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Has anyone thrown a Monarch yet?

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I picked one up at the Golden State Classic. They are awesome. I used to exclusively throw overstable, but I've been transitioning into understable. I can throw it hard with modetate snap with hyzer, watch it flatten and flip a little, then watch it glide for a long time before it fades left at the end. I highly recommend this disc.
I checked it out today. Not sure yet if it will fit in my bag. I heard that it was something like a stingray but then for distance.....WELL, it is not a stingray! It wanted to go the right but not as much as I was hoping.(still looking for a roller disc that can replace my SE Leopards). Didn't try a roller for the simple fact that it was raining...and it was windy too. I have to play with it a couple more times to let you know what it does...
i have one in my bag for about a month it's a roadrunner but faster it doesnt flip like a roadrunner though it holds it's line very well
I turn mine over just enough for it to flatten out and fly straight. It seems like this disc flies forever. Holds a great line. Only downfall is that it skips. BIG skips. Haven't played a course to throw long with it yet. I can park it anywhere under 450. Ready to put it on the long holes.
I bought one not too long ago and it is a pretty solid disc. It's alright on rollers but I've notice it predominately rolls left throwing a forehand roller. As far as flight path goes just like they said above me it has that similar road runner pattern just not as drastic. A solid disc if you have room for it but I wouldn't kick out one of your favorites for it.
Yeah I agree about the left turn on rollers. I throw a roller every round on one particular hole, and the monarch always seems to end up on the left compared to my roadrunner. Also the rim is sick, I like that. Hottttt.
One of my jobs is to test discs. I have a website here in Holland I write articles about what discs do.
But with this disc it is hard to tell how it flies.
Yes, it goes to the right but not that hard.
The bottom feels weird in my hand and I had some problems with keeping the nose down on my shots(which is weird cuz' I never had that problem before).
I am also not sure how the "speed" of the disc has any effect on my shots???
In a way this disc is like a Valkyrie(but I replaced those long ago with Sidewinders ;)

My conclusion: another good disc from Innova but it adds nothing to my bag.
Discs are not made to fly exactly like they are rated when they are new.

If you're not willing to put a disc in your bag, use it for 3-6 months [or more] until it breaks in, you're not allowing it the time it needs to fly the way it's supposed to.

To be honest ... I don't see how anyone can yet be giving a true critique of this disc unless you've been throwing it every day since they went on sale.

If discs were made to fly like their rating new, they wouldn't last a year.

I've been throwing my Monarch for a few weeks. Mine are still pretty stable-overstable. I like the disc, and it fit's my hand fine ... the wing shape doesn't bother me at all. I'm going to throw a couple in my bag often during practice rounds and throw them as much as possible. I believe that when they are broken in, they are going to be awesome.
I did not go down in weight from what I usually throw to get a disc that will fly "by the numbers". I LIKE the fact that it's not flying understable right off the bat ... means it will be a longer lasting turnover disc once it does break in.
I bought one today, seems interesting
Sorry John but I don't agree with the throwing the disc for 3 to 6 months to see its true flight form.
I think that the numbers on the disc(given by Innova) are more or less what a disc should do(depending on the plastic).
Champion discs have the tendency to be a little more stable than the other plastics.
I bett you that a DX Monarch will turn much faster.

And since I have been playing for over 23 years, I think I know a little thing or two about how discs fly, I think....;-)
Or would you say the same thing to Ken Climo(that he can't know about how discs fly if he has been only playing with it for 3 weeks)?

I did get used to the rim btw.
And it is still in my bag(which is kinda weird), but it won't be my new roller disc.

Still not sure what to do with it.
And having said that, it can't go in my bag permantly.

What to do, what to do.........so many discs, so little time..............lol
I picked one up last week and have played a couple of rounds with it. I have to say that as a new player I was having a LOT of trouble with my discs all fading hard to the left. With this disc if flies straight and has a little hook at the end. It doesn't seem to want to turn over in flight and it holds a line very well. This may be because it is a Champion plastic disc as mentioned above. I have not seen a DX Monarch any where locally to try but I will as soon as I get the chance.

With that said I do have to say that the Rim was something that blew me away. I was not expecting the odd shape however it is easy to get used to.
Yea, john I have the same flight characteristics.

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