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Let's have some fun ,I will start us off ",You might be addicted to disc golf if" The only multiplication you can do is by three's or, You get upset at Christmas when no wrapped gifts appear to be round, Family vacation has to be near disc golf courses,Your wife asks you weekly, Did you buy another disc today?, Your disc collection cost more than the wifes wedding ring. Keep it goin.

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You might be addicted if your jeans have a marker outline.
You might be addicted if you use disc as home defense weapons.
As you drift off to sleep you wake yourself up because your arm flinches while you were starting to dream about throwing a disc... you tell your wife your thinking about slowing down a little on the weekend tournament play and she just starts to laugh... you have a room in your house that is decorated with discs and trophies... you have 260,000 miles on your ten year old car and you only live a mile from where you work...
You spend more money buying plastic at the tourney than you paid to get into it!

After placing at a tourney, you go to sleep with all your "winnings" spread across the bedcover!

You have way more discs than you even know you have, or ever could use!

You justify owning all that plastic to other people by calling it your investment portfolio!
You are addicted to DG if you know which of your ball caps is the least stable.
you leave your wife sitting in the car while you play a round of golf.........while on your honeymoon
You know you're addicited when...
You want to take up scuba diving.
Only because in the 1st round of a grand opening tourney 35 discs( yes 35) were lost on just one hole. That's not counting ANY of the other holes(4ish) near the water.
you have a putter under your pillow just in case you wake up in the middle of the night with the urge to play a round, but instead you just chuck the disc in the basket you have at the other side of the room and go back to sleep to dream some more about disc golf
If your dog is not trained to catch a frisbee
Haha... I took my mom to the course with me the other day... and she was ragging on me for having "file folders" in my disc bag for each disc yet I got papers sitting everywhere in my room. So...

you might be addicted to DG if you have more "file folders" in your disc bag than your office.
your broke
This is a different addiction sorry to break you bubble but the two are not synonymous!!!


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