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I just found out from steveo that someone stole the basket from #7 at waterworks In ypsi. Could anyone give me a good reason to steal a basket????????????

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Guys, believe it or not, there are lots of people - and not just women - who wince at the sight of the "douche" word. It's not as private in here as you think. And we've got quite a few juniors around. Word to the wise.
Well stated!
I'm still a kid at Heart (my wife would say mentally too!)
Wow Im not the only one.
I dunno, but we've been having this problem over the last year (or so) at several of the local courses here in NorCal. My guess is that the people who do this are either A: Stupid Scum-Bags, B: Looking for Drug Money, C: A Total Loser who doesn't understand the underlying philosophy of the Sport or D: All of the above (my personal choice). We've been trying to deal with this in NorCal since a private course (Browns&Bows) was closed do to the theft of 3-4 baskets! Can you believe that? I could name names, but I won't as we are trying to deal with this issue in private.
The question becomes, how do we prevent such losses in the future?
I think we have to follow through with the legal aspect of the act if and when a person is charged with the theft. As you have pointed out, NorCal has been victimized big-time and we lost the privilage to play at one of the best disc golf complexes in the state . The disc golf community of NorCal was hurt bad by this and will never forget nor will they give up on this endeavor! We will eventually catch the low-life(s) responsible and when we do someone will pay. Not only by being officially accused and charged, but by years of humiliation for the act from their peers and I believe a life-time ban from NorCal events.... There was an official announcement made at the California Amateur State Championships just a couple of weeks ago offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of this low-life, and it has been a few years since the first basket was stolen. We will not give up...

To the Perp: If you are thinking of stealing yet another basket,go ahead, we are watching you and your days are numbered.....
Well, one could fill them with fresh fruit, cured meats and cheeses, and give it as a gift! ;-)
i agree my reasons would make terry yell at me!!!
I agree totally with, if people would channel they're energy into working as hard at buying a basket this would not happen. The craziest thing I have seen in terms of a missing basket was at the 2006 Charleston Classic. We got to Hampton Park on Sunday morning to discover the #18 basket was missing. A little while later someone was fishing discs out of the pond when they discovered someone had thrown the basket into the pond the night before. They had to have carried it at least 60 feet to throw it in and must have been exhausted.
there's one missing at kensington (hole 3or4 ) the last time i was there and someone tried to steal one off of the extension basket on i think it is e or f on the monster. what it boils down too is shear stupidity and lack of respect for all of us. who ever it was that has stolen any of the fore mentioned baskets will get what is coming to them.
Someone up rooted old hole 17's basket at Jamesville last year, I think they may have been stealing it but figured out how much work it would be to carry the 100+ pounds of cement along with the basket at just left it there. Then they broke the marker off the top and threw it in the woods and took the tee markers and threw them elsewhere, Jerks! Now we've reconfigured the holes and put in concrete tee pads, sweet!
I can think of all kinda reasons why someone would steal anything. America has become a nation of something for nothingers. Get rich or die trying, is a great slogan for todays youth. Yet, the problem goes way beyond stealing baskets. It is what the baskets represent that is the root of why they are stolen. Freedom...baskets represent freedom. Do you think that communist China allows ppl to throw big hyzers...no. Do you think the Authoritarian regimes of modern day Russian allow people to know the freedom of a long jump put...I think not.


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