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How do I make my disc go further than I throw it right now?

It goes far enough for my local courses, but when I traveled to Kalamazoo..I was absolutely screwed! Those holes are gigantically long for me, looking on the PDGA site, my statistics make me a recreational player.

So how do I go about doing this? Buy heavier discs? Weight Train?

Currently, I'm 13, throwing 169-174 discs, and throwing an average of 200-240

Any help/comments are appreciated.

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Hey Kyle

Keep practicing! It dosen't happen overnite, ya know. You have plenty of years ahead of ya to get those max distance going. Just keep your mid-range and short game going strong. You'll make-up for your lack of a strong arm by setting up your shots for easy putts. At 13, your strength will come around. And ya don't need big guns to throw for max. You just need practice (throw'em around a baseball/football field) to see what works best for you.

If you can't wait that long, check out some of the video's on this site regarding distance throwing. And keep practicing
Sometimes people start with discs that are way too overstable and keep pounding away trying to get more D out of them. What are you throwing?
When I'm in top shape and have been practicing a lot, I can bomb my Wraith/Destroyer/Xcal ... but if I haven't been playing a lot, I'll throw an old broken in Pro Orc, Beast, or even a Sidewinder. I can get very good distance with these less overstable discs.
Are you getting good snap with the disc? Are you turning it over at all? If not, go to a less stable disc until you can turn it over and get some "S" in the shape of the shot. To get more distance you have to get the disc to flatten out longer. If the disc flips up, to the right, straightens and then fades you'll get more distance. Trying to anhyzer and overstable disc will work, but it's a lot more work.

BTW, you can learn this with any disc. Putters and midrange discs will do the same thing and help in learning process by not being too far away, or too spread out around the field or course. IMO, it is best to practice distance throws in a park, sports field or somewhere where there are no obstacle's. This allows you see the shape of your shots better.

Be patient, practice and it will come.
Definitely try an Discraft Impact it has helped me throw farther...go to an open field and throw till your arm falls off, thats what has helped me too and what these guys said.
Thanks for replying guys!

Most of the Time John, I don't use a midranger. just drive and then putt. But I'm normally throwing a 169 monster for straight or a 174 x-clone, for downhill is a 169 wraith, and if I need to go straight but fade hard to the left I'll throw a 170 destroyer. I do get very good snap with my monster and x-clone, With my x-clone I can usually hear the snap, if you know what i mean.I am able to turn over the monster real easily, just not like a hard,hard turnover that is required for hole 8 at our park, still working on it.

I'll be sure to practice tomorrow after the field next to my house dries off.

Thanks guys!

Any more advice is appreciated

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