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I just had an eye opening experience when shopping for two new putters (dx XD's) of the exact weight and color. While the color was not a problem i found that out of the 35 innova disc that Gotta go Gotta throw had to offer none of them weighed what they were marked and most were light by 3 to 5 grams. So I started weighing drivers and rocs etc. on there digital scale and found this tends to be a huge problem for me because i live in a rural area and most purchases are made online and i have no way to make sure they weigh what they say till they get here. Has anyone else had this problem?

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3 or 5 grams shouldn't make that much of a difference
I would say 1-2g doesn't matter much but 3-5g can feel very different especially if its a putter. I am sure a lot of online places will do it if you call and ask. I had Marshall Street weigh some discs discs before I bought them.
It's not an "INNOVA" only problem ...

but it is a good idea to weigh discs that you will use in tourneys to make sure they are legal. Do it when they are new, and send them back, or return them if they are heavy (light doesn't matter). Some disc golf shops have scales you can use when you're there.

If you don't play tourneys, it's not such a big deal unless it really throws your FUN off.
You've found out their secret!
Also you've been throwing a different weight than what's on the disc since you started playing. Sometimes discs are technically illegal and overweight, be careful if you weigh them and find one that is..because if you use it whether or not you can get caught, that is cheating. I know someone who didn't weight anymore because he didn't want to have to take out some of his favorite discs if they weighed too much.
I have noticed an ebay store, that I get some discs from, weighs their discs and put the "actual" weight of the disc on the description. But really, the big companies make tons of discs... how hard is it to get the weight right? I prefer the heaviest disc that legal, so yeah I can see a 3-5 gram difference being a problem.
I have had the same thing happen with other brands. It's not a "innova" thing.
I've found a few discs to be off slightly, mostly though they're within 1-2g.
However, it almost sounds like EVERY disc you weighed was off nearly the same amount, are you sure the scale was zeroed out and just wasn't off by that 3-5g??
Yeah, I've found that most discs weigh a little differently than they are marked. I too have bought a scale to check whenever I find/buy one. Could it be variables in different scales? Three U.S. quarters weigh 17.01 grams, I used this as a benchmark to check my scale.
go watch them weigh new plastic at the factory, and you'll see why
i heard they dont even weigh individually
and gateway does, but a bunch of kids like nikko sitting there playing video games doing it with one hand, probably
discs don't cost 500$ after all
I've found that Discs are marked incorrectly more then they are correct. I once had a 184 gram Roc...lmao....sta..sta...stable!!!! I wanna say 6 out of 10 are off by at least 1 to 2 grams...I've seen way to many off by 4 to 5 grams. I've played a long time and a couple of grams does make a difference...I can tell by holding them and comparing to ones I know are correct ....if thier off by 2+ grams to what they are marked. When I order online I ask them to check the weight for me before I buy.
Yeah, I can give some credit to Discraft for the 'range' they use. They seem to be closer...as for Innova..those guys need have better Quality Control....some are so off, I wonder if their huffing the 'off gasing' from the melted plastic.
No offense, but ... Range smange ... doesn't mean the actually weight what it says on the disc. I've bought tons of Discraft discs that did not weigh what the range said it should be.
I'm not trying to defend any manufacturer. I throw discraft, innova, gateway and some others ... they are all off occasionally.
The discraft method just goes to show that a gram or two shouldn't matter with how the discs flies. It's all in you head.

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