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come on lets hear em, hears mine - hole one at lincoln park massillon ohio, me and my buddys are teeing off, its my turn, i pull out my trusty orc and i remember throwing out the smack and telling the guys, yep fellas nothing but baskit, truth be known on my best day i can only get about half way there, so i take my run up and unleash with a monsterouse throw, and by monsterouse i mean monstrousely bad throw, anyone who has played this course will appreciate this next part, to the left of the fairway is a childrens playground that under most circumstances is completely out of the way and not even a concern and ussually devoide of anyone using it, not this day, my disc sailed thru the air in a way to high and way to left arc and landed three feet from a lady sitting on a park bench watching her kids play, i hurry up to retreave my disc, as i start to apologize to the lady she looks up and says - is this your first time ? i hesitated for a second and answered back, wy yes it is, truth is i had been playing for aprx four years at that point, so now everytime i throw a extremely bad shot ( which happens more than i care to admit ) my buddys cant help but ask - is this your first time ?

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I'll bite! :-)

My funniest story to date was in the late Fall of 2006. I was asked to present a disc golf workshop to a group of leaders from our local county here in SW Minnesota. Basically, just talking about the recreational and potential economic benefits of having a course in your community. After lunch, we were scheduled to go out and get those 25-30 folks on our newly-opened course...to give disc golf a whirl. For 80+ percent of attendees, they had never seen a disc golf disc before, much less thrown one.

With that in mind (them thinking I must be Tiger Woods or something, even though I've only played in one tournament in my entire life, LOL), we all get on a bus after lunch for the short trip to the 6th hole...the safest hole where we knew people wouldn't have to worry about losing any discs. As we are boarding the bus, the skies open up into a combination of rain, sleet and snow...accompanying 20-25 MPH winds. MISERABLE conditions, but folks were brave and said they wanted to go out anyway.

Well of course, they all wanted "Tiger Woods" to show them how it's done (he he), so I tee-off and immediately the wind knocks my disc about 75-80 feet off-course. I'm embarrassed...until everybody else tries to tee-off into that wind and fares much, MUCH worse than I did. After our "25-some" all retrieves their discs, they wait for me to line up my 80+ foot second shot. I tell them "STAND BACK!," as I didn't want to hit anybody in the head after the wind abused my second shot as well. I subsequently line-up my second shot directly into the teeth of the wind, half-blind from the ice, rain and snow that is hitting me in the face (envision "downpour") and proceed to fire a laser into the wind and "Bang!" Right into the chains for a long, nearly-impossible deuce! Everyone is quiet as I am walking up to get my disc, and then one woman in her 60s asks me "Was that good?!"

I'm thinking "Was that good? I could stand out here for the next eight days under sunny skies and not hit that shot a second time." However, having to pretend to be "Tiger Woods" for the afternoon, I said "Yeah....that wasn't too bad." LOL :-)
( lol ) thats great !!! isnt that the way it goes, like when you take someone who has not played before and you throw like you never seen a disc before, you could have been the disc master the time you played before, i usually try to make myself feel better by telling myself it was because i was distracted by giving him or her tips and pointers, yey yey thats it distracted yey
lol if anyone im playing with throws bad
i say
hmmm must be a newbie ehh
even if i know they have played for 5 years lol
You know how every now and then you have a day where not one, single part of your game is working? 2006 Steel City Shootout, Hole #13; I'm playing in a fivesome (MA1) and manage to card a 4-penalty stroke 10! The other four players scores COMBINED? You guessed it, 2+2+3+3 = 10!
i have to say my most embarrissing moment has to be when i tryied to throw an epic side arm well i thought i had a good grip but ended up throwing a total of about 5 feet didnt hit a thing and it was as dry as it could be (never throw that disc again)
Hole 18 on the Monster at Hudson Mills is bisected by a small creek.

I warned a pal whose disc was down in the nearly dry creek bed that it was really muddy down there and likely to be soft.

Not a good listener, apparently.

By the time he got the disc back, one leg was mucky up to mid-calf, the other well above the knee.

Made for one stinky car ride home, I'd bet.

Quite the chuckle, considering he was warned.

probably my most embarrassing moment would be "ripping" a -45 feet drive on a 420 ft. hole...didnt want to let go but did anyway, and it landed directly behind me 5 ft. from an out-of-bounds- park road!!!
Mines not too bad. I wore sandals one time to pease park in austin incase I has to get my disc out of the water.I hadn't been playing but a couple of months.On hole 3 I was driving and slipped in the rocks and busted my ar$3 pretty bad.I too used that famous line from joe dirt"its my first day I dont know what to do",lol.I didnt realise you could get such an injury playing golf.I learned never to wear sandals again....another time I hit a 200 foot birdie and no one was there to see...I was jumping up and down and helling ...and a beautiful jogging diva ran passed...I must have looked like one of those street ramblers one sees.......why cant I make those shots when someones around?
embarrassing and funny two different things to me. Embarrassing is a 15 on hole 17 at the 2006 usdgc caught on tape and shown on youtube with the Champ narrating but I don't find it funny.
You have a link? I can't find it on youtube.
i have to see this vid

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