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I am really starting to figure out how to throw farther and I spent most of my time in practice throwing flat and straight. So now I want to ask others what type of shot do they use for maximum distance?

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I can throw about 50 feet further forehand.
For backhand distance the key for me is a strong follow through with my arm swinging all the way back around after the release.
I have been practicing form solely with flat and straight drives. I am curious if throwing with a wing up a little to produce an anhyzer fade to hyzer or long hyzer shots produce more distance. I am throwing about 320 MAX D flat and straight with better form. Granted this is all long open tunnel practice in a parking lot.
watch other players. look for points at where the disc is when pulled all the way back, where the disc is as it follows thru, and where the disc is when released. it helps if you watch players that throw farther than you :)

I am always the "big arm" in my regular group of players, but always get humbled when I play a tournament and get in a group where someone else can throw as far or farther than me. there is always someone bigger and badder it seems.

go out and practice like it sounds like you have been doing.

always stretch. stretch well. then stretch some more. people think its funny when I whip my arm around before a big toss, but it seems to warm me up.

learn what works for you, it may work different from others.

ask questions. Ive found that little tips better players than me have given me over the years have slowly added up and helped.

keep an open mind and be willing to learn.

it helps to be 6'6" :)

oh, and to answer your actual question.. backhand. a well formed walk-up, breathe out and whip the F out of it flat and pray backhand :)
The question is not power or form. It is the path you set for your disk I am curious about. What flight has the most distance, Straight, anhyzer fade or big hyzer. Sorry to be so unclear.
In my experience a slight anhyzer with a hard snap that has a long gradual turn to the right and then fades back to the left gives the disc the longest flight. Of course you can achieve this same flight pattern with a less stable disc throwing flat or an under stable disc throwing as a hyzer because the disc will turn over and do the same thing. What is important is the achievement of the same flight pattern described in the first sentence.

Eirik said:
The question is not power or form. It is the path you set for your disk I am curious about. What flight has the most distance, Straight, anhyzer fade or big hyzer. Sorry to be so unclear.
I used to throw flat and straight as well. It wasn't until I learned the turnover (S or helix if you prefer) that I really started to bomb. This immediately added 25' to my average drive with the same arm speed and disc. The extra glide after the disc turns back over is what gives the extra D.
I start with the disc pointed down 5 to 10 degrees, and then roll my wrist back up to just past level (maybe 5 degrees of anhyzer) on release. This starts the disc going right of your target. As it begins to lose speed it will (hopefully) turn back over and fade left. This is where the extra D comes in.
I usually aim 5 or 10 degrees left of my target, and on release the disc should start straight down the line, but fading off right. When it fades back, it glides nicely to the left back to the target.
Make sure to use something stable or it won't come back and you'll be hunting for your disc somewhere way off to the right.
I prefer a Destroyer, but use something that matches your arm speed.
A friend of mine who throws routinely 400' throws an understable disc which he releases with 25 degrees or so of hyzer. It immediately pops up level, drifts right, and helixes back at the end. He is young, tall and throws HARD though. Nonetheless, it is a sight to behold.
I throw 400 feet os so max distance with a hyzer route i turn it over slightly which gets me a little futher .
One thing i learned also is when you drive take everything slow when i try to whipp as hard as i can i dont get near as far or how a clue where i'm going also i dont run up i take two steps and that it

I throw forehand too. And I agree with Troy. I can get it about 50 feet from this basket, if the pic showed up.
You will probably get differing opinions because I think it depends on the strengths of the thrower. Ideally, anhyzer and hyzer or hyzer-flip shots will both help you out in the long run. Depends on the wind for me (RHBH).

L2R Crosswind: Anhyzer
R2L Crosswind: Hyzer
Headwind: Hyzer
Tailwind: Hyzer or Anhyzer
No Wind: Hyzer or Anhyzer

I think an anhyzer shot is a little easier to control but boy I really do like to crank out a hyzer shot and watch it do its thing. Also, find it easier to hit a gap throwing hyzer.
High Anhyzer are the throws that I have seen folks throw the farthest. My farthest recorded drive of 447 was a slightly overstable12x Wraith thrown backhand and on a high Anhyzer line. Good luck.
Are those crop circles on the top right of the pic??
donnyv said:

I throw forehand too. And I agree with Troy. I can get it about 50 feet from this basket, if the pic showed up.
360 throw!!

If i do it right it'll go far, if I do it wrong, it'll just roll up there.

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