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This subject has me a bit irritated. I'm looking for a certain frisbee which was discontinued years ago. There is and hasn't been one like it. I understand they need new products to keep interest, but this was a highly regarded/ award winning frisbee. If there had been anything like it made in this time span, I'd be all over it. There hasn't so out of curiosity I contacted the company. Their reply was,
"We make so many better (farther, faster, easier to throw) discs, that people need to learn how to change with the times...."
As a customer, I was kind of shocked. I asked myself what newer disc truly appealed to me, and I really can't say there has been one for a good 4 years nows. Improvements in plastic have been awesome, but i think discs molds have gotten less predictable. I'm sure they get requests like mine all the time, and I'm sure it irritates them.
I replied, "Times do change, but a disc golfer's technique shouldn't have to change dramatically to get results ...."
I am a forehand thrower, and although unorthodox, I don't think I am in a small minority. I do feel shafted by the current product lines, and their lack of attention to this type of throw. Personally, I think manufacturers should reconsider the purpose behind discontinuing certain styles. It is probably sales driven, yet very user unfriendly.
I've tried some other discs over the years, and they were ok. I sort of laughed inside when I saw that a handful of those frisbees have also, now been discontinued.
What's going on here?!- I may just be crazy.ha.

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what is the disc you were looking for?

Arthur Haverkamp said:
what is the disc you were looking for?
If you like a certain disc, buy a dozen of them and try not to lose any. I think the Storm is the best disc ever made, yet it has been discontinued and replaced by the Impact. That's up to the manufacturer, not to me - the user. In the overall scheme of things, our disc manufacturers are very small businesses. If a change in what they produce makes them stronger and more sustainable businesses, I can deal with that.
Discs get discontinued when they stop selling well enough to justify the expense of making them, if they sell well at all (some come and go so fast). Or they become obsolete when the company comes up with a newer, better design that accomplishes more or less the same thing (like Terry said with the Storm vs Impact).

Only solution is to horde the discs you like when you discover one because you never know. And to not let your game become too dependent on one type of disc. The mark of a good player is to be able to succeed with a variety of types of discs.

I do have to disagree with the notion that companies neglect certain "types of throw". All discs are style-neutral in my opinion. If a disc can be thrown backhand, it can be thrown forehand, and vice versa. No such thing as a strictly forehand disc or a strictly backhand disc or a strictly overhand disc. Sure, maybe one model or another is favored for a particular type of throw, but that doesn't mean it can't be thrown in other ways.
Check eBay. Right now There are three up there 1 2 3 They might have discontinued it because the people who throw them call them "frisbees". Just kidding, but seriously, there discs.
they discontinue them so they can rerelease them under a new name. everyone needs the "new disc" so they sell more. For example the Hawk got discontinued then they came out with the wasp. looks almost identical to me!
Terry, I realize they are a business trying to make ends meet.Usually it is a good strategy to please the customer- because they will reward you with their business. Putting the discer in the predicament of adjusting and sampling doesn't seem like a good experience. It may be profitable- but even that doesn't justify it/. It's not always feasible and I understand that as well.
I just think it is strange how people swear by that disc, even their sponsored pro's! It would be one thing if a disc is upgraded with a new plastic, or replaced with a new name. But as far as I know... nothing has ever been based off of this disc. It's main downfall was durability, and with the new plastic it's a winner.
too bad you weren't at rolling hills last week. Found a fairly new one (x-clone) that I gave to a friend since I don't throw x-clones. I agree with terry......you find something you like but a lot of them......even if they continue to make a particular mold.....they often vary in properties (stiffness, stability,etc) depending on each run of discs.

one man's trash is another man's treasure!
Companies don't cater to forehand throwers? Huh?

The Force by Discraft and the XCaliber by Innova were both released this year. And both of them have added reliable golf distance to my forehand (gone from 340ish on a hyzer forehand to 370+ thanks to these discs). The Destroyer is just as good on distance lines (big unreliable s-curves) for 400+ foot distance with a forehand, as it is for monster D on a backhand.

If you think the companies aren't releasing plastic that works well for the forehand you haven't tried enough plastic. Apologies if I sound blunt, but you seem to be giving these companies too little credit. Maybe they've discontinued a disc you enjoyed using, but it doesn't mean they're trying to shaft an entire market. Forehand throwers are pretty dominant amongst casuals, as it is an easier throw to pick up initially. To give no attention to that contingent would be foolhardy and the companies definitely don't do that.
Contact Mark Ellis, I am pretty sure he has more than a dozen he would sell you(x-clones). They are out there... just gotta ask :)
ryan i uderstand what your saying i havent had my "favorite" disc discontinued but i know it would suck if they took the wraith or the destroyer or a the roc or pretty much any disc in my bag off the market cuz it does take time to learn a disc and not every disc works for everyone so you might like a disc that hardly anyone likes so the sales go down but why discontinue it your a multi million dollar company its not gunna hurt you to keep a disc in production and make small ammounts of it i mean atleast do like a CFR type deal and make small amounts idk and as far as they treated you i dont really have anything to say exept stick to innova ;) ( i joke i joke) but really now that they have the pig if sales go up on it will they knock off the rhyno and with the monarch are they gunna knock off the road runner>? those are discs people like and i think its a mistake to take them out of production
I'm not speaking for Discraft here but I'd bet they stopped production of the X-clone because it wasn't selling enough.

I threw X-clones for years as my primary driver. I have boxes of them, cheaper than you can buy them retail.

As a forehander, I find the Crush family of discs (Crush , Pulse, Surge, Flash, Surge SS and Rogue) to be great discs. These discs are essentially the same discs in different plastic blends and stabilities. I prefer the flatest of these discs which tends to be the Crush, Flash and Rogue.

In X-clones, I preferred the flatest and most overstable of them. If you do also then try a Crush. For medium stabilty try a Flash or Surge. For less stability try a Rogue.

I would guess that if you threw the discs in my current bag you would happily abandon the X-clone and join the Crush family. A huge advantage of current plastic is that it has durability far beyond any X-clone.

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