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I just found out from steveo that someone stole the basket from #7 at waterworks In ypsi. Could anyone give me a good reason to steal a basket????????????

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I could probably put a few reasons why a person would steal a basket but I'm sure Terry wouldn't appreciate them!
We caught a kid trying to auction a basket off on ebay that he stole from a local park here in the minneapolis suburbs. He had a pic of the basket on Ebay which didn't have a pole at the bottom. His claim was that he was working on his low putting and that's why he had a basket without a pole. Total BS. This kid either sawed off or disconnected the basket at the pole.

We notified the police and the police were able to confiscate the basket. I don't know if charges were presented.

We did a lot of research on this perp, including finding his myspace page. We posted comments tons of comments on his page about his perspective on stealing. He had some humor out of it, but we're glad the basket was returned to the park/rec dept. that paid for it.
cuz they are a low life no job having disgrace to DG loser..... about as "family friendly" as it can be said.

anyone who steals a basket is obviously new to the sport, or they hate DG for some unknown reason. yes there are people out there that dont like DG.... i know its hard to believe!!

some people are just that stupid.
I've actually thought a lot about this, Peter. It's mystifying. If you have the equipment and a vehicle to actually go about stealing one, then surely you have the ability to earn a couple hundred dollars and buy one?

The stolen one at Waterworks is terrible. The Ann Arbor Club paid for all of those baskets. If any of the guys who play there a lot want to contact the city public works, please let them know that I have on remaining extra Chainstar that I will give them to put in to replace that one. My phone is 734.355.0431. (I do not have time to call and find out who to talk to, but I think the guy in charge of PW is "Bill" something.)
Horrible news, For you guys ..When I lived in Wichits Falls , TX . someone would constantly steal the baskets #2,#3 . I wrote the City and complained, they did reinstall the baskets that were stolen , so I guess that was cool .
It's a problem from time to time in KC too. I've had to replace two different baskets at WyCo in Bonner Springs since the course went in in 2001. But I know Water Works and Rosedale have had some stolen too. We found one being sold at a garage sale and one that was stolen from Olathe was just sitting in a guy's back yard about ten miles from there so we went in and took it back.

I guess some people are just thieves and a thief that plays disc golf may decide it's easier to steal a practice basket than buy one. Low life jerks is putting it mildly.
All i can say is what do you xpect itz grove road ypsi . Ive lived there mosta my life and ill keep a ear out 4 who stole that basket . I would like to think that a course around there would help kidz get into disc golf,but it will probly just help disc golfers turn into crack headz. make change or be made 2 change!
Im not into karma or anything like that but I hope they miss every practice putt they make on the stolen baskets. That would be fitting, don't you think?
Or it falls over onto them and breaks both legs-- and I am into karma.
3 baskets have been stolen in Rochester, NY in the last 3 years. Two of them were eventually found. It appears there are basket-stealing douches all over. I think they are the same type of people that can't seem to recall how many throws they've taken. I've had the displeasure of playing with a couple of those kind a few times also.
Guys, believe it or not, there are lots of people - and not just women - who wince at the sight of the "douche" word. It's not as private in here as you think. And we've got quite a few juniors around. Word to the wise.
I dunno, but we've been having this problem over the last year (or so) at several of the local courses here in NorCal. My guess is that the people who do this are either A: Stupid Scum-Bags, B: Looking for Drug Money, C: A Total Loser who doesn't understand the underlying philosophy of the Sport or D: All of the above (my personal choice). We've been trying to deal with this in NorCal since a private course (Browns&Bows) was closed do to the theft of 3-4 baskets! Can you believe that? I could name names, but I won't as we are trying to deal with this issue in private.
The question becomes, how do we prevent such losses in the future?

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