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I have been looking for a good pair of shoes to wear during my DG rounds...I live in a pretty arid state, but I run across a fair amount of water. I have tried the Bite shoes that are specifically made for Disc Golf, but the interior of the shoe is a bit weak and has worn out. I want to find something better...

Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the recommendation...I like the Salomons, but the toe box seems to be a bit small, also, do they provide you with the replacement before they break, or are you SOL if they break in a tourney?
indeed, I like to express them :)
you can get a pair before they break, contact a local Salomon dealer, they should have spare pairs, free - you could also contact Salomon directly to request some sent to you.
yah, BITE is and was small, they needed to 'tune-in' to another sport, or go under. Don't think BITE was 'all about' the sport.. they jumped into the market for $$$$$ potential - as every successful company does. ;Being small, this was a acceptable risk for them to take.

as for Solomon making a "disc golf' specific shoe.... well, the result would be what happen to BITE's disc golf line.. fizzle fizzle fizzle.
Salomon, being a smart company (corp.) markets disc golf type shoes in a more broad 'Multi-Sport' or 'X-Mountain' category - hence larger target audience. For a smart and simple reason: disc golfers make up like, gee, i don't know, maybe ....... 1% of customers.
this is what is called: "Business and Marketing"
bottom line, EVERY FOOT IS DIFFERENT and therefor there is NO RIGHT or WRONG choice.

i am sorry to hear that Crocs bought BITE, I really liked the fact that BITE DID support tournaments and disc golf in general. - bitter retort over. ;-)

Just Released: the new Crocs 'Disc Golfer Pro' model: only 59.99!!
sorry, couldn't help myself ;-)
this game is hard on shoes, isn't it? I have a pair of Salomon, I love them for river running but I'd rather keep my feet dry during a round of golf, went thru several pairs of New Balance trail runners, they just seem to tear up a lil quick, if it's muddy, I used to play in Nike 3/4 Land Sharks, football soft cleats not too good on dry ground or teeboxes, even tried Timberland hybrids but the sole was too soft and wore a lil fast due to the concrete tees
what I wear now are Durham, which is a division of NB, mainly boots but some serious trail running shoes, super light, the ones I'm currently wearing weigh 14 oz., just under a pound which you will definitley notice towards the end of that second round, trust me
i like them so well I bought two more pairs and put them in the closet, which is a saying alot since I've been thru Nike, Salomon, Timberland, Hi-Tec, New Balance, etc etc etc
but I will say this, I have Not tried the Bite shoes, so they may be great, but as of now, I may not ever try them
BTW, you can find the Durnham shoes online at NB Web Express, and they always run sales
Is that for real? Like the previous poster I to tried to contact Bite because their new site has no info whatsoever about the different shoes they offer and the fact that there is no longer any mention of a disc golf line. Guess what they won't even reply! My company was bought before and when I heard about the croc deal I was worried and apparently for good reason!
These are what I wear when its dry. They're super grippy and ultra-light, only problem is the lack of the gore-tex. This is my 2nd pair of Garmont's. The first lasted for almost 3 solid years and I still wear them, just not for dg anymore.- 'cause my new one's are soo sic.

I'm in the market for some wet weather kicks right now. I don't know, the guy who made the first response pretty much sold me on the Vasque Catalyst's. I also read a # of very positive customer reviews of the Vasque's. But, the rest of Garmont's line-up looks mighty solid.
I don't even know the brand, but I stopped and bought a pair of waterproof hiking boots for $24.00, at yes Wal-mart of all places, in Lafayette, IN when I realized I forgot to put my other ones in the car on the way to Chicago to play.
These things are the best fitting, driest boots I ever had.
I have to disagree, the 2 pairs of Salomons that I tried fell apart after 3 rounds. Since then I have been sponsored by BITE and each pair has lasted at least 20 tournaments plus practice rounds
Started with Merrills and they were comfortable but didn't last a season, was going to try Bite but everyone I knew was having problems with them lasting so I went to Salomon and love them. They lasted all last season with out a scratch and still look fairly new. I don't think I will change anytime soon. They have great traction and secure the ankle for those rough hikes in Montana.
As far as durability goes I personally don't think that ANY of the shoes mentioned hold up. Especially Merell's...

Through 3 years of searching I found The grippiest, most durable (even for toes dragger's), comfortable with high arcs, wide bottom for less ankle rolls, and I am not a rep, sales agent, nor do I work for the company. The soles are practically indestructible and the inside conforms to your foot literally. A friend had bought a pair and recommended them to me. I bought my pair a year and half ago and have yet to find any flaws. I will continue to use the same pair all next year as well, I'm sure of it. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, they're only $100.


ummm, NOT WATERPROOF - what in gods name is the $100 for?? these should be a $60 pair of shoes. I like them, but $100 bucks for mesh is crazy... no Vibram sole - hmmm... I'll pass, thanks.

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