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come on lets hear em, hears mine - hole one at lincoln park massillon ohio, me and my buddys are teeing off, its my turn, i pull out my trusty orc and i remember throwing out the smack and telling the guys, yep fellas nothing but baskit, truth be known on my best day i can only get about half way there, so i take my run up and unleash with a monsterouse throw, and by monsterouse i mean monstrousely bad throw, anyone who has played this course will appreciate this next part, to the left of the fairway is a childrens playground that under most circumstances is completely out of the way and not even a concern and ussually devoide of anyone using it, not this day, my disc sailed thru the air in a way to high and way to left arc and landed three feet from a lady sitting on a park bench watching her kids play, i hurry up to retreave my disc, as i start to apologize to the lady she looks up and says - is this your first time ? i hesitated for a second and answered back, wy yes it is, truth is i had been playing for aprx four years at that point, so now everytime i throw a extremely bad shot ( which happens more than i care to admit ) my buddys cant help but ask - is this your first time ?

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Embarrassing and funny is this- hole 9 at my home park getting ready to release my approach shot and GRIP LOCK releasing it in such a way my BF who is standing 5 ft behind me has to pull a matrix manuever to prevent his decapitation!
It didn't happen to me but is the funniest thing I've ever seen on a disc golf course. I was with a group playing Kiss the Sky, at the top of Aspen Mountain here in Colorado. There is a relatively short hole straight up a black run, maybe 260' and seems like a 45 degree angle. You pretty much need to throw into the side of the mountain, which is pretty much what my buddy did, for his 2nd shot. The disc hits the ground, stands up and starts rolling straight down the mountain. He takes a step or two towards it then stops and squats, ready to do his best Patrick Roy stop (this was years ago playing casually so stopping a rolling downhill disc was no big deal), it rolls straight at him for at least 50', just as he's about to bend over and stop it, it hits a rock and jumps right over his arm, missing him by inches and continues to roll all the way down to the flat spot past the tee box. Our whole group was laughing so hard, my stomach was killing me, and when you laugh that hard at 11,000' it can really take the wind out of you. To this day the whole thing seemed to happen in slow motion.
I was walking to hole 4 in mount pleasant which over looks the next couple of holes and i could see this couple finishing up a hole a head of me. well the guys girls finished her hole out so her bf threw her putter back to her ... well she wasnt watching him and it was like in slow-motion where the disc he threw went right up and smoked her right in the forehead. of course now im trying to watch as i was curled up on the RR tracks laughing by butt off. she drops her bag on the ground and just starts walking back to the car as her man was chasing after her........... That must of been a long ride home.
Just about every throw I make!
while playing a sunday morning blind doubles i got lucky and was teamed up with one of the better players of the "gang" that morning.i had a few good drive in the tightly wooded course and then chevy (my partner) would crank one to the nearest tree. we get to # 6 and chevy says to me "just keep in the middle cause i own this hole" in front of the whole gang. well i parked it in the middle just like he told me..... off 2 trees about 20/25 feet out to land four feet behind the ladies T-pad.. all i could say was "it's in the middle like you asked for" the gang is now laughing out loud... chevy steps up for his drive only to come up with a world class case of "grip lock"... now the gang is screaming in laughter.... we heard the phrase " i own this hole" for this rest of the day at every T-pad
I was practicing my flicks on a short 300 ft straight on shot, 10ft past is the parking lot O.B. line if followed to the left there is a bench where a large black mother w/ her two older daughters decide to set up theyre little grill and grill some chicken, the mom was facing the basket w/ her daughters also in front of her sitting on the bench when I RH flicked it far too left ... it went right at them fast , my max I believe, it skipped about 4 ft from behind the mom turning the chicken and "SCHWAP!"".... "OAWWWWH!" she screamed. right in the Behind. I started cracking up instantly but then realized I had to go get my disc and all my friends thought that was funny, the hole way walking towards her I could feel her sculding me while I tried to act natural and not make direct eye contact until I was close enought for me to tell her I was sorry wich it did not look like she cared.. haha, I garuntee she never grilled at Coachman park again. I did yell For & or heads up by the way
my most embarrasing shot was 3 yrs ago ,i was fairly new to the game and was playing a round at westchester lagoon ,its a local pitch and putt course .well on hole 6 there is a very busy parkway not more than 50 ft from the fairway ,the hole is 220 ft and a very easy hyser shot (i got my first ace on this hole) well i step up to the tee pad and let it rip .i completly grip locked and i watched my teebird sail out over the road as im screaming at my disc to come back, a bright red dodge pickup comes driving by in time for my disc to land in the bed of truck .the brake lights never even came on and he never called me about finding my disc in the back of his truck.
the funniest thing ive seen on a course was watching a very drunk man play discgolf ,his tee shot ended up about 10 ft behind a big birch tree ,so he picks up his disc takes a stumbling walk up lets it rip, it sony bonos the tree and karooms back and hits him square in the forehead i was laughing so hard i thought i was gonna pee my pants ,the guy went down like a sack of rocks .last i saw of him through tearing eyes was of him staggering of the course rubbing his forehead
Warming up for a tournament in Indy I lost a favorite disc. Before the first round started some guy walked up to me and handed my me lost treasure.
I thanked him by hitting a tree 50 ft off the tee during the first round, the disc shot to the left smacking the same guy in the back of the head. No, it wasn't with the same disc I had lost.
My first tournament my son was play in the group I was in. There was one hole with a short tunnel shot that opened up to a steep up hill basket. I tried to throw as hard as I could (LOL) to make it up the hill. Of course Murphy showed up and I yanked my shot square into a 3 foot diameter tree trunk. One guy in the group said "Someone is going to need a new disc". My son looked and me and made a shivering motion with his body and said "Every disc in my bag just went Ugggghhhh!".
Last October at The orlando open in turkey lake i made my worst shot of the tournament only to follow it up with my best shot of the tournament. Hole 3 on the original course. My drive wound up in the monster shule right in the middle of the fairway. So not having a shot, I think I can throw a slight thumb roller and with the down hill it shouldn't take much power to make it to the basket. Well obviously , i didn't throw it hard enough and it rolled about 10 feet and died. Looked like it had been melted. Luckily I was playing with one of my best friends and of course the laughter ensued. Anyway, now I am staring at roughly a 100' putt to make par. Downhill, staring at nothing but the lake, i think heck, take your medicine and just lay up. I throw a nice slight turn over putt that flatens out only to rock the chains and stick. Sweet! Of course now the group is all laughing considering the last 5 minutes of "WHAT THE ?????????". As I run down to collect my putter i still can't believe it. Running back up the hill I realize the Fabulous Florida Tour director had watched the whole thing. I am glad to have him as my friend because all he did was look at me and then the ground and just laugh shaking his head as he walked away.
I return to this tournament this weekend with hopes this doesn't happen again.
Didn't happen to me, but on hole 3 Brahan Springs in Huntsville a buddy of mine walked up the the tee box, did his little run up and hucked for everything he was worth. Somehow, someway, that disc flew about 15ft off to the right of the tee box end over end. Was the craziest thing I have ever seen. Anthony will be proud that I gave him props!

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