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So, I got this new rancho roc and I'm throwing it and all...and I really don't understand what is so special about rocs. It goes about 160+ for me, but no more than 180 feet.

I just don't see why people love rocs so much

Am I not throwing it right or something?

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I was the same way But as a beat my glow roc in more and started throwing with more spin and power i started to see what the fuzz was about I now have 3 rocs in my bag and no other mid ranges because these three disc do everything i need them to do within 250 to 300 feet anything shorter i throw a pro rhyno which is also a great mid range / putter .
I was tryin to throw kinda hard

but I kept throwin stuff over the fence because I was throwin so hard
The Roc is one of the most popular midrange discs ever made...maybe the most popular discs period. Is it an easy disc for a new player to throw...no, absolutely not. They are generally overstable new....It takes some practice to throw one well. What makes them so popular is thier predictability and how they age....the older, the more beat in...the better.

You shouldn't give up on it....give it some time and work it in....beat it up.

Take my advice and pick up a DX Classic Roc in the 169-171 range and learn to throw them both. The Classic is by far easier to throw then the Regular one....simply because it's less stable.

As with John, most Roc throwers carry 2 or more. One that is newer and heavier for stability in a headwind...and another that is older and beat up...making it less stable...usually becoming the 'go to' disc.

good luck and keep'em in the fairway.
maybe try not to throw it hard i found that when i throw it hard i dont go near as far as when i take everything slow and have more control check out this video it helped me .

and as gr8rocshot said the classic roc is also a great mid disc and also good for headwind putting
if you can find one i always loved my pro classic roc
It took me about three years of playing regularly to get to the point that I could throw (BH) a Roc smooth enough and with enough power to get the results I saw others having.

Here's a few of my Roc tidbits.

A Roc will go where you throw it, meaning it holds the line you put on it which can be good for keeping a disc in the fairway. Mistakes are not amplified as much like an overstable distance driver.

Rocs do not skip as much as other discs like distance drivers. I've seen many players have great shots on a 250 ft hole until their "driver" skips 60 ft away from the basket.

Throwing a Roc or another overstable mid-range allows you to throw the disc hard like a driver which helps cut down the number of adjustments (like throwing a driver too hard on a shorter hole and being 80 ft. past). The stability of a Roc helps on windy days but Rocs need some power and spin to cut through the wind.

I've played many tight courses back in the day and there were times I would use my beat-up Roc for most of my drives. Beat-up Rocs make good turnover discs also and are great for hyzer flip shots.

A Wasp is a good alternative but doesn't have the DX feel I want in my mid-range.
uh, nitegolfer

what about the grip?

I think i could get this roc thing down if i figured out the grip

its hard to grip like a destroyer or sumthin cuz the lip is so small
Try a Fork Grip,

Index finger tucked in
Middle Finger fanned
Ring and Pinky finger Tucked in
And try pulling your thumb in off the rim,and pinch down until you can almost feel your index finger on the middle knuckle of your thumb, it helps generate a little more spin with less effort then trying to snap the disc out of your hand. Rocs are my favorite disc and my go too Driver on almost all tighly wooded courses regardless of distance. Super controlable, stick with them!
Kyle Jacob Smalling said:
uh, nitegolfer

what about the grip?

I think i could get this roc thing down if i figured out the grip

its hard to grip like a destroyer or sumthin cuz the lip is so small

I have the opposite problem. Big rim discs are new to me, having thrown the smaller rim discs for a long time and then taking a break from disc golf. I think this is good, though, because I do not have to learn all of the discs but just the newer ones like the Wraith and Destroyer... while someone starting out as a newer player that throws mostly drivers for every shot will need to take some time to learn some of the older discs as well as the newer discs. Most mid-range options out there will have a smaller rim and lip so you may have the same grip problem with them. And, then there is throwing your putter (Aviar or something) as a driver and that disc has an even thinner rim.

One thing that really helped me be better and start throwing Aviars and Rocs better was getting back out with an ultimate disc like an Ultrastar and playing catch 100' to 200' away. Could be outdated advice but your Roc may start to feel like a destroyer after throwing an Ultrastar.

I use the 4 finger power grip (BH) for my drives and approaches. There are other grip options out there but they may not make the Roc any more comfortable in your hand. And that is the bottom line, the feel of the disc in your hand. If the Roc is not working then maybe put it up for a few months and come back to it.
Hey nitegolfer.. thanks for the tips. I currently have a beat in DX Roc and a KC Pro Roc. My Dx is super flippy while my moderately broken in Pro Roc still needs some finesse when I throw it. A pro told me that when you really get the Roc down ... it isn't really too far behind your "go to" driver. I'll put those tips to good use. Interesting post.
How do you guys feel about the panther?

Its and excellent disc for short drives and hard turnover shots
I use a Classic Roc at about 165g.'s. It is a good up-shot, utility and putting disc for me. I am a back hand player and if I get into a situation where I cannot use a backhand shot, the Roc comes in handy for a utility sidearm shot. All Rocs do not do the same thing. Try a Classic Roc. They only come in DX plastic by Innova...so the price of one is under $10.00. To me...The Classic is the best.
Hope this helps.
How do you guys feel about the panther?

To be perfectly honest...it's not a very popular disc. Most of the experienced players will not have a Panther...maybe some will...but I don't know anybody besides you who still uses one.

I had a Panther a long time ago...and at that time time it was an ok disc...Now days there are a lot better discs for those fairway drivers or longer mid shots.

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