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I just found out from steveo that someone stole the basket from #7 at waterworks In ypsi. Could anyone give me a good reason to steal a basket????????????

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In the Detroit area, a few years ago, someone even sawed down 18' light poles on the side of roads (3 of them in one night) and hauled them away on a truck to sell for scrap metal.
I think we have to follow through with the legal aspect of the act if and when a person is charged with the theft. As you have pointed out, NorCal has been victimized big-time and we lost the privilage to play at one of the best disc golf complexes in the state . The disc golf community of NorCal was hurt bad by this and will never forget nor will they give up on this endeavor! We will eventually catch the low-life(s) responsible and when we do someone will pay. Not only by being officially accused and charged, but by years of humiliation for the act from their peers and I believe a life-time ban from NorCal events.... There was an official announcement made at the California Amateur State Championships just a couple of weeks ago offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of this low-life, and it has been a few years since the first basket was stolen. We will not give up...

To the Perp: If you are thinking of stealing yet another basket,go ahead, we are watching you and your days are numbered.....
i mean speeders. but yes it was a joke. to answer the question at hand:

Could anyone give me a good reason to steal a basket????????????

Possibly these thieves do not have a basket or the money to get one and they would like to practice putting.
that's nuts
Thats awesome of you to make the offer Terry.

to me this is what a good community of DG is about. right on.
I'm going to rant and try to do so without the use of profanity.
Once a thief always a thief. I hope we find out who stole two baskets from Weatherford DGC on Sat, June 20th. We have a description of two vehicles, a Ford Ranger and a Dodge Ram. I think the Ram was a friend and local golfer. We filed a police report but doubt that'll do any good, too busy catching crackheads.
If you can't afford a practice basket of your own, perhaps you should take up checkers. I mean, a Skillshot is around a hundred bucks. I see baskets on Craiglist for around a couple hundred. I know they can be easy to steal if you know what you're doing, and a thief would.
We have to buy replacements now, because rather than paying for one, you just decide to steal one from a local course. Get a job you lowlifes, or go a week or two without your crack and you could buy a basket of your own.
I am so thankful my dad put a boot in my ass whenever I needed it growing up because I sure don't even contemplate stealing a basket much less anything else. Thanks Dad, Happy Father's Day.
What else do you steal? You know the old saying "whatever's not bolted down" well erase that one, Hell you dirtbags steal that to, bolted, welded, locked and still you have to steal baskets.
Does your wife or girlfriend know you're a thief? Wait I know the answer already, no because almost all thieves are liars too, and people like you don't have sustainable relationships. Unless you count hanging out with less-than-desirable-thievin-buddies stealing baskets.
I hope someone finds out who you are and everyone knows you for what you really are, Thieving scum.
Do you feel gratitude for the rest of us who will raise the money to replace what you stole so you can come back out and play a round of golf? Does it bother you when the course is only sixteen or seventeen holes or do you get a sick pleasure knowing you are the guilty party?
Get a life A$$ole.
Someone stole hole 1 at the Greg Pas / Harborside Christian Church. Now if that isn't the lowest, I don't know what is!
Not only will karma get them God will.....Photobucket
I did not hear the story that the basket had been stolen in the home course.
However, a metallic cover in Paul and a street gutter metallic to pull up a car was stolen in the city.
There were bad people who sold it in foreign countries because the metallic price had risen.

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