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Do you think people should bring there dog to the DGC ?

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duke is tha shit
I dont think there would be a problem if they brought a dog as a spectator to the championship. I think any player who brought one wasnt there to win, that would have to hurt your focus. But as the casual round I dont see why not. I love to bring my dog, he is great, when i practice he goes and gets the disc for me HAHA. We have the parks (some at least) for people to have outdoor activities like dog walking and playing so courses will and should have dogs allowed (as long as its legal i.e. leash laws.)
Like others have posted here; I agree a dog is fine on the course during casual rounds AND on a leash AND controlled.

I was bitten by a dog while a child which disfigured my upper lip, thus am leary of un-restrained dogs.

We have had many experiences on the course with dogs, so far so good. The park has posted the normal signage of 'pets on leashes' and reminded the public of the city ordinace stating the same. I have contacted the parks department and the city police but the problem persists. Its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt and we all know that means; lawsuit!

We let this golfer and company play through when the dog came running up from the previous hole while we were teeing off. The owners at the time were still teeing off on the previous hole. They were yelling for the dog from over 300' away! Stupid!

I love dogs, but I was at a tourney last week and shot 4 strokes worse the second round while playing on the same card as a person with their dog off the leash. Last year at the friz I had to play two rounds with a checkered dog (it was a standard poodle with a blue and green checkerboard pattern from head to paw) with a bad habit of fetching discs during the round. Coolest dog, but almost impossible to concentrate around. Casual play is fine, but tourney play should be a no.
Depends on both the dog and the owner. I have no problem with a well-mannered dog, and an owner who doesn't leave crap on the course. I'm a dog owner and lover, but personally, I prefer to leave mine home as he distracts my game.
Do we think we own the parks?
If my wife wants to bring our dogs
to a park even during tournament play
that is her perogative. If i'ts too
distracting for you maybe you should
focus on your game instead of our dogs.
Yes bring your dog to a course ON A LEASH. and PICK UP THE POOP. dont bring it to any tourneys or even league play. but for casual play sure your dog would love to go to a course and get some out side time. but even then have control over your dog .
i sometimes take our dog on casual rounds or when playing alone. she would never hurt anyone and does not bother discs. i pick up after her and even pick up after other dogs. i also pick up litter especially glass and sometimes shovel tees to help offset any negativity from bringing her.
I guess all this hub bub about dogs and courses, on one hand what type of course is it. Is it a public park with discgolf baskets within the park? or is it a private owned property for discgolf. And now for the dog owners....do you know the fines for dogs off leash in public parks and have you properly trained your dog not to chase, grab, catch, disrupt the throw of you and or any other discgolfer on any other hole or even team mates your playing with.......Do you ask yourself to please refrain your friend to bring a dog or to tell someone with a dog in a public park with a dog off leash , do you say to them please do not let your dog bite my expensive disc?? friendly events can happen with interaction. some people enjoy dogs some do not each to their own............i love dogs and i love tournaments if you bring your dog to a tournament or private course please just keep them on a leash or don't bring one if you can. public fun is all fun and just remember off leash dog fines can be expensive and alot of people have cell phones so question is common sense??????
Agreed with most. Tournaments- definitely not. Casual rounds- yes BUT only if the dog is leashed and well behaved. I would say it'd be cool if they were well behaved enough that you wouldn't have to leash your dog... but then that leaves it up to the owner... and from my experience with people EVERYONE thinks their dog is just the greatest and most well behaved dog in the world.

I played quite a few rounds this summer with a guy with a little dog that he had leashed to his bag. The dog could only pull the bag a few feet before wearing itself out... haha.
oh yeah... pick up your dogs little brown presents... they aren't a pleasant present when your disc is in or within inches of being in those brown presents ;)

Had to try to make it sound a little funny/ retarded
Land mines? that what i call them . cause when you step in one you tend to BLOW UP. lol

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