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Let's have some fun ,I will start us off ",You might be addicted to disc golf if" The only multiplication you can do is by three's or, You get upset at Christmas when no wrapped gifts appear to be round, Family vacation has to be near disc golf courses,Your wife asks you weekly, Did you buy another disc today?, Your disc collection cost more than the wifes wedding ring. Keep it goin.

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dude, if your basket is parked in your garage instead of your car then you are addicted like the rest of us, dont worry though your family is planning an intervention for you next week, oops i wasnt supposed to tell you
I have my basket set up with a tarp behind it to keep misses from slamming the wall! along with my bowflex and my stationary bike.
You should see my living room wall!
Hey Ruth lets see a picture of that wall. (Ruth is my wifes name!)
Niagara falls...

Back in the late 70s the MSU Ultimate Frisbee team made a road trip to play at S.U.N.Y. Rochester. We stopped at Niagara Falls, and decided to sacrifice one white Wammo 180 g "Master" Frisbee disc (the standard for Ultimate before the Ultra-Star was invented by Discraft) to the mighty Horseshoe Falls from the Canadian side.

We elected our biggest arm to do so, Bruce Vail. This was the single greatest disc throw I have ever seen, and TRUST ME, I have seen a lot, after playing 25 + years of Ultimate and 7 years of full time Disc Golf.

His throw went out directly over the rim on a 30-degree hyser, shinning like a beacon against the vast darkness (the falls is brightly lit at night with floodlights), following the exact contour of the horseshoe. It looked like he made it at least 1/3 of the way to the center of the horseshoe and dipped out over the rim, and eventually out of sight. We were astonished.

But then, as if by a miracle, he had put so much spin on this toss, it flattened out about 100 feet down, and that's when the spray from the mighty falls started lifting it back up, up, up, ... it became visible to us again, up, up, up, rising toward the heavens… up, up, up, dangling now 100 feet ABOVE the very center of the horseshoe... it just kept going, and going, and then it started drifting BACK over the water, back towards us again!!!

It then started its decent and finally hit the water a good 600 feet to our right, and we all watched, for at least another 30 seconds for the floating disc to rush by right in front of us, accelerating faster and faster, and finally tumble over the edge and down into the void.

We all just stood there in awe. No BS, the flight lasted a good 2 minutes. None of us will ever forget it.
"you might be addicted to disc golf" if all of your plans revolve around going to the course
and you dont have to worry about ditching your friends cuz they all play with you.

the plate one was pretty good
"ive never done that before lol sucks when you drop and break the plate
they dont bounce quite like plastic
After you Just spent 4 days in the hospital having major foot surgery ! And the first thing you do when you get home b4 going inside is have your kid round up the putters out of the basket in the backyard too get a little practice in!! On crutches! you may be an addict!
Thats why I only own plastic Plates so I can putt them into my sink!
....You try to figure out how many golf discs you can buy with your next paycheck
....You ever screamed YES! as loud as you can in a public park, then wonder why people are looking at you.
....You have ever talked to your discs while they are in flight
.....or you talk to your discs BEFORE they are in flight.......OH, BILLY< BILLY< BILLY....


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