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My name is Travis and I am a disc golf addict. Ok. I cant believe I am telling this story but here it goes.I was playing Bartholomew park in Austin Texas which is known for eating discs.I usually loose 1-2 every trip there.I went in the canal with the 1st diac I ever bought on hole 11 or so .My yellow Viper was in the canal/sewer where I could see it.The thing about Bart park is,if you stir the water up it gets cloudy and you cant see the disc anymore.So I went into the sewer head first and grabbed my Viper and I still have it today.lol

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31 degrees sick with god knows what playing hudson mills and com up on hole 12 somebody lost there disc in the stagnet pond the nice guy that i am went in after it got his and found three others two of which i returend to their owners the third didnt have a number ended up with the flu for that one
lol i jumped into a stagnet canal for a viper
it was my brothers first disc
he payed me $10 lol

it was nasty tho
You dont want to know what I did. Unless you are a sick freak. Then I'll tell you.
well then were all a bunch of sick freaks! SPILL THE BEANS
I sometimes have more energy than I need. There have been several times when a disc goes up in a tree, even a towering tree, I will always volunteer to go get it, kinda monkey-like, I know. But I'm little enough to climb around and not break the branches, etc.. anyway, my kindness gets the best of me at times. I retrieved a friends disc from a thorny tree and fence once, I don't know if it was the thorns that got me or the barbed-wire feeling fence! I bled and bled, then my hand swelled up, got infected and hurt like a SOB, anyway, at least it was my left hand! So of course this didn't stop me, I did quit climbing into filthy creeks though, one summer I got nasty toe from the swamp! It was unbearable! I'm a nurse, but I can't handle my own blood, guts,or anything like that! Others bld,guts etc, okay!
mine was a gummy champion beast that i threw out on the ice at arboretum park in canton ohio, this was and still is my favorite disc, so i had to make the sacrifice and retreave it, so out on the ice i went, i barely made it out on the ice when it broke thru, at that point i figured oh well i am already soaked so i had to keep breaking the ice till i got to it and headed back to shore, all this time my buddy was laughing his but off at me telling me buy another one, heres the best part, about a year later that was the disc i got my 1st ace at massillon park hole 13 " true story " now this disc resides on my office wall as constant reminder of - my ist ace, a very cold and now funny to remember disc retreaval but most of all the game i love so dearly and a very cold
but i also cant help but wonder if i had not gone out on that ice to get my disc, would i have got that 1st and to date only ace
This isn't really that bad but its still real funny. I showed up at the course last winter and found my buddy mike trying to retrieve his disc off from the thin ice out on the pond. it was @ 40 foot out and all he had was some sticks and some christmas present wrapping ribbon. He was tying all these sticks together and trying to slide them out to the disc. Took a while but he finally got it! must have had 8 or 10 sticks tied together in this wobbly snake. Remember that Mike T?
...Inquiring minds wanna know.
jeff, hope it wasn't in the woods on hole 10.
I free climbed a 3 store college administration building to grab my first ever disc, a Worlds Biggest 2005 Disc, which is a 172 Beast. Still on my wall.

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