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My name is Travis and I am a disc golf addict. Ok. I cant believe I am telling this story but here it goes.I was playing Bartholomew park in Austin Texas which is known for eating discs.I usually loose 1-2 every trip there.I went in the canal with the 1st diac I ever bought on hole 11 or so .My yellow Viper was in the canal/sewer where I could see it.The thing about Bart park is,if you stir the water up it gets cloudy and you cant see the disc anymore.So I went into the sewer head first and grabbed my Viper and I still have it today.lol

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LOL!!!!!!!!!! thanks for reminding me of that special moment!

i forgot all about that. oh my god. im laughing so hard right now. it was a McGyver moment for sure! it was so wobbly. thats when i was in love with that MRV. now i barely throw it. i remember seeing a couple guys in the parking lot just sitting there watching me try and manuver that "snake" of sticks. HEY! it worked didnt it? LOL!!!

it was on hole #1 so i wasnt about to walk out there get all wet and then play a soaked cold round.

didnt you have one out there too?
sure did!
Do you remember when we used the broom handle and those ratchet straps to get our discs off the same ice? Funny thing is I haven't thrown a single disc out there this year! And I've been playing out there plenty!
well i have been in some nasty lakes(lemonlake ,pond at lombard.) but one takes the cake. did i mention an 01 was part of it. murfsbro Tenn. feb. this little 250 hole over a iced over brown water pond. Well this very small twig kicked it straight down in. well i ran striped down and got in instant neddles. about 1min in iwas losing it. AND BAM my friend was in the frozen waters too. ROB SANDRICK!!!!!!! yea and saved my presious 01. thanks
It's was about 55 out around 0800. I'm at Old Settlers in Round Rock TX. #4 is a monster at 1053ft. Just past the bridge across the feeder creek the water is stinky.
The water was fairly clear that morning and I spotted a disk about 10ft out in the water. I took off my shoes and socks and headed in. Every thing was going good, almost there, only about knee deep. Then I lost my footing, slipped in the mud, landed on my keester.
The slip and fall stirred up the mud so bad that after I stood up I could not see the disc anymore. I reached down into the muck and after a few blind grabs I come up with this cool custom stamped Discraft Spectra. The disc was from the Poker Palooza in Brainbridge, MA. I thought to my self " Musta been real windy in MA that day"!
I finished my round, stinky, wet and a bit chilled. The disc was unmarked and hangs on my wall.
Strapped on my Churchhill fins and went for a dip in the model yacht pond at the Bayside temp course in San Diego . In the summer time the water is nasty ass stagnant salt water .! My bud Pete " petes- meat "Staats, driver was just sitting pretty with an air bubble holding it up on the surface about 30meters out . I pulled a ninja raiders of the lost ark move and retrieved it .

This is crazy this has to be the worst way to get a disc.
You must like that disc!!!!
yeah that musta been a gold plated disc! would have been a donation if it were me!
I convinced someone to jump into a water trap to fetch a disc worth about 25 cents.

It was April, in Wisconsin. There was still snow on the ground.
if you were already half in, you might as well have dove for it!
you might have found some others too!

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