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I have been looking for a good pair of shoes to wear during my DG rounds...I live in a pretty arid state, but I run across a fair amount of water. I have tried the Bite shoes that are specifically made for Disc Golf, but the interior of the shoe is a bit weak and has worn out. I want to find something better...

Any suggestions?

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I've been using my Bite shoes for a couple of years, and they are holding up very well. I rotate between three different pair (two high, one low). BITE took the high road and developed a product FOR disc golf, and then went the extra mile to support and sponsor tournaments and players.

My only beef with Bite is that with their recently being purchased by Crocs, they are now "corporate". Good luck getting any information from anyone about disc golf shoes. It's almost like Crocs wiped Bite disc golf support off the map. They either have something really big planned and don't want to let the cat out of the bag, or they are discontinuing the line. I hate corporations.

As far as Salomon goes, I only have experience with their climbing boots, and I was never really impressed with the quality of the product. If they are so supportive of disc golf, why don't they make a disc golf boot/shoe? THAT is what really impressed me about Bite. A small company can go for it when it comes to developing new products ... huge companies like Salomon are CORPORATIONS and they don't really care much about anything but the bottom line. Look at all the disc golfers who fanatically support Salomon and piss on the little companies who are actually DOING something NEW for the sport. Do you honestly think Salomon gives a hoot about disc golf ... I think not. I have a feeling this is what will happen to Bite now that it's owned by a large company. They will probably offer some foam/plastic garbage with a higher price than what Bite shoes used to cost and call it an improvement. OK ... Bitter rant over.
yah, BITE is and was small, they needed to 'tune-in' to another sport, or go under. Don't think BITE was 'all about' the sport.. they jumped into the market for $$$$$ potential - as every successful company does. ;Being small, this was a acceptable risk for them to take.

as for Solomon making a "disc golf' specific shoe.... well, the result would be what happen to BITE's disc golf line.. fizzle fizzle fizzle.
Salomon, being a smart company (corp.) markets disc golf type shoes in a more broad 'Multi-Sport' or 'X-Mountain' category - hence larger target audience. For a smart and simple reason: disc golfers make up like, gee, i don't know, maybe ....... 1% of customers.
this is what is called: "Business and Marketing"
bottom line, EVERY FOOT IS DIFFERENT and therefor there is NO RIGHT or WRONG choice.

i am sorry to hear that Crocs bought BITE, I really liked the fact that BITE DID support tournaments and disc golf in general. - bitter retort over. ;-)

Just Released: the new Crocs 'Disc Golfer Pro' model: only 59.99!!
sorry, couldn't help myself ;-)
Is that for real? Like the previous poster I to tried to contact Bite because their new site has no info whatsoever about the different shoes they offer and the fact that there is no longer any mention of a disc golf line. Guess what they won't even reply! My company was bought before and when I heard about the croc deal I was worried and apparently for good reason!
I just got some waterproof Merrells w/ GoreTex. The style I got is a women's style: Merrell Siren Sport Gore-Tex XCR Cross-Training Shoes, but I'm sure they have a male equivalent. I love them so far!
i usually wear a good pair of pumas when i play, they have good grip and they dont grip too much on they tee pad. the only thing is that the sole wears away kind of fast on the ball of my right foot because of the follow through spin.
this game is hard on shoes, isn't it? I have a pair of Salomon, I love them for river running but I'd rather keep my feet dry during a round of golf, went thru several pairs of New Balance trail runners, they just seem to tear up a lil quick, if it's muddy, I used to play in Nike 3/4 Land Sharks, football soft cleats not too good on dry ground or teeboxes, even tried Timberland hybrids but the sole was too soft and wore a lil fast due to the concrete tees
what I wear now are Durham, which is a division of NB, mainly boots but some serious trail running shoes, super light, the ones I'm currently wearing weigh 14 oz., just under a pound which you will definitley notice towards the end of that second round, trust me
i like them so well I bought two more pairs and put them in the closet, which is a saying alot since I've been thru Nike, Salomon, Timberland, Hi-Tec, New Balance, etc etc etc
but I will say this, I have Not tried the Bite shoes, so they may be great, but as of now, I may not ever try them
BTW, you can find the Durnham shoes online at NB Web Express, and they always run sales
These are what I wear when its dry. They're super grippy and ultra-light, only problem is the lack of the gore-tex. This is my 2nd pair of Garmont's. The first lasted for almost 3 solid years and I still wear them, just not for dg anymore.- 'cause my new one's are soo sic.

I'm in the market for some wet weather kicks right now. I don't know, the guy who made the first response pretty much sold me on the Vasque Catalyst's. I also read a # of very positive customer reviews of the Vasque's. But, the rest of Garmont's line-up looks mighty solid.
I don't even know the brand, but I stopped and bought a pair of waterproof hiking boots for $24.00, at yes Wal-mart of all places, in Lafayette, IN when I realized I forgot to put my other ones in the car on the way to Chicago to play.
These things are the best fitting, driest boots I ever had.
Started with Merrills and they were comfortable but didn't last a season, was going to try Bite but everyone I knew was having problems with them lasting so I went to Salomon and love them. They lasted all last season with out a scratch and still look fairly new. I don't think I will change anytime soon. They have great traction and secure the ankle for those rough hikes in Montana.
As far as durability goes I personally don't think that ANY of the shoes mentioned hold up. Especially Merell's...

Through 3 years of searching I found The grippiest, most durable (even for toes dragger's), comfortable with high arcs, wide bottom for less ankle rolls, and I am not a rep, sales agent, nor do I work for the company. The soles are practically indestructible and the inside conforms to your foot literally. A friend had bought a pair and recommended them to me. I bought my pair a year and half ago and have yet to find any flaws. I will continue to use the same pair all next year as well, I'm sure of it. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, they're only $100.


ummm, NOT WATERPROOF - what in gods name is the $100 for?? these should be a $60 pair of shoes. I like them, but $100 bucks for mesh is crazy... no Vibram sole - hmmm... I'll pass, thanks.

gator compatible?
the Durnhams I spoke of earlier are around a hundred bucks too, but if you watch the NB Web Express, you can pick them up for half of that, but that means you have to buy before the need arises to get a good deal


check out the 613 and the 815


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