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My name is Travis and I am a disc golf addict. Ok. I cant believe I am telling this story but here it goes.I was playing Bartholomew park in Austin Texas which is known for eating discs.I usually loose 1-2 every trip there.I went in the canal with the 1st diac I ever bought on hole 11 or so .My yellow Viper was in the canal/sewer where I could see it.The thing about Bart park is,if you stir the water up it gets cloudy and you cant see the disc anymore.So I went into the sewer head first and grabbed my Viper and I still have it today.lol

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I was just pokin fun there Thunder. Did you see the video of the guy getting dragged across the ice on an innertube? That was classic! I'm glad we don't have alot of water hazzard on our courses!
2 girls 1 disc?
I have walked out to the middle of a cove when it was 60 out and there was still ice on the lake....i heard the ice cracking the whole time i was out there.......i still dont know how i didnt fall in.lol
Glad to hear somebody else did that too. You should have been around about io years ago before they cleaned Bart up and there was nothing but raw sewage flowing through it. That's where I learned not to throw in the water. By the way it's my all time favorite course and where I learned how to play.
Rick Chavarria
I've jumped in the creek at a ball golf course many a time to retrieve a stupid little white ball for my golfers many a time... all in the caddy job if they don't have a ball retriever, are adamant they want their ball back, and a club won't reach it...

As for discs, I had a friend climb a tree full of poison ivy for my favorite disc... it's a good thing he isn't allergic to poison ivy! He was all scratched up from climbing the tree shirtless, but he never got poison ivy from it!
I think he should get a bigger tube next time around:)
A few years ago (when sponsored by Discraft) I threw my favorite Comet on the the ice 2 days prior to the event taking place. Any other piece of plastic probably wouldn't have mattered but this was a slightly worn in Comet that flew perfectly for me.

That night a buddy and I wrote up my rescue mission on a napkin at a bar. Maybe that that's an indicator of what's to come. Needless to say, my buddy and I won the tournament but after it was all said and done the real work was just beginning. Watch and enjoy.

Terry Miller's Comet Rescue

PS - I'm not sponsored by Innova so you be the judge if it was all worth it.
Terry your my Hero! he he!
I was playing in a tournament at my home course. On the 2nd hole, I threw my favorite driver over a pond, it hit the far bank and rolled on in the water. We could see it; it wasn't that far in, but we couldn't reach it with a stick. After a little inner-debate, I decided I better go get it or someone else would and I might never see it again. So I'm carefully stepping into the water; it drops off after my third step and suddenly I'm chest deep in the pond. I was cussing it up as I retreived my disc & got out, totally soaked with a whole tournament left to play. Luckily, my car was parked by the hole after next & I had some dry clothes in there. As I awkwardly changed clothes- yes, I had to strip down to my skivies @ the course, trying to hide between my car doors- I realized my Ipod was in my shorts pocket the whole time. :( I developed another temporary case of tourrets as I hurried to catch up to my group. I remember thinking what an omen that must've been to start out that way, but it wasn't. Turns out I won the tournament, my Ipod dried out & still worked after I charged it and I still had my favorite driver. I'm not too eager about getting in ponds anymore, though.
good stories...

this is an interesting discussion. So here's my lil story...My wife and I were playing what turned out to be my favorite course for the first time and it was cold, in fact there was ice on the ground. This course happens to be a private course located on a farm. You the course with black angus cows and one mean old bull...which means they have electric fencing around the grounds. Hole 2 is an awesome 350 downhill straight shot. You tee off out of an opening in the woods and you have to carry 300 feet dead straight or anhyzer or your disc will fade ob over the electric fence. Not too hard usually, but there was a vicious tailwind and we threw 5 times each and most of them went ob...I went to slide under the live fence wires and decided I had plenty of room to hover off of the ice and not touch the wire. WRONG! It felt like God Himself karate chopped me in the back. I flopped on my face rolled under and jumped onto my feet in one motion, and proceeded with the following mental check list: I didn't crap myself, I didnt wet my pants, no heart attack...SWEET. That was rad! Last time we played there I threw 2 discs into steaming piles of cow dung...

ah the joys of Valley View DGC.

So Electricution has been my most interesting disc retrieval story...good times.
Terry, you win.
When Lake Olmstead was first built I threw one of my favorite disc, an CE Firebird into the lake. At that time, there were signs all over the park warning users of the thousands of gallons of overflow from the drainage sewers from a nearby neighborhood. Well a paid very little attention to that caveat and undressed to my boxers and slowly eased my way in. After almost an hr of being chest high it disgusting water I gave up. Well, it gets even better...on my drive home I felt "something" on my leg. I looked down to find a few baby leeches sucking on my precious life juices. After that, I vowed to never get into the lake ever again!! Not only is the lake full of leeches but I have also seen flat worms to go along with the wonderful pungent smell of the decaying plant and animal matter. And you know what, I got that disc back from another golfer about a month ago after it was a resident of the lake for over 10 yrs!!!

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