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I just found out from steveo that someone stole the basket from #7 at waterworks In ypsi. Could anyone give me a good reason to steal a basket????????????

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we have alot of problems with stuff just being messed up for no aparent reson.... I once found our practice basket(wich is an old pos but it is our pos) in the woods across the street from the practice green( green lol we wishl acctually it is a huge circle of dirt) anyway our bench and trash barrel on hole 6 are both at the bottom of a 20 cliff in a frozen creek... this spring the club will have to go dig them out.... that will be a fun day!

anyway i guess any sport that attracts teens is going to have some of that ... sorry about your basket that is always a dissapointment
We have had problems with random acts of vandalisim up here in Humboldt as well. The Redwood Curtain DGC in Arcata used to have nice hand made signs at each hole, then one day I went up there after the yearly coarse closeure to find peces of the wood signs spread all over the coarse. I wouldn't mind geting a few minutes alone with these theves and vandals, maby I could teach them a little bit of manners and respect.
im from fond du lac wisconsin and last fall we had two of our baskets stolen and we have an open on april 5th!!!! i have no idea what the plans are for the open. all ikno is that it takes a person with absolutely no life to steal them.
That sucks. I'm from Campbellsport, and I'll keep an eye out for them.

On a more positive note, one of our club committee members saw an old basket sitting by the side of the road (actually, another club member saw it and alerted him) and stopped in to check it out. Turns out it was one of the baskets that were taken from UW-Parkside a couple of years ago. The person throwing it out had no idea what it was nor what it's value was.
Some people steal because they don't know how not to.
could be the gosh-darn dopers too; out at all hours of the night running about with no goals in sight. (except the "frisbee goal")
You guys think thats bad, I once lived in Kalamazoo, MI where disc golf is huge. There was this pro-shop there called the "Ace Place" ,in the out-skirts, that was AWESOME. It was so hard to go there and not spend money, total kid-in-a-candy-store syndrome; but anyways some souless prick broke in and stole all the merchandise, including the rare collectables >:( Now this wonderful piece of disc golf heaven is no more >:(

I played out there a couple months ago and was wondering where the basket went. Then I read the story about it in the MFA meeting minutes. Pretty sweet deal that they found it. Sucks that some idiot would do it though.
I think that is a good idea...What should be done at or before the time of installation is the City Park Dept. Engrave their info on each one in a location on the basket that is hard to remove without killing the funtion. If it is stolen for scrap metal then everyone is SOL. I also heard someone mentioning about filling the base installation tube from below the basket cage to the bottom with cement to help with idiots cutting them off. One other thing is the Police Dept has the stickers for bicycles that are extremely hard to remove and have a number that is designated as yours. Why couldn't they do something like that for the DG baskets...All they would need to know is the Brand/Manufacturer, Basket Style, Location and hole #. ie. Innova DisCatcher Pro (permanent) Freedlander Park Hole 1-18...That way if one does get stolen and you say it is from hole 6 they will know exactly which basket it is.
That's got to be a joke...The Dopers I know are to lazy to even steal a basket...They would come up with the idea but never follow though..The crackheads on the otherhand are another story.
They steal them for the money that someone esle will pay them for a basket of their own. We had a guy here, his nickname was, is, (tatoo). He travels around like he is on the run, driving a light brown chevy four door car. Handicap license plate, South Carolina tag. He goes into the water holes at different courses and takes the discs to sell to anyone who will buy them. We knew about the discs being taken and sold, but last week a guy was here from Athens, Ga., he told one our local players that Tatoo offered baskets for $100.00 each. Tatoo has disapeared from our course but he is out there somewhere doing his thing. Trying to make money off disc golfers.
They do it because we enable them by buying stolen properties. Not just in little things, a government can be and is also a thief by taxing people out of their homes and then selling them to others. WE enable this. If on the other hand the thief had to keep all that stuff he stole, he would soon become so encumbered he could never take another thing!! We are having problems with people stealing the copper roofs off of churches! People stealing heat pumps for the metal value in it. People stealing exhaust systems off of cars! People even stealing the switching cables on commuter trains. These people care nothing for human life, any other person, or the local environment which they are daily destroying. The have only been and continue to be just a drain on society. In answer to the question, there IS no good reason to steal a basket.

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