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I just found out from steveo that someone stole the basket from #7 at waterworks In ypsi. Could anyone give me a good reason to steal a basket????????????

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How long ago did that happen?
It was etiher last summer or the summer before, thinking about it most likely 2006. Brad Wendt was working at Elver in Madison and had his bag taken out of his truck. Worst part was that it was his tournament bag, including the discs, and he basically had to start over with unknown new plastic.
We have lost a few baskets in the Milwaukee area. They seeem to go in streaks. Lost 3 in a two week period a couple of years ago.

Most of the times it seems to be someone who isn't really into the local disc golf scene and just assumes that if a basket is 'lost', the parks will just buy a new one. No different than if you steal a park bench, picnic table or other public item. When the problems start, one of the first thing we do is to post up signs that state how the baskets are bought by and replaced by fellow disc golfers and then make sure the course stays a basket short for awhile. A few 'if you know who took hole #7, please tell them to bring it back so we all can play on a complete course again' type signs has resulted in us getting one or two back. via 'anonymous dropoff'.

Of course there are exceptions to the casual player who just doesn't get it type profile. When we lost three in a hurry, we assumed that someone was setting up baskets on private property somewhere and was looking to complete a course. Being a private course owner, I really can't understand that as you could never invite friends over without worrying that someone would rat you out. But if the siutation was remote enough, and the few friends who were involved were also in on the theft, perhaps it could be feasible.

I do think it would be a good idea if a manufacturer would put serial numbers on the baskets they make. It would also help if the baskets were a bit more theft proof when purchased. I can put a lock on a DGA basket and attach it to a sleeve that is sunk in cement, but anyone with a couple of wrenches can take out a single bolt and slide the basket out within 60 seconds.
To prevent: I would like to see rebar being cemented in, sideways so that even a truck cannot pull it out, and cement filled poles to ruin any saws. Also, serial numbers etched into the pole, basket, and chains for easy identification if ever found, also making it less likely to be stolen.

Playing Brown Park my first few years, I remember an entire course worth of baskets being stolen. I can't imagine who it is, can someone seriously steal a basket and then go play a tournament there and look ANYONE in the eyes?

These people's heads as number plates might just stop this. They should have to do community service of mowing the course for the rest of their lives when caught, and be stripped of the right to ever play again.

I put so much effort into Waterworks and to see this happen drives me insane. Whoever stole it better hope I never cross their path.

Being as this is YPSI, it was probably stolen by a crackhead to sell as scrap metal at a junk yard.
thatz my guezz 4 chure scrap metal iz about the only way i could see if not a disc golfer but ive been asking questions around town, there are sum shady non pdga discerz around there.
anyone look on ebay lately to see if anyone selling a "shady" baskets?
umm... for putting practice?

Seriously tho, as we are finalizing the Rose Park Flying Disc Center and Professional Disc Golf Community Course, (see www.NRDGA.com member photos section) I am seriously considering some excellent ways to catch such a thief.
1. tracking devices! Like, some chip that can weather sitting in the hollow tube of the basket which the thief knows nothing about. And all we have to do is, dial a phone number and the thing is fouind by a nearby cell phone tower, and pinpoints exactly where the devil is.

2. Some photo observations which could begin recording as soon as something in a basket is totally severed.

3. I also like the idea of the exploding paint thingy like they use in banks. Not sure if that would allow us to find the devil though.

Anyway.. hope you catch the culprit
As we are thinking about the same thing and it is very very essential in Russia, could you please let me know what kind of tracking devices you thinking about. May be a link to a producer's page? Thanks
Hi Hwicha,
Will do... and congrats on your country's victorious female in the Australian Open yesterday!
Okay, so here is the prelim results.. For tracking devices.

Very commercial use system., However this system is more for a car.. where it fuses into the electrical system.. no doubt this could be converted to battery power. The kicker is that the system costs maybe $30 a month!

or so possibly this.. with already using battery power.. (would have to convert to some solar recharger, for when the system is sitting in -not stolen- mode.
But still a monthly fee..
Last but not least.. there is this...

So the question is - rather cool i think- when is it worth it? I would love to see the day when one of these types of tools are on all baskets.. and then the subsequent day comes along, When we all go.. and see a basket missing.. then running to the nearest computer, we are merely a mouse click away from finding its exact location! AHHHHHHH. Who would we call first? The local police or the local PDGA pros? :-)
Then There is THIS,

Take a look at shareware that records video, and saves whereever you ask, based on motion detection! I imagine.. motion detectors turning/shining some lights onto a given basket being disturbed.. and faithfully recording every part of the episode, if it didn't stop after the lights went out.. and lets say, the camera angle will be perfect for capturing everything leading up to the moment when the lights get busted.. anyway
See at...
We have this problem at Kensington, at least 3 pins get taken each year, Hole #4 especialy. Beleive me if these people every caught there is gonna be a long line of people who want to "chat" with them!!! I say if you catch the person who does it you don't replace the pin, you just cement their feet into the ground and use them for the pin!! Yea i get a little mad about this subject. I'm shure this one of the reasons that they are gonna pull the course.


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