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Let's have some fun ,I will start us off ",You might be addicted to disc golf if" The only multiplication you can do is by three's or, You get upset at Christmas when no wrapped gifts appear to be round, Family vacation has to be near disc golf courses,Your wife asks you weekly, Did you buy another disc today?, Your disc collection cost more than the wifes wedding ring. Keep it goin.

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If you go to visit your family half way across the country that you only see once every year or two, and you print off at least ten courses to play while you're there.
You might be addicted to disc golf if you have your basket set up at work so that you can putt when its slow. (I work weekend mornings at a pizza place and its dead those hours.)
You might be addicted to disc golf:
if you spend more time on the course than you do sleeping.
if your boss knows not to schedule you on Wednesdays because you have league play.
if your thinking about having a basket be your first tattoo.
if you stare out the window, and wonder what par would be to the house down the street.
if you are late for almost every family function because you are out playing a round "real quick".
if it starts to get dark and your first thought is "I have a glow disc, I bet I could get in a round"
when you play 165 holes over 5 days.
when you play at 4 different courses in a single day.
when you sit trying to come up with funny responses to this discussion for a half hour, while at work.
Sweet !!!!
When I first started playing, I rented a house right by the course. It was like having a course in my backyard.
I have more discs up on my wall than pictures.
I never go anywhere without my disc golf bag.
But if you think I'm addicted, you should meet my friend Scooba Steve- he bathes with his discs!
This is a different addiction sorry to break you bubble but the two are not synonymous!!!
If you live in San Antonio, or have been to the Alamo...

and can't help but imagining a nice 9-hole course spread throughout the area. The trees and tourists would be great obstacles!

You might be addicted to disc golf if...

You are still reading this topic
The first thing you do when you get home is fling putters at the basket in your yard.
You leave work early or skip out all together just to play disc golf.
You play disc golf on your lunch hour and take more then the "hour" lunch.
You introduce all your friends and co-workers to the game.
if you skip Christmas shopping to play a round;
on your way to pick up your kid you stop at a park to practice putting for 30 minutes and then get your kid;
you tell your significant other that your going to work (@7am), but play a round instead.
just rented a house on a wide canal, I often wish there was someone on the other side (at least 250' with plenty of tee and green area) that would let me put a basket in their back yard, and huck my discs back to me

does that mean I'm addicted?
If it's pouring down rain and windy as all get out, on Christmas, and your not the only one, then you know that all of us are addicted... :)
Just might be addicted when:
You realize that there are no Disc Golf courses on Fort Carson (with prime land for at least 2 courses) and that's your sole decision on leaving the Army for good.
You and your brother-in-law spend more time on the Course than you spend with your wife (Unless she tags along)
You woke up, hung over from the last night game, extreamly early and clean the entire house so you wont hear a damn word about how you cant go because the house is still dirty.
You shoot a +8 on your home course and still it seems to be a great day.
You are playing for the sixth time ever and have a Tee time of 2pm, Expecting nothing less than -2
You Walk out to the highway off post and decide that you can use the telephone pole laying in the field 20ft below the highway as a pretty darn good hole. (at night....with night lights...That Innova dragon disc was crap anyway.)

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