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Do you think people should bring there dog to the DGC ?

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My Dog would be a terror if I brought him out to tourney rounds. He's headstrong, 18 months old, and about 80 pounds... Now, if I'm holding him on a lead, he's perfect. He'll walk at MY pace, he'll ignore all distractions, and sit when I tell him to. But if his leash is merely attached to something his territory to explore becomes any area he can reach, and if he's just attached to my bag that becomes anywhere he can drag the bag.

I love taking Atticus out for casual rounds, he's a lot of fun, and when me and my friend Evan play speed-golf in the mornings he gets a lot of exercise from running with the timer/scorer. But a PDGA Sanctioned, or really ANY money round? I'm going to leave him at home in his crate to chill out for a while with his favorite rawhide and some water.

I've seen plenty of dogs during casual rounds, most mind their own business and one will even retrieve bad shots from the bottom of the creek. I like having them around for casual rounds. I would even love to be able to take mine to tournaments with me since it would make logistics of out of town weekenders easier, but I understand that not everyone wants them there and people should respect that.
Do to the fact that a lot of dog owners never took the time to train their pet, no.
However, my dog, MOLLY, Is a well behaved dog that enjoys playing along with us. I known it is illegal in our park, but I have never cared about that. The poop issue is straight forward- pick it up- or throw it off into the woods.
i agree...no dogs in tournament play, but i bring Dakota (he's an 8 year old Husky) out almost every day i disc. he loves being out on the course, been going with me since he was a puppy!
I am an avid dog lover, and love petting peoples dogs at the parks, but are we forgetting the dog piles that get left in the fairway?!? During tournaments...no way, They shouldn't be allowed in the playing areas similar to a baseball field or football field. Sorry, my personal feelings on the matter. We all know that everyone with a dog does not clean up the poop, caca, dookie or whatever you what to call it, so nope. Leave Fido at home or take him to the "DOG PARK" where he gets to play.

I think Ill go play a round !
I think dogs are okay if they are well behaved. Some dogs I have witnessed just run around and bark, and at the worst time, I watched a dog chase a disc after the players drive. Those dogs need to be left at home. My positive experiences with dogs are those that sit or lay down by the players bags, friendly with all the players, and do not bark what so ever. The dog was awesome, and I dont mind that dog to tag along.
I'm sorry if I seem like a *%(*)^ but dogs go with frisbees not discs. No dogs should be allowed on the disc golf course whatsoever. No exceptions, well maybe guide dogs for blind golfers. Dogs do not understand when it is time to be quiet, nor usually do their owners understand when to be quiet. Find a park with out the disc golf for your dog walk. And if you have to play disc golf then you are letting your dog down, take the animal somewhere it can run free.
My dog goes to the park with me almost every casual round I play. He always knows when I'm going and gets excited, because he knows that he's going, too. But never to a PDGA tourny. And I clean up after him, too.
Absolutely dogs should not be at a tournament, for anyones sake and/or personal damage to dog/disc.
My dog moe is an absolute fan of DG and loves everytime i take him. It did take me 3 years of training him and now has been avidly watching for six. i play in tournaments and leave him at home. as for casual play, i wouldn't be out taking him for a "walk" so i think he thanks his lucky stars i play and an addict.....
he knows where to pooper and i clean it up. people all know my dog and usually don't mind him at all.
duke is tha shit
I think that if its a dog that knows whats up then its all good, but make sure that your buddies know when good ole Duke is comming out.


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