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Everyone has a favorite or lucky disc but does anyone have any other rituals or superstitions that help with their game?

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You know, it's not really a superstition but every time I have gotten my ACe (only three), was late in the day or after a long day, and I have stated that I was done or didn't want ot play anymore, than in that game, BAM, an ace. When I try and do it on purpose, it never works.............oh well
Soopa-stitious? Nahh...BUT:
1 - Never say 'nice shot' to someone until their disc hits the ground, otherwise it's sure to hit a tree/drop in a lake/go OB/ding an Escalade...
2 - Only speak kindly to your plastic...they WILL hold a grudge
3 - if someone gives you a 'gimme' putt, take it...trust me, you'll miss it otherwise
4 - That disc you got your first ace with...hang it up or you'll lose it in a month
5 - You find someone else's disc, return it if at all possible...you'd want yours returned, right? That's plastikarma
6 - And my personal....I can't play without wearing a pair of Converse Hi-Tops dammit
your 1 is right on!!! i thought we were the only ones felt that way, we alwwyas say you niced him when someone does that
Regarding #1: ...not just until it hits the ground! Only when it stopped moving entirely! That way you don't end up "nicing" someone into a hop-up-on-edge-roll-down-the-hill-into-the-creek shot!
riiight seen my buddy do something like that, hole four at massillon park, a steep uphill dogleg to the right, my buddy forehanded one beautiful looking shot, probably within 30 feet of the basket, soon as it hit the ground we are all like, nice!!! yep, hopped up rolled aprx 200 feet down the hill and onto the rd for a penalty stroke, of course me being me, i couldn't help but comment, dude i thought you said you couldn't throw a roller ? nice!!!
Almost since I started playing important rounds (i.e. league or tournament play, not casually with my friends) I have noticed that if I had cut my fingernails the previous day, I did horribly. Recently I have had the same thing about shaving my face. It's distracting enough to effect my game, so I have stopped doing these things in the days leading up to a tourney. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I am ever lucky enough to go on a disc golf tour I'll be the guy who looks like bigfoot! Am I a bit obsessive compulsive or does anyone else have the same quirks?
I carry two or three putters in my bag at all times. The putter in the front pocket is the "starter", but after I miss a putt with it I sub in one of the others to the front pocket. Cuz it's always the putter's fault, not mine. ;)
1)Only throw red drivers, white mids and putters.
2)Always wipe the stamp off the disc
3) I have a lot of things that are rituals, and pre shot routines, but I wouldnt consider to be supersitions.
I find if I think too much about a shot, or if I take too long,it usually SUX! So, I'm a very casual player, I don't have all thoses ridickulous theatricks! Ha, it just kills me when you have to wait so long for someone like that and then they don't even make the shot!! I like to play pretty much every day, sometimes I'm in a hurry, but most of the time I'm just chillin.. but there are those that I just dread having to play with, you know the kind, takes them 4-5 hours to play a two hour course. Gotta go...
It's no so much a superstition as it is a ritual, but whenever I putt, I aim for just one link on the chains. I guess it makes me feel as though I have a greater margin for error. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but it seems to work pretty well.
nothing really bad.

i don't use discraft. only owned two in my short dg life and both are useless to me. one is the buzz which everyone praises.
I use the same mini in events as long as I'm playing well. I'll switch it after a bad round or event.
I try to keep my bag tag facing up so it's readable.

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