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Everyone got the email about the flyer contest yesterday, with a deadline of Monday night. Overnight, we had three entries come aboard. They are attached in PDF to this post. Please feel free to print them and post them at the courses and shops you visit this weekend. Please, no littering!

Look further down in the conversation for more flyers. After the deadline on Monday evening, I will put them all on a list, but until then I will just add them to this conversation as additional attachments, as they come in.

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"Everyone's a winner for taking the time to submit something! Thanks for your efforts and contributions."

Yep. Exactly. I could R-E-A-L-L-Y use some new equipment right now...and was hoping I might get lucky and have people dig my "keep it simple" flyer that would be cheap/easy to reproduce in both color and B&W! However, I've been reminding myself that it's not about free discs or any "contest"...it's about growing the sport and community of disc golf, and sharing my passion for the sport with the next generation out there. Everyone who took the time to put together a flyer on their own time/dime is to be commended, IMHO.

I am one CHEAP sucker though...so if I could save the $30-$40 on new equipment, that would be a couple more boxes of diapers for my 23-month old...LOL. ;)
No worries, it was a fun contest/project.
Hey Terry, I guess mine got lost in cyberspace or your junkmail folder cause i sent it in on Monday
afternoon (before the deadline) and you never posted it. gonna try to add it here i guess.
So were you ever planning to include my entry in your list of flyers eligible for the vote, Craig?! Page 1 in this thread...near the bottom of the page? Either mine has magical cloaking powers of invisibility or folks must think that it REALLY sucks, LOL. I don't think you've yet included it though over the 2-3 times you've shared thumbnails/examples with everyone...even though mine was the third one to be turned into Terry and posted. ;-) Not a big deal either way, I guess...but it'd be nice to at least be "Bill Richardson" or "Mike Gravel" in the upcoming election. Ha!
Um, Craig - I think you fogot mine too. I submitted mine on time and posted it in this thread before the deadline. I don't expect to win, but it would be nice to be acknowledged since I took the time to create one and submitted it on time.

Sorry about the exclusion Derek, it was not intentional. I just threw together this grouping this morning in 5 minutes in hopes that Terry would post something with ALL entries exhibited. I'm not doing anything with the voting, I'm just promoting the game and web site as all of us are doing.. I don't think all of them are posted in this forum but we'll see as Terry moves forward. Keeping your viewers and friends informed is solution to any confusion. I find it somewhat confusing (especially for new viewers) when they follow a link to a contest and then there isn't a clear explanation of where the contest is or how to vote. As a first time viewer, I'd assume that the voting must be over. How about a revision to your initial post so when someone follows the link , the first thing they encounter is a clear explanation. Maybe posting something like the attachment below ?
John, the exclusion wasn't intentional, sorry. I just threw the page together this morning. See what I posted above.
your flyer is a winner, as they all are in my opinion. If you really need accurate information on the posting of images for voting or accurate images submitted for voting, I think that you should contact Terry. I'm not official in any capacity other than "Worst Player Of The Year 2007"
Yeah Craig, ABSOLUTELY no worries! It's not about "winning" the contest. I guess it is just one of those deals where if you took 30 minutes (or a few hours for some of the other flyers, I suppose) to whip something together, it is nice to at least be acknowledged as an entrant. Mine probably didn't meet Terry's "colorful" criteria anyway...but I was just thinking that reproducing flyers on color will be more expensive for folks...and I wanted something that would hold up on B&W printers/copiers too. The other thing I wanted to avoid was reds, oranges and purples...as those colors, when exposed to sunlight, will turn to mud after not-too-long (UV rays)....and that'll make the flyers look bad after a while...even if they're protected from water and/or under glass.

I think the "contest" turned out not to be a contest at all...or at least the rules of the contest changed quite a bit on the fly, since Terry is allowing lots of entries that weren't submitted until after his initial deadline. Again though, that cool by me....as the CONTEST for me is seeing how many more people we all can introduce and recruit to the sport in the coming years...with our PRIZE being more people to play with and more/better courses to play.
sure, sure ;-)

-TERRY, let us know if you need help with anything...
i dont really care winning or about the disc (i probly have 100 of them)
i just like geting feed back on my art..... its what i do.

if i could swop my graphic art and disc golfing skills............. well i would be a very poor man.
just in case you want them.... i fixed a typo on one of them.
To all flyer contestants, my apologies. Your entries are still valid, no late entries will be accepted. There will be a period of voting for the winners. All that has changed is that it is not happening as quickly as I had hoped.

I just bit off more than I could chew with this contest - it turned out to be a bigger administrative and logistical deal than I could cope with well. (And ended up requiring some technical abilities and/or software I do not have.) Your entries are appreciated. Somehow I will find a way to organize the flyers and the voting to be completed before I leave for my trip to China at the end of this month.


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