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I live next to a disc golf park and would like to form a group or develop a program that would help improve, and or stabilize the relationships between the golfers of our park and the people that live next to the course. I am a player and neighbor and have heard and seen a few scrapes between both. Please let me hear from you fellow golfers who would like to share your stories of interactions with park neighbors....

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Is it disrespectful that I tend to just tend to hop the fence regardless of what the neighbors think? Assuming they don't have a dog that is. :)

Geez, if I somehow let a $20 bill blow away and saw it drop in their backyard I'm sure as hell gonna hop over, grab it, and hop back. Honestly, it tends to take less than a minute to get in there, grab my disc, then get back over the fence and take a drop from in bounds.

That said, make sure not to damage their fences. That's just damn rude. And if you break their fence, you had better make good on fixing it.

As far as the guy throwing my disc in his trash can, I'd be dropping by his house later, and grabbing it straight out of the trash. I'm not letting some pissy negative bastard throw away $15-20 worth of plastic (plus the value I place on a disc that I have a good grasp and confidence with).
Please don't trespass to get a disc back. You're risking the loss of the whole disc golf course, not to mention criminal charges.

You can live without that disc. It was going to get worn out or lost sometime anyway.
Absolutely!! Not to mention that a dog might bite your ass! Please go to the front door and knock and ask nicely to get your disc back. Show some neighborly courtesy. Much like if a ball goes into your neighbor's yard, Ask them for it back!!
Or at the very least, ring the doorbell and ask politely if you could retrieve your discs as you inadvertantly threw into the yard by mistake.
I've never had a neighbor of any park refuse and most will retrieve it for you.
One time I even interupted a lady fresh out of the shower, but I had to get that disc myself as she was still in a robe.
Another time they told me to go through the side gate and then I realized it was in the bottom of their pool, guess who had to get wet.
"One time I even interupted a lady fresh out of the shower, but I had to get that disc myself as she was still in a robe. Another time they told me to go through the side gate and then I realized it was in the bottom of their pool, guess who had to get wet."

See.......good way to get to know the neighbors!!!!
Now THAT is funny
Kinda the attitude I was trying to have RJH. Laughter and cheerfulness.
I failed.
But, Man, Homeowner # 3, In MY 2nd time EVER playing.... shouted over and over again at my friend for placing an ARM through a wire fence across his property line trying to reach a disc that was barely beyond us. He was rude...and spoke from inside his house...and just was one of those guys who had to keep going on and on....even though any attempt to retrieve ceased immediately. It was ridiculous NO MATTER what had occurred on his property in the past.
So we walked on a disc that was maybe three feet inside his fence.
Back to laughter....that Husky...he's a pup....pro'lly the one you described A couple of weeks ago he headed to his back door with a disc in his mouth. The guys whistled for his attention. The pup stopped, turned and trotted towrds them, and dropped their disc within reach.
As far as the property acquisition stories....a Park Manager told me that the owners to a man received generous consideration re: things like set back lines etc. I can't recall exactly how this was said or how it came up or, of course, whether it's true...but the man told me the homeowners each received several feet of land..their fences are too far into the course...this guy said.
Oh well...
You bet, thats a good way to loose the course. But courses have to be designed so this cant happen.I being a disc golfer still would not want people wandering in my yard to get there discs. But like I said, common sense is rarely used.
There is always someone who is always right. Trespassing is trespassng, period. Great way to get on the cops radar too. I sure they would love to search some disc golfers as they are about to tee off. Smart move by climbing the fence. How bout not throwing the disc across the fence?

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