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I have been looking for a good pair of shoes to wear during my DG rounds...I live in a pretty arid state, but I run across a fair amount of water. I have tried the Bite shoes that are specifically made for Disc Golf, but the interior of the shoe is a bit weak and has worn out. I want to find something better...

Any suggestions?

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I got the NF Hedgehogs and I totally agree with Donny on this one- THEY ARE MONEY! I did pay full price for mine ($109.99) but after wearing them for a few months I honestly think that I will pick up another pair as soon as I have the extra cash laying around because they are perfect for DG and are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! Just hope they carry them long enough for me to get my hands on some more (I prefer black, which most stores don't carry so I went to my local shoe store and tried on the ones that they had, which were olive color, just to see what size I would need, and then ordered them in the black/foil grey color and I couldn't be happier!) I wanted to try the Keens but due to the fact that they are only available online and I couldn't actually physically try them on and check them out I decided to go with the Hedgehogs and I'm glad I did! 10/10!

Oh and for those with bad ankles looking for a lil more support The North Face makes them in mids too.....
I had the same concern when I first looked into them, and actually whe I tried them on in a shoe store I was really on the fence due to the amount of grip they had (granted they were a brand new pair and the floor was hardwood, like a basketball court) and thought the same thing (torque on the plant knee) but on concrete or dirt they are perfect! I found that my feet used to hurt after a few long rounds but I feel like I could play round after round nonstop until the end of time and my feet would be good as gold in these! Perfect amount of grip and support and are very comfortable in any stance/angle (normal throws, straddle, standing on a slope, whatever!)

Try 'em now-Thank me later.......
I like comfort in a shoe...ya know what they say? ...you should put the best products between you and the ground.....shoes, tires, and mattress.....lol!! 100+ is pushing it....60ish is do-able. They did allow you to pivot good on concrete tees? How aggressive the finish on the tees?

I'm the same way...I need to try on shoes first...so online isn't something I'm comfortable doing. How did they size? Were they big or small for the fit?
I've paid more for way less of a shoe, these things are worth thier weight in gold, Donnie got an AWESOME deal! Good pivot and very "solid" feeling when trying to get good footing or in an akward stance- Awesome base for putting stance, I swear I putt noticably better with them, played on all surfaces and the some fairly aggressive, and even crappy (concrete popping off and rocks showing through) and pivot just fine. I will add that these shoes do have one downfall- wet wood (Donnie feel free to share your experience). Not branches or anything like that but for instance throwing from a wooden bridge in the rain, they can be VERY slick! I noticed this when I was walking across some old/semi scummy 2x6 wooden planks and decided that if running on wood like that a wrong step could result in a nasty spill, but not real sure if any shoes, short of metal cleats/ice spikes, would really grip that much better under the same circumstances. The sole is made by vibram and really can only be described as being like tire rubber (imagine slamming on the brakes on an old wooden bridge and sliding, but having superior traction otherwise).

For me the fit was perfect, I wear an 11 in most shoes (sometimes a 10.5 in certain shoes that run small) so I tried on an 11, liked the fit of the 11's I tried on in the store, went home and ordered them in an 11 and the pair I got fit just as perfectly as the ones I tried on, no break in period, just plain perfect straight outta the box. Got 'em wet, waterproof as a mofo, had to take a stance in some mud (the muck kind that when you step into you're pretty much standing in water) and my feet stayed perfectly dry, I then proceded to walk to the nearby stream and swish my foot around in the water, almost to the knot in my laces to wash off all the nasty muck and feet never got wet or cold. Not sure bout you but after my feet get wet I feel like garbage. I hate the feeling of wet feet and this was one of the many selling points, for me, in purchasing these particular shoes and while I havent owned them for 10 years it seems like I will................
Thanks for all the info...that's awesome!! They sound worth it. There's nothing you can do about slimy wet wood...been there...done that!! lmao
These are the ones I got...


And if you order online be sure to specify MENS Hedgehog shoe or you might get these in the mail- ROTFLMMFAO!

Oh shit!!! Bahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Might work for a tourney as the rest of the field would have to go home to change after they pissed themselves laughing......
The best disc golf shoes is a loaded statement....
the ones great for disc golf R ones which the soles R molded up the side (so U can't peel the sole off), they have a toe-cap and R waterproof. The most important thing is that they fit well.... how R U going to throw good shots if your feet hurt?
TRY THEM ON BEFORE U BUY THEM!!!!! (go to a store and try them on... then look for deals online.. or just get them at the store.. w/e)
There R a ton of really good shoes out there. Trail running shoes seem to be the ticket for disc golf. Vibram soles R good for when it's dry, but once the tees get wet the vibram soles R no bueno... they don't work well at all. The softer rubber soles have better grip.
I really like the Keen Ochoco I used last yr through this spring (they R the best shoes I have used for disc golf, and I have used a lot of shoes... and blown-out a lot of shoes as well). They R super comfortable, have great grip and the best waterproofing I have had in a shoe. They lasted longer than any other shoe I have ever used... 5 months +
Keen seems to have the most durable and comfortable shoes IMO.(and they support/ sponsor disc golfers, which is sweet!) Salamons are comfortable but don't hold-up to disc golf movements, the same goes for most other brands.
The main thing to look for are: soles R molded up the side, toe-cap and waterproofing
Merrell Maipo shoes are #1 in every shape form or fashion.

I love them, they love me, 2 months and holding strong. I'm figuring by the wear I see so far I have about 4 to 5 more months on these.

I took my solomon back b/c they slipped on slush. Vibram soles grip much better

Just Make Sure you try them on first and make sure they are comfortable.

Also make sure they have good grip.

No shoe is exactly 100% perfect in every condition. Icy Teepads , Thick Mud , running water and slimmy wood are tough conditions to play on , so be careful of where you stand and plant your feet.

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