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I just found out from steveo that someone stole the basket from #7 at waterworks In ypsi. Could anyone give me a good reason to steal a basket????????????

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anyone look on ebay lately to see if anyone selling a "shady" baskets?
umm... for putting practice?

Seriously tho, as we are finalizing the Rose Park Flying Disc Center and Professional Disc Golf Community Course, (see www.NRDGA.com member photos section) I am seriously considering some excellent ways to catch such a thief.
1. tracking devices! Like, some chip that can weather sitting in the hollow tube of the basket which the thief knows nothing about. And all we have to do is, dial a phone number and the thing is fouind by a nearby cell phone tower, and pinpoints exactly where the devil is.

2. Some photo observations which could begin recording as soon as something in a basket is totally severed.

3. I also like the idea of the exploding paint thingy like they use in banks. Not sure if that would allow us to find the devil though.

Anyway.. hope you catch the culprit
Ah... I would not be so quick to jump to a political conclusions. I thought this is was friendly place, free from any racial or political discrimination....
Last year I have organized and successfully run first ever Russian DG Championship. We have clubs in 4 different cities of Russia and about 30 to 50 people who play. Not much, I know, but we have only been doing DG in Russia for just 1 year!

Don't believe everything that you hear on TV or read in the papers!
"Authoritarian regimes"? Dude, have you ever lived under one to talk? Yes it is getting a bit tighter right now, but man, if you would have lived in Russia in 70's and stood in the bread line with me in late 80's you would appreciate current situation.

And yes, we don't have a permanent course yet, but it is only a matter of time. We are negotiating with a few places right now and hope to have some progress in the spring. Actually the biggest problem we face is that people will steal those baskets. And the reason for doing so in Russia is NOT to stop "American influence" but rather to sell them for metal to get extra cash. We were thinking to plant a little GPS device in each of the baskets but that will double their costs.
As we are thinking about the same thing and it is very very essential in Russia, could you please let me know what kind of tracking devices you thinking about. May be a link to a producer's page? Thanks
Hi Hwicha,
Will do... and congrats on your country's victorious female in the Australian Open yesterday!
You will do well! The flying disc sport is so very universal.
Continued success.. and consider any way you can to get Heave H.O.E. -Basic instructions for all flying disc students, in front of your youngest generations.. and they will take off with enthusiasm!
We have this problem at Kensington, at least 3 pins get taken each year, Hole #4 especialy. Beleive me if these people every caught there is gonna be a long line of people who want to "chat" with them!!! I say if you catch the person who does it you don't replace the pin, you just cement their feet into the ground and use them for the pin!! Yea i get a little mad about this subject. I'm shure this one of the reasons that they are gonna pull the course.
Okay, so here is the prelim results.. For tracking devices.

Very commercial use system., However this system is more for a car.. where it fuses into the electrical system.. no doubt this could be converted to battery power. The kicker is that the system costs maybe $30 a month!

or so possibly this.. with already using battery power.. (would have to convert to some solar recharger, for when the system is sitting in -not stolen- mode.
But still a monthly fee..
Last but not least.. there is this...

So the question is - rather cool i think- when is it worth it? I would love to see the day when one of these types of tools are on all baskets.. and then the subsequent day comes along, When we all go.. and see a basket missing.. then running to the nearest computer, we are merely a mouse click away from finding its exact location! AHHHHHHH. Who would we call first? The local police or the local PDGA pros? :-)
i heard they are pulling the course to allow the woods and such to regrow and heal i also heard that they are moving the cousre not taking it out but i could be wrong
We have had a problem with damage to baskets and marker poles and one basket pulled out of the ground at my home course in Jackson Tn. I am like a lot of you and would love to catch some one in the act. But believe that the ones doing the damage are hanging out in the park late at night. But when people don't respect themselves, as I have seen with the way they act at the park, how are they going to respect you are what is in the park. I see so much anger and distruction out of them.
I understand exactly what you are feeling. You will probably laugh here, but in my humble opinion, I truly do foresee such a mainstreaming of flying disc golf sport etiquette coming down the pike through all schools, that perhaps the solution is going to only be when those angry young men PLAY with respect through the game, BEFORE they become young men. In short, by promoting better health with flying disc sports, the mainstream PE teachers will promote social responsibility in youth with flying disc golf. Imagine, rather easily if you will, that perhaps the time spent in the younger years on the golf course -for free-, will eventually replace time spent on activities which are not as healthy for youth, and which paves the road to much better behavior in their later years. I know this sounds pie-in-the sky, but to those who would be critics to say 'not possible,' I would reply that the Motodom.com movement with Heave H.O.E. (Heaven On Earth) DVD and Course Of DISCovery Education (CODE), plus the EDGE program are rapidly pushing that envelope open.

H.O.E.! 2 U All

Still looking at tracking devices for the meantime! (LOL)
Then There is THIS,

Take a look at shareware that records video, and saves whereever you ask, based on motion detection! I imagine.. motion detectors turning/shining some lights onto a given basket being disturbed.. and faithfully recording every part of the episode, if it didn't stop after the lights went out.. and lets say, the camera angle will be perfect for capturing everything leading up to the moment when the lights get busted.. anyway
See at...

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