find you by smell and apparently they like the smell of alcohol and B vitamin deficiency. The two go hand in hand.

I've probably slept in the car or the camper a dozen times this summer and have been playing a regular amount of disc golf. I have not been bitten once.
Now that has to be the best reason not to drink i ever heard,
Mark Stephens said:
What I am about to tell you all is something that until this time was an Level XR14 government secret. The disc golfer that you all know as Mark Ellis is actually a cyborg sent from the future to educate all mankind in the art of disc golf. In the future, the fate of the world will hang in the balance of an intergalactic disc golf match. He is here to insure that we are ready when that day finally comes. While that is great and wonderful news for the human race, sadly this disc golfing machine is powered by hoppy beers. The more hoppy the beer, the more efficiently the machine runs. So, he has very little choice to abandon his fuel to avoid some mere insects. Hoppy beers are his life-blood. :D
As a volunteer worker at the new Fort Custer disc golf course...I know to well of the huge mosquito population this season. Since working on the course since early April, I have become personally connected to it. (Alittle) blood, sweat, poisen ivy and MOSQUITOS!!!
I have become so connected to Fort Custer that I have give names to some of the holes. In particular holes 4-7. I have called these holes The Mosquito Coast. These holes tend to border Eagle Lake on the right and are wooded. Hole #4 being the worst. Basket #4 is the closest to Eagle Lake and is in a highly shaded hollow. Sooo...if you are playing at The Fort...after hole #3... please get out your repellant and start spraying.
1/2 skin so soft....1/2 rubbing alcohol
yeah, texas was brutal. you would always find out in the evening which spots you missed with Off...
but hey, they need to eat too(the mosquitos)....
have fun at the worlds! I hope I can make it next year.....
Here in Texas, there are various situations:

1) The regular mosquito, besides the fact that they can come with Nile and other viruses, there are many of them. Some rounds, you know, the ones where you sweat, which would be all rounds here, where the sweat runs down your arm and dilutes the 30% deet, the mosquitoes will land right on that spot and feed.

2) The marsh mosquito, these are the ones that look like humming birds, if humming birds sucked blood that is. They're huge and the deet has to be applied thickly and refreshed often. They don't even look for sweat spots and sometimes they'll bite regardless.

3) The car dance. Ben hit on this but his description lacked fervor. You get back to your car and there is this sort of pathetic, yet funny attempt to get into your car before the mosquitoes do. BTW - the mosquitoes in Texas like cars, it's this place where humans go where they can't get away from you.

4) Tiger mosquitoes. These babies came here in used tires shipped from Asia. Most mosquitoes don't like sun so you can get some relief by staying in the heat. Tigers like the heat. They'll go anywhere to get a meal.

Welcome to Texas boys, where the state bird is the Mosquito....

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